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Top Fast-paced Games

Top Fast-paced Games



Character Action GameNoirRetroBeat 'em upFemale ProtagonistArena ShooterFast-pacedDark
MORE FROM THE GHOSTWARE UNIVERSEhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1893370/GHOSTWARE_Arena_of_the_Dead/About the GameTEXNOPLAZM is a first person brawler/shooter hybrid centered on three intertwine...
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Delta- This is a dynamic first-person melee action game set in an abandoned space station. You will have to fight with hordes of alien creatures using sword and other weapons of the arsenal. Thanks to...
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Reach the light

Fast-pacedPrecision PlatformerMinimalistStylizedPsychological HorrorReplay ValueDifficult3D
Join the community!About the Game“Reach the light” is a difficult precision platformer with varied challenges throughout the world. Although the hardest one is the one that takes you to the light…Fea....

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Banner of Augmented Brutality

Augmented Brutality

Pixel GraphicsGoreRetroFast-pacedDarkStylizedSci-fiDifficult
Augmented Brutality is a lightning fast, hyperviolent top-down shooter in a nightmarish techno-industrial setting. Shoot, dismember, head-stomp and door-kick your way through dozens of handcrafted lev...
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AbstractCharacter Action GameFast-pacedTower DefenseDifficultAction RoguelikeFPSAction
Milksoup is an FPS tower defense about an army of little red dumplings trying to steal your cereal.Movement will be your key to survival as you strafe and b-hop throughout the surreal environments; T....


Story premise It's the year 2212, 120 years after a catastrophic war destroyed earth and forcing the remnants of humanity to be slung into the vast reaches of space to survive. Inside of a research fa...
Banner of Towerbolt


Pixel GraphicsFuturisticRetroFemale ProtagonistFast-pacedPrecision PlatformerSci-fiDifficult
Towerbolt is a precision platformer with an emphasis on speed and fluid ascending movement. Set in the far future where robots are waging war against humanity, play as a Bolter, an augmented half hum....
Banner of League of Speedrunners

League of Speedrunners

Please support us ❤️ Follow the game and add to your wishlist!About the GameWelcome to the League of Speedrunners! It's a third-person 3D platformer that takes you to a magical world. The familiar ci.....
Banner of Knights & Guns

Knights & Guns

RetroFast-pacedStylizedSide Scroller2D PlatformerActionCartoonyAdventure
Knight in shining armor, fight your way... with Guns!Inspired by the classics, developed for the modern audiences.A classic revenge story set in a medieval fantasy world… with a touch of deadly mode.....
Banner of NEXT FLOOR


CinematicGoreDestructionBeat 'em upFast-pacedMatureDifficultFPS
Will you be able to survive to the next floor?NEXT FLOOR is a score attack, fast-paced, ultraviolent fps, with a lot of guns and blood, where your objective is simple, get out of an elevator, cross a....
Banner of Fantasy Bump

Fantasy Bump

Pixel GraphicsCompetitiveFast-pacedReplay Value4 Player LocalActionJRPGClass-Based
Fantasy Bump is a parkour party platformer for 1-6 players that mashes single-screen battle shenanigans with super JRPG feels. Choose your job class and out-jump your opponents in each bumptastic game...
Banner of Rocket Frog

Rocket Frog

Pixel GraphicsRetroFast-pacedPrecision PlatformerSide ScrollerDifficult2D PlatformerAction
Rocket Frog is an amusing, action-packed precision platformer. Chester will test your patience and try your skill, blasting through the scenic hills, cities, lakes, and mountains.Can he overcome ...
Banner of Songs of Everjade

Songs of Everjade

Pixel GraphicsCombatFast-pacedHistoricalDifficultAction RoguelikeActionProcedural Generation
Explore a mythical world of Chinese high fantasy in this fast-paced action-packed roguelite. Slash your way through enemies, avoid perilous traps, dash out of harm’s way, collect hundreds of items, an...
Banner of The Rewind Factory

The Rewind Factory

CombatRobotsFuturisticFast-pacedLevel EditorSci-fiFPSAction
Join The DiscordAbout the GameYou have one task: complete a software update for a company. But just as it's about to complete, everything goes wrong and you end up in a test track.The only way o...
Banner of Modulor


RobotsCharacter Action GameFuturisticArena ShooterFast-pacedAction RoguelikeFPSAction
Gather ModulesFight through encounters and collect modules to enhance your gunBuild Your GunBuild a unique gun every run and come up with crazy combinations and synergies.Fight through dungeonsU...
Banner of Arcane Blast

Arcane Blast

Fast-pacedStylizedReplay ValueDifficultAction RoguelikeActionLootBullet Hell
Wishlist & FollowAbout the GameWould you like to combine magic and guns? If so, step into the captivating world of Arcane Blast, where the lines between mystical sorcery and heart-pounding action bl.....
Banner of Shining Nikki

Top Customization Games

Banner of Breath of Space

Breath of Space

RobotsFemale ProtagonistFast-pacedArtificial IntelligenceSci-fiAction RoguelikeActionProcedural Generation
JOIN US ON DISCORDAbout the GameEmbark on a thrilling journey in Breath of Space, a captivating third-person shooter set in a divided world of confederations. Take on the role of Uzay, a determined p....
Banner of Shattered Echoes

Shattered Echoes

Pixel GraphicsRetroFast-pacedPrecision PlatformerSide ScrollerReplay ValueDifficult2D Platformer
Shattered Echoes is a singleplayer arcade-platformer where your only enemy is yourself. Jump, dash and think two steps ahead in hectic attempts to dodge enemies that copy everything you do. Unlock ve....
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