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Top Comic Book Games

Top Comic Book Games

Banner of Biomech Hell

Biomech Hell

Pixel Graphics1980sComic BookSide Scroller2D PlatformerActionSpectacle fighterSplit Screen
Biomech Hell confronts you with a series of levels filled with terrorists to kill. The various executions allow you to achieve a higher score.The game offers a rich story mode with four different...
Banner of Blue Cradle -signifie-

Blue Cradle -signifie-

Comic BookFunnyDetectiveVisual NovelAdventure2DInvestigationRelaxing
Banner of King of Hearts

King of Hearts

Colony SimComic BookInteractive FictionAdventure2DCard GameIndieImmersive Sim
Step into the realm of King of Hearts. Dark and intricate fantasy kingdom management game where you're the lone human in a world inhabited by enigmatic creatures. Here, the tales of heroes have faded,...
Banner of Rocket League® Sideswipe

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CinematicPixel Graphics1980sCombatRetroBeat 'em upDarkComic Book
JIMMY'S AGONY is a 2d beet em up game where you'll play as tommy JR in time between 1940's to 1960's, You'll play levels that help Tommy JR find something he want, it's against what he believe in, so....
Banner of Legacy's Allure

Legacy's Allure

Turn-Based TacticsTacticalCombatComic BookTurn-Based StrategyStrategyRealisticDeckbuilding
Legacy's Allure is a customizable, card-based wargame with no randomness. Imagine chess but with customization, deeper mechanics, and a high-fantasy theme. Legacy's Allure has been called a "streamlin...
Banner of Lost Girl In Mirror

Lost Girl In Mirror

Female ProtagonistCartoonComic Book2D PlatformerCartoonyCasualIndieSingleplayer
Game introduction:One day, when you discover another dimension in the world, there is a group of girls trapped in mirrors by dark magic. They are suffering from the torment of darkness, and as time .....
Banner of Cat Search in Medieval Times

Cat Search in Medieval Times

IsometricCartoonMinimalistComic BookStylizedHidden ObjectCartoonyCats
Meow!More than 100 cats are hiding in this medieval city! Can you find them all? Some cats are more hidden than others, some lurk in the castle, while others lurk in the trees. There are also some...
Banner of 내 여동생과 친구의 여동생을 교환해 보았다

내 여동생과 친구의 여동생을 교환해 보았다

Dating SimRomanceCartoonText-BasedComic Book2D PlatformerCartoonyChoices Matter
주인공 지성일에게는 효연이라는 여동생이, 주인공의 친구 김준영에게는 윤영이라는 여동생이 있다.[주인공] 난 윤영이가 내 동생이었으면 좋겠어.[친구] 난 효연이가 내 동생이었으면 좋겠어.[레노] 그럼 내가 너희들의 동생들을 바꿔주마.[주인공] 누구야, 넌!?그렇게 주인공의 여동생이 윤영이가 되었고, 친구의 여동생이 효연이가 되어버린 이야기.한 눈에 ...
Banner of I commissioned some bees 15

I commissioned some bees 15

AbstractInstrumental MusicCartoonComic BookStylizedHidden ObjectPoint & ClickCasual
You might also likehttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2346140/I_commissioned_some_frogs/?utm_source=MoreForYou&utm_medium=Bees15https://store.steampowered.com/app/2328160/I_commissioned_some_ladybugs/...
Banner of Paper Planes Plus

Paper Planes Plus

FuturisticCartoonComic BookStylizedSide ScrollerActionLinearBullet Hell
The ORANGE CAPSULE MILITIA has begun moving across the world. Are you ready to stop their advances?PAPER PLANES PLUS is a stylish intense hyper frantic fun SHMUP/BULLET-HELL! Amazing paper styled vi.....
Banner of On Life And Living

On Life And Living

IsometricComic BookMetroidvaniaStylizedSci-fiActionBullet HellWestern
In a colony at the far west of the galaxy, escalating conflicts threaten to destabilize everything around it. While extremist factions vie for power, the safety of citizens is gradually eroding, and t...
Banner of ShadowKitty: Thief by Night

ShadowKitty: Thief by Night

Lore-RichCombatFemale ProtagonistComic BookSide Scroller2D PlatformerActionCartoony
HIGH SCHOOLER BY DAY, THIEF BY NIGHT!ShadowKitty: Thief by Night is the adventure of a teenager catgirl stealing back stolen arts from criminals and bringing it all back to the museum.The game i...
Banner of Darkless


DarkComic BookSide Scroller2D PlatformerLinearCasualFamily FriendlyAdventure
The light is gone and the moon is hovering over the Silent Mansion!Hidden ghosts and spirits are out to cause terror, though Nameless may have gone too far!After being chained to a lamp as a for...
Banner of Superior: Vengeance

Superior: Vengeance

1980sCombatFemale ProtagonistCartoonComic BookSci-fiCo-op CampaignAction Roguelike
Hunt superheroes, steal their powers, save the world.Team up with friends to battle evil, mutated superhero bosses and their army of twisted henchmen.Level up your charactersChoose from a cast ...
Banner of Masquaradious


Female ProtagonistComic BookDungeon CrawlerActionCartoonyRoguelikeMystery DungeonVisual Novel
How far your desire will bring youOne day there is a little witch who want to reunite with her beloved mother that gone missing. She then meet an mysterious merchant who said that she can fulfill he.....
Banner of Times & Galaxy

Times & Galaxy

Choose Your Own AdventureConversationComic BookSci-fiFunnyChoices MatterDetectiveRPG
WISHLIST TODAY!https://store.steampowered.com/app/883230/Times__Galaxy/About the GameCongratulations, *NAME_REF!!ERROR*! You’ve landed an internship with the Times & Galaxy, the Dorp system's favor...
Banner of Peglin - A Pachinko Roguelike

Top Pinball Games

Banner of Departed Away

Departed Away

Pixel GraphicsDating SimComic BookPsychological HorrorFunnyInteractive FictionChoices MatterFirst-Person
Follow Us On DiscordAbout the Game"How hard can it be to make friends?" That's what I thought when I first stepped into my new school. Little did I know, my first day would become a nightmare. I scr.....
Banner of 荷莱Horae


Dating SimRomanceCartoonText-BasedComic Book2D PlatformerCartoonyFirst-Person
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