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Top Dystopian Games

Top Dystopian Games

Banner of Autonomous Anarchy

Autonomous Anarchy

Pixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticRetroSci-fiVehicular CombatActionLinearBullet Hell
Autonomous Anarchy is a top-down twin-stick bullet hell where you take control of an autonomous tank. Fight your way through a variety of levels filled to the brim with enemy hordes, collectibles, and...
Banner of Bullet Speed

Bullet Speed

Pixel GraphicsArena ShooterFast-pacedFPSActionBoomer ShooterFirst-PersonPvE
DESCRIPTION:Gameplay Sharp movement mechanics (Strafe, dash dodge, wall jump, rocket boosting, and bunny hop), allowing you to keep building momentum at any time.Weapons for all aiming styles (Tracki....
Banner of Edge of Collapse

Edge of Collapse

Turn-Based TacticsLore-RichSandboxDogTurn-Based StrategyInteractive FictionStrategyRealistic
Game based on a series of bestselling bookshttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1159420/Robin_Hood__Sherwood_Builders/Check out more gameshttps://store.steampowered.com/app/756800/Contraband_Police/Ab.....
Banner of The Division Resurgence

The BEST Indie & AAA Games That You NEED To Pre-register

Banner of Pharmageddon


NoirDarkCapitalismPsychologicalZombiesStrategyTime managementDystopian
Embark on a thought-provoking journey into an otherworldly dimension where opioid zombies, creatures driven by an insatiable craving, strive for a transcendent escape from the tribulations of existe.....
Banner of Diminishing Light: Wheeled Carnage

Diminishing Light: Wheeled Carnage

Post-apocalypticDarkVehicular CombatSurvivalZombiesActionStrategyHorror
Diminishing Light is a top-down action-driving game where you navigate the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Behind the wheel of a heavily armed vehicle, you fight to reconnect the remnants of civiliz...
Banner of Border Bots VR

Border Bots VR

RobotsSci-fiCharacter CustomizationAdventureVRComedySingleplayerDystopian
Border Bots VR is a puzzle simulation set on a future earth where AI is in control. As a human border agent, you begin a new role as a booth operator at an AI travel border. Interact and check over a ...
Banner of Cargo Duty

Cargo Duty

RetroTeam-BasedPsychological HorrorSci-fiSurvivalCartoonyFirst-PersonHorror
'Cargo Duty' is a goofy horror resource management game. Keep an eye on your ship and don't let any creatures in.Cargo Duty is a multiplayer game up to 6 players. You and your friends go from mo...
Banner of Death Penalty Hero 死刑勇者

Death Penalty Hero 死刑勇者

Turn-Based TacticsPixel GraphicsDungeon CrawlerTurn-Based StrategyJRPGRPGAdventureOpen World
The world doesn't need heroe anymore, humans and demons live together "peacefully" under the framework of the "law" ...... In the face of such falsehood and hypocrisy, a rogue has no ability to fight ...
Banner of Shelf Life

Shelf Life

Shelf Life is a first person shooter set in a world where certain multibillion dollar companies would much rather be living in. You are a human ballistics dummy who finds himself in the middle of a ho...
Banner of Fragment of Humanity

Fragment of Humanity

Fragment of Humanity is a first person VR game where the player embodies Subject 26 an experimental humanoid creature.At the start of the game, a scientist gives you a test, but a warning message sto....
Banner of 断决留存


Pixel GraphicsSci-fiRPGWarRPGMakerSatireMilitarySingleplayer
In the year 2090 of a certain world, during the high-pressure period when society was on the verge of collapse many times, "I" was tired of it."I" bought an expensive backup slot, and after the refac....
Banner of Underlab


SandboxActionCartoonyConspiracyMemesCraftingCasualTime management
DISCOVER OUR GAMEShttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1619420/Diebrary/https://store.steampowered.com/app/774861/Project_Winter/About the GameEmbark on a thrilling journey of treachery and survival ...
Banner of Deep Space Drillers

Deep Space Drillers

Deep Space Drillers is a top-down spaceship game, where you mine and sell valuable ores from asteroids to upgrade your ship and explore the dangerous depths of space to find the rarest metals and gems...
Banner of Quasis: The Last Eclipse

Quasis: The Last Eclipse

Lore-RichPixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticRetroSci-fiActionRPGPvE
Enter QuasisBy the year 2070 the advancements in AI and space travel have ushered a new golden age, But it wasn't meant to last. It was common to say that the planet was alive, but no one took it lite...
Banner of TOBOR


DarkPsychological HorrorStrategyDetectiveSingleplayerLife SimDystopianPolitical
Introduction:Welcome to Undercroft, a mysterious world where secrets abound and every decision matters. Dive into the immersive storytelling of Tobor and embark on an epic adventure like no other. Ke...
Banner of Cyber Control

Cyber Control

Post-apocalypticLinearRealisticTop-DownAdventureEarly AccessSingleplayerDystopian
Cyber Control is a 3D puzzle platformer game set on planet Earth in 2144 AD. Climate changes have caused natural disasters and the displacement of billions of people, leading to a new world order domi...
Banner of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4

top games of all time in my opinion

Banner of Bot Patrol

Bot Patrol

RobotsSci-fiCartoonyCasualTop-DownAdventureSingleplayerThird Person
Prepare to dive headfirst into the quirky world of "Bot Patrol," where the daily grind takes on a whole new meaning!In this bustling asteroid station, life for bots is all about routine — wake up, ...
Banner of Arena Worker

Arena Worker

DestructionArena ShooterSci-fiActionFirst-PersonRealisticCraftingGun Customization
You are an arena worker. The battle arena needs several things to operate properly:Medical and ammunition kits on the right spotsClean horizontal surfaces for contestants to move around (not sl...
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