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Top Level Editor Games

Top Level Editor Games

Banner of Dashbounce


RetroLevel EditorSci-fiActionLinearPuzzle Platformer2DScore Attack
Far away there's a planet whose laws are governed by a mystical Core deep within its heart.Life, death, time and the functionality of frozen dessert machines at fast food restaurants are all governed....
Banner of Touch Your Eyes

Touch Your Eyes

Level EditorMinimalistStrategyCasualSokoban2DIndieRelaxing
"Touch Your Eyes" is a game born in the 2023 CiGA Gamejam.It is primarily a puzzle game with a gameplay style similar to pushing boxes, featuring multiple levels with special mechanics.We wil...
Banner of Hello, This Is Bear

Hello, This Is Bear

Level EditorStylizedFunnySailing3DTop-DownSokobanCharacter Customization
"Hello, This Is Bear" is a game where you control a little bear to solve sokoban style puzzles. Bear may be small, but is more than strong enough to push around a variety of heavy looking puzzle mech....
Banner of Phantom Blade: Executioners

Top 1980s Games

Banner of ASTRO-NOT


FuturisticRetroLevel EditorSci-fiProcedural GenerationControllerFlightNonlinear
I love playing lander games and even as a kid I always wanted to be able to explore a larger environment, and that is basically how ASTRO-NOT became a thing :)ASTRO-NOT aims to lift some of the limi.....
Banner of Goalgetter


Turn-Based TacticsEconomyLevel EditorLocal MultiplayerSportsChoices MatterFirst-PersonCharacter Customization
In the first-person football career simulator, you can make your dream of becoming a top striker in one of the major European leagues come true.You are a young, talented striker. Now, you have t...
Banner of Spacecraft Tactics

Spacecraft Tactics

Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsTacticalLevel EditorSci-fiStrategyCraftingOnline Co-Op
Key Features Progress through 5 chapters of the campaign, collect loot, craft items and upgrade your ship to overcome increasingly difficult challenges on 3 difficulty levels or in the integrated spee...
Banner of Cantata


Turn-Based TacticsPixel Graphics4XSandboxLevel EditorAutomationLocal MultiplayerReplay Value
JOIN THE DISCORDFOLLOW ON SOCIALS🤖 Follow Cantata on Twitter🤖 Subscribe to our Newsletter newsletterAbout the GameA rebellion has broken out disrupting the military force controlling the galaxy t...
Banner of Imagindar


Level EditorActionStrategyChoices Matter3DTop-DownFree to PlayNonlinear
JOIN OUR DISCORDAbout the GameImagindar is an online PvP Arena game that you can enjoy with your friends for free!There are no predefined classes or heroes. In each match, you create your own class .....
Banner of Easy VTT

Easy VTT

CinematicGrid-Based MovementRetroLevel EditorFirst-Person3DCasualOnline Co-Op
NOTE: Paid Edition is required to host lobbies. Free Edition can only join lobbies.It's in the name, Easy. The easiest to use VTT, and we mean it.Grid SystemUnique and Easy scaling grid system -- sc.....
Banner of Help Bipboop

Help Bipboop

Pixel GraphicsRobotsFuturisticLevel EditorMechsSci-fiStrategyPuzzle Platformer
Originally born during the GMTK Game Jam 2023, 'Help Bipboop' is a delightful puzzler that challenges you to guide Bipboop, our small, independent robot. You don't control Bipboop directly. Instead, y...
Banner of BeatBeat


RetroLevel EditorMinimalistDifficult2D PlatformerActionRhythmSouls-like
Join Us On DiscordAbout the GameBeatBeat is a funky rhythm-platformer with highly addictive Just-One-More-Try syndrome injected directly into every line of code.Use 100% of your brain! Rhythm AND P...
Banner of Dungeon Adventure Gang

Dungeon Adventure Gang

Pixel GraphicsCombatLevel EditorTeam-BasedDungeon CrawlerAction RoguelikeActionLoot
Dungeon Adventure Gang is a co-op top-down multiplayer roguelike where you and three other adventurers team up to explore this unmarked dungeon as far as possible. Explore, gear up, reunite, and push ...
Banner of Cuub


Pixel GraphicsSandboxLevel EditorMetroidvaniaStylized2D PlatformerActionFunny
Welcome to Cuub! A game about bringing your creative Platformer ideas to life!Jump, Place, and parkour your way through infinite levels as you let your imagination run wild!Use the game's "Le...
Banner of SomaCube


Level EditorStrategy360 VideoCasualIndieImmersive SimRelaxingSingleplayer
Soma Cube is a challenging 3D puzzle game also known as "Soma Cube Puzzle". The main goal of the game is to use a series of differently shaped blocks to piece together a complete 3D shape.The block...
Banner of Raicing


EducationLevel EditorAutomationArtificial IntelligenceStylizedSci-fiVehicular CombatAction
Experience the next level of racing with Raicing! Dive into a world of high-octane competition in our state-of-the-art racing game. Create and refine AI drivers, test your skills against your own inno...
Banner of Swords and Hexes

Swords and Hexes

Turn-Based TacticsTacticalLevel EditorHex GridCartoonyStrategyProcedural Generation3D
Embark on an epic journey with Swords & Hexes, the ultimate hex-based tabletop strategy game. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of classic board games, base building, and resource management. Enga...
Banner of Playdead's INSIDE

My Game Collection - Part 1

Banner of Myths of Rules

Myths of Rules

Text-BasedLevel EditorStylizedPsychological HorrorRPGMultiple EndingsHorrorCasual
Follow usJoin the community on our Discord!About the Gameitch.io demohttps://sugarcanegames.itch.io/myths-of-rulesGameplayExplore the world by clicking on nodes, and interact with the world using ite....
Banner of Ace Racers SP

Ace Racers SP

AbstractSandboxLevel EditorCartoony3DFlight6DOFPhysics
Ace Racers SP is designed to be an FPV drone racing simulator for space drones. The purpose of the project was to make a platform for players to create and share unlimited obstacles and maneuvering ch...
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