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Top Escape Room Games

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NoirText-BasedInteractive FictionDetectiveVisual NovelAdventureSingleplayerPuzzle
READ. PLAY. LIVE THE MYSTERY.YOUR HOUSE is a tale of a house that is not a house, but a puzzle that houses the story of two women: a lost teenager on her quest for answers, and a wise woman struggli.....
Banner of LUNA'S EYES


CinematicPsychological HorrorFPSCatsRealisticHorrorAdventureSingleplayer
Late at night, while her parents are away, a disturbing presence creeps into the house and a red-tinted otherworldly world appears.Emma, a college student, explores the house that has been transform.....
Banner of The Green Room Experiment (Episode 3)

The Green Room Experiment (Episode 3)

The Green Room Experiment : Episode 3Welcome to the captivating universe of "The Green Room Experiment," where the boundary between reality and illusion blurs. This immersive series delves into t...
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Banner of Escape Memoirs: Safe House

Escape Memoirs: Safe House

LinearFirst-PersonRealisticDetectiveCasualOnline Co-OpAdventureMultiplayer
"Escape Memoirs: Safe House” is a co-operative reverse escape-room puzzle game, where you are a burglar who is hired by a criminal organization to break into one of their safe houses to retrieve some ...
Banner of Room231


Psychological HorrorDungeon CrawlerActionLinearFirst-PersonHorrorCasualAdventure
Room231Backroom: Room231 is a "hardcore" single player horror game, which is based on the famous creepy pasta called "Backrooms". In this game, you will need to find an exit of level231 while hiding f...
Banner of Corgi in the Box

Corgi in the Box

Pixel GraphicsDogPsychologicalVoxelFirst-PersonRPGAdventureSingleplayer
You are locked in an unfamiliar room with your beloved dog.Use the items in the room and cooperate with your dog to escape.There is a short story and three different endings.When you reach...
Banner of The Lab - Escape Room

The Lab - Escape Room

ScienceSci-fiLinearFirst-PersonRealisticPoint & ClickCasualAdventure
New game under development!网页链接About the GameWalk through a futuristic complex while solving puzzles and discover how you got there. Wha...
Banner of 異住 ~first escape~

異住 ~first escape~

LootDetectiveVisual NovelCasualAdventureSingleplayerPuzzleExploration
This is a story of isolated heresy―.When the girl wakes up, she is locked up in a room she doesn't remember."Who am I?""Why was she locked up here?"With her memory and consciousness still vague, ...
Banner of We Escaped a Twisted Game

We Escaped a Twisted Game

DarkLinearFirst-PersonDetectiveHorrorOnline Co-OpAdventureMultiplayer
We Escaped a Twisted Game presents an interactive escape with 13 diverse rooms in a horror-inspired environment for two players. Team up with a friend, navigate separate rooms, communicate, and work ....
Banner of Memories of Misery

Memories of Misery

Psychological HorrorFirst-PersonOnline Co-OpAdventureMultiplayerPuzzleStealthEscape Room
Trapped within the confines of their home, two siblings embark on a journey to break free from their mother's grasp and unravel the mystery behind their father's disappearance. They must use their wit...
Banner of Escape Room Collection C2 Psychological Horror

Escape Room Collection C2 Psychological Horror

Psychological HorrorThrillerInteractive FictionStrategyFirst-PersonRealisticRPGCasual
Game Name:Escape Room Collection C2 Psychological HorrorGame Description:A collection of escape room games with a psychological horror theme. In these games, where strong horror visual sti...
Banner of The Last Safe Place

The Last Safe Place

BREAKING NEWS - The Ember Mountain Project. Swarms are preparing to be the first historians and researchers hoping to uncover glittering treasures and forgotten lore. So zealous are the candidates, ev...
Banner of The Green Room Experiment (Episode 2)

The Green Room Experiment (Episode 2)

The Green Room Experiment : Episode 2A few years after World War II, Soviet scientists began experimenting with human beings to investigate the mysteries of parapsychology. One of these experime...
Banner of Pyramids and Aliens: Escape Room

Pyramids and Aliens: Escape Room

HistoricalSci-fiInteractive FictionConspiracyAliensAlternate HistoryPoint & ClickCasual
Your former mentor has disappeared inside an ancient Egyptian pyramid. Will you be able to find him?Pyramids and Aliens is an escape room game that will test your skills as an archaeologist. Solve p.....
Banner of Haunt N Seek: Silent Siren

Haunt N Seek: Silent Siren

Arena ShooterHockeySportsActionStrategyRealisticHorrorAdventure
WHAT'S NEWMAIN UPDATESStory Mode - Prologue - Experience a taste of the "Silent Siren" journey.ON THE HORIZONPre-orders & Finishing Story mode.This is the last public update un...
Banner of ELON


Pixel GraphicsParodyLinearConspiracyPoint & ClickAdventureSatireSingleplayer
Play as a snarky AI with a fractured personality, solving puzzles and challenges as you carry out your primary objective: protect ELON! Your eccentric and reckless ward, ELON, needs help with basic ev...
Banner of Genshin Impact

Great games and fun as usual

Banner of Nine in Flight

Nine in Flight

NoirInteractive FictionDetectivePoint & ClickVisual NovelAdventureComedySingleplayer
Nine in Flight is an absurdist mystery for only the most hard-boiled interim junior detectives.There are no freebies—no “click here to cast suspicion”. The player has nothing but their intuition (an.....
Banner of ONOOW


Point & ClickHorrorAdventureSingleplayerPuzzleMysteryEscape RoomStory Rich
Escape from the TALES!You woke up in the dungeon of an eerily quiet mansion... and you can't remember anything...What happened here?Escape from a mysterious story!ONOOW is a escap...
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