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Top Farming Sim Games

Top Farming Sim Games

Banner of Pasture: The Livestock Simulator

Pasture: The Livestock Simulator

AgricultureActionHorsesFarming SimFirst-PersonRealisticFamily FriendlyAdventure
Pasture is an ‘Action’ farming simulator set in the Northern Territory of Australia. A homage to the rugged people who live and breathe the most challenging and exciting farming lifestyle in the world...
Banner of Mattami Restaurant & Cafe Tycoon

Mattami Restaurant & Cafe Tycoon

SandboxFarming SimCartoonyCraftingCasualTime managementTop-DownCharacter Customization
♪ Mattami is a restaurant tycoon game where you start with a tiny humble place and work your way up. Manage your staff, their schedule and inventory to efficiently grow your restaurant as fast and as ...
Banner of An_empty_island浮岛绘卷


SandboxDungeon CrawlerFarming SimStrategyRPGCasualCharacter CustomizationAdventure
浮岛绘卷是一个自由的世界,在这个世界里,你可以见到各种浮岛生物,并可以搜集它们,在这同时,你需要经营好自己的浮岛。虽然浮岛世界没有生存的压力,但是只有用心经营,你才能获得建造的自由。浮岛建设获取建筑图谱,将浮岛建造成为你喜欢的样子浮岛探索解锁浮岛,从浮岛怪物身上获取需要的种子宠物搜集搜集所有的宠物项圈!问题反馈邮箱:[email protected]有任何游戏...
Banner of Plants vs. Zombies™ 3

In case you missed it | Enshrouded, The Cub and more. Weekly Hits 2024 #4

Banner of Pineapple Defense

Pineapple Defense

CartoonTower DefenseSurvivalFarming SimStrategyCasualBase BuildingSingleplayer
Welcome to the most unusual farm in the world - the pineapple farm, which has attracted the attention not only of true connoisseurs of fresh tropical fruits, but also of various flies and meme charact...
Banner of field of vision

field of vision

Farming SimStrategyRoguevaniaRPGWorld War ICasualSingleplayerSimulation
This is a puzzle game. The mischievous little flying dragon jumps in different clouds. Move left and right to keep the little flying dragon in the picture and above the clouds, otherwise the game will...
Banner of Farm Debt Repay Life

Farm Debt Repay Life

Pixel GraphicsDating SimAgricultureMiningSurvivalFarming SimCatsFishing
1.Game description : This is a simulation farming game where players can reclaim farmland, cultivate crops, mine minerals, smelt ores, upgrade tools, and manage debt repayment through labor. Player...
Banner of Misty Islands

Misty Islands

CartoonSurvivalActionFarming SimStrategyOnline Co-OpAdventureBase Building
DiscordWishlist now!About the GameMisty Islands is an action-packed survival adventure game. After a mysterious shipwreck, you find yourself stranded on a deserted island. You must gather resources,.....
Banner of Star Farmer: Prologue

Star Farmer: Prologue

RetroSci-fiAction RoguelikeActionFarming SimBullet HellRPGCasual
Wishlist the full game!https://store.steampowered.com/app/2398900/Star_Farmer_Warlock_of_the_Universe/About the GameThis is the free version of Star Farmer: Warlock of the Universe. As a Warlock, fun....
Banner of glitter


CartoonFarming SimRPGRacingSingleplayer
It is a casual puzzle game with great features and advantages. The classic gameplay uses hooks to capture various items. The game goal is very simple, to collect as much valuable things as possible wi...
Banner of Cauldron Tale

Cauldron Tale

Lore-RichPixel GraphicsDating SimAgricultureFarming SimRPGCasualCooking
Welcome to Charmroot!The unthinkable happened… You've lost your magic!In a world of witches, warlocks, and other fantasy folk, this is not good. So, you've packed your bags and moved for a fresh st...
Banner of Rearea


Pixel GraphicsDating SimSandboxFarming SimStrategyCreature CollectorSplit ScreenRoguelike
Game Experience Overview·You can play this game side by side with other players on the same screen, and share your new discoveries with your companions in real-time!·Leisure, fun, relaxed and full...
Banner of LUM'S GAME


DarkPsychological HorrorFarming SimPoint & ClickHorrorAdventureSurvival horrorSingleplayer
LUM'S GAME is a horror life-sim adventure game about growing a garden with your family, and taking care of their strange pet named LUM. Help Mom grow a beautiful garden. Check up on Dad in the kitche....
Banner of The Lumenites

The Lumenites

Pixel GraphicsSide ScrollerFarming SimCreature CollectorWholesomeLGBTQ+Base BuildingRelaxing
JOIN US ON DISCORDAbout the GameThe Lumenites is a cozy village builder atop a giant flying turtle.Play as the Lumenites' leader and follow your mission to restore the beauty of nature. Together ...
Banner of Ice Land

Ice Land

Pixel GraphicsFarming SimCraftingCasualBase BuildingSingleplayerBuildingCo-op
This is a game centered around surviving in a harsh, cold environment, offering you the ultimate test of survival.In the game, you will tackle the following primary tasks:Mining and logging: ...
Banner of Sprite's Honor!

Sprite's Honor!

Pixel GraphicsColony SimFarming SimCraftingPoint & ClickCasualTime managementAdventure
Stranded on an island, troop leader Teal must manage a zany cast of characters, grow the island's unusual seedlings to help collect resources, defend the camp against gnomes, and explore the island to...
Banner of Happy Sheepies

Happy Sheepies

God GameSurvivalFarming SimCartoonyStrategyCraftingCasualTime management
Happy Sheepies is a relaxing sheep farming game that includes some Crafting and Business Management elements with its simple Drag & Drop gameplay. Meet the needs of your sheepies, craft and sell your ...

18 must-play Android games before you kick the bucket 🪣.

Banner of Furious Farm: Total Reap-Out

Furious Farm: Total Reap-Out

Pixel GraphicsParty GameLocal MultiplayerVehicular CombatActionFarming SimSplit ScreenTop-Down
Battle 7 other farmers to see who can reap the biggest portion of the field in this crazy combine-harvester karting game. Set fire to the fields, fling tires around, steal grain from the others, manip...
Banner of 魔女的巫術教室


Pixel GraphicsCartoonFarming SimStrategyJRPGRPGCRPGVisual Novel
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