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Top Hardcore Games

Top Hardcore Games

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Banner of City of Greed:Cyber Rodent

City of Greed:Cyber Rodent

In a future world that is highly technologically advanced but plunged into disaster, a horrifying bio-catastrophe erupts, turning the majority of humanity into rampaging bio-monsters, while infected o...
Banner of ROM: Remember Of Majesty

ROM: Remember Of Majesty

WORLD WIDE WAR▣ Game introduction ▣Unfold the grand saga on the continent of Calderas!Constant fights on the global battlefield with no boundaries.■ Rejoice—the days when grinding led to glory h...
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Top Sandbox Games

Banner of 1Bit Marcos

1Bit Marcos

A unique and difficult video game called 1Bit Marcos leads you on a journey through a number of treacherous dungeons. You play as Marcos and you must navigate through a series of obstacles and dangers...
Banner of That Level Again

That Level Again

A small logic game where all levels are the same but ways to win are notYou are in the room with spikes, platform, a button and a door. Seems easy, doesnt it?• 96 non-unique levels• 96 unique ways...
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The civilization of the past vanishes, leaving behind only the Ancient Network. 256 years later, an anonymous explorer descends into its cold depths.Venture into a journey through the endless empty .....
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