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Top Faith Games

Top Faith Games

Banner of The Red Button

The Red Button

FaithPsychological HorrorDifficultInteractive FictionCasualSingleplayerSimulation
- Man vs The Red ButtonYou are in front of a red button you must no press.Will you dare to defy the unknown, or will you walk away, forever wondering what could have been?This game includes:- A bu...
Banner of WhiteTrick


FaithCartoonPsychologicalTurn-Based StrategyStrategyConspiracyRealisticMemes
Game StoryWhiteTrick is played with a conman who is defrauding second-hand goods and three police officers chasing him, and their goals vary depending on their roles. The impostor "White" can move whi...
Banner of DOC ATI


FaithRetroParodyActionSatireSingleplayerArcadeShoot 'Em Up
Defender of Children ... and the InnocentDOC ATI is an arcade type game created as a reaction to disturbing trends in the gaming world involving childlike imagery in sexual situations.Do y...
Banner of Gta Craft Theft Auto MCPE

Top Action Games

Banner of Clash II

Clash II

Turn-Based TacticsFaithTacticalLocal MultiplayerTurn-Based StrategyStrategyPvEWar
JOIN OUR DISCORD!About the GameThe plot of Clash II is set in a dark world in which battles have been fought for years between invaders bearing the signs of The One, calling themselves the Pure On...
Banner of Visagens


FaithSide ScrollerActionHorsesLinearBullet HellDemonsAdventure
Visagens is an action-focused, 2D side-scroller shooter. Ispired by games like Sunset Riders and Castlevania.Play as Bento, a blind cowboy, armed with a mysterious gun and supernatural powers. ...
Banner of Middle Evil: The Priest

Middle Evil: The Priest

FaithVampireActionCartoonyTop-Down ShooterAdventureFantasyMedieval
Dark Middle-Ages. A young priest is coming in a small village where the local church became full of evil. Your need to help villagers and do seven night prayers which will defeat the evil.It will b...
Banner of Kevin(1997-2077)


God GameFaithAbstractText-BasedIdlerDifficultVisual NovelLGBTQ+
What can you expect in this game?Reading!Yes, only read.Kevin(1997-2077) is a wander and wonder game. Roam through expansive landscapes using your keyboard to navigate and capture your experien...
Banner of Last Week of a King

Last Week of a King

CinematicFaithHistoricalEducationalFirst-PersonRPGVisual NovelCasual
Enter Last Week of a King and follow Jesus as he rides into Jerusalem, confronts money lenders in the temple courts, and eats Passover with his disciples. Step into one of our animated videos and expl...
Banner of Mr. Mueller's Grand Experiment

Mr. Mueller's Grand Experiment

FaithText-BasedHistoricalCartoonyInteractive FictionVisual NovelCasualAdventure
Live as the assistant to one of history's most remarkable figures: George Mueller, a man who witnessed orphans dying young in the streets of 1830's England and decided he would care for them, no matte...
Banner of GraveBond


Pixel GraphicsFaithRobotsJRPGRPGHorrorAdventureSingleplayer
Story overview:One dark night a young boy loses his dog. The next morning he finds out that the dog has died. In grief over his animal companion's death the boy ventures down to Necros, realm of the ....
Banner of Foothold


FaithTacticalPost-apocalypticTower DefenseSurvivalActionStrategyFirst-Person
In this VR tower defense game, protect your community of survivors from the corrupting forces of Malice. Harness your gravity glove to collect and sling scraps, construct turrets, and guard the builde...
Banner of シュガーカルトパラダイム


Pixel GraphicsFaithRetroCraftingCasualTop-DownAdventureCooking
Banner of Chaperone


God GameFaithDarkPsychological HorrorPsychologicalActionThrillerFirst-Person
WARNING: This game may trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. It may cause heart palpitations. It is left to the player's discretion."HOW MUCH PATIENCE MAY REQUIRE TO COMPANY A DEA.....
Banner of Dimensional Shift Awakening

Dimensional Shift Awakening

FaithDarkAction RPGAction RoguelikeActionFirst-PersonDemonsRealistic
This game is like dimensions connecting with one another so you have a galactic space empire dimension, western dimension, fairy tail dimension, medieval dimension, Gods dimension, all making contact ...
Banner of Nothing DOG

Nothing DOG

"Nothing DOG" is a casual decompression of the relaxed game, players need to see the dog before making a wish.The wish can be a gift you desperately want in life,Or a goal you need to pursue for a lon...
Banner of The Wind: A Story of Surrender

The Wind: A Story of Surrender

FaithCartoonSide ScrollerLinearCartoonyRPGFlightCRPG
The Wind: A Story of Surrender is a short side-scrolling platformer about a little bird who lost the ability to fly. It was made as an allegorical testimony of the situations a young woman experienced...
Banner of Naruto: Slugfest

My list of Anime Games

Banner of Slime Climb Scrum

Slime Climb Scrum

Pixel GraphicsFaithPsychological HorrorActionOnline Co-OpCharacter CustomizationFantasyPvP
―――GOD SAID「YOU CAN BECOME A GOD」。―――GOD SAID「RISE TO THE TOP AND BECOME A GOD」―――GOD SAID「EVEN SLIME IS OKAY, I GUESS」◆ About the GameThis is a vertical-scrolling action g...
Banner of Touhou Lensed Night Sky, Kaseigai

Touhou Lensed Night Sky, Kaseigai

Pixel GraphicsFaithAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellBullet TimeRoguelikeCharacter Customization
- THE GAME -Touhou Lensed Night Sky, Kaseigai is a nontraditional bullet hell that focuses on a fully modular loadout. The player's own attacks and special effects can be exchanged midway through runs...
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