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Banner of Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting

Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting

Become a hero of the legend following the journey of destiny with lovely girls,Oriental Collective Action RPG Game Samurai Blade!'Sengoku Period of Japan when Yokai and Human coexisted,there was a...
Banner of Infinity Conflict

Infinity Conflict US

"Infinite Conflict" is an ARPG hardcore action game with beautiful visuals. Here we are going to be the commander, breaking through the shackles of time and space, heading to unknown territory, lookin...
Banner of BREAKERS: Unlock the World

BREAKERS: Unlock the World

Action3DRPGEditors' choiceAdventureAnime
Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King developer Vic Game Studios has announced BREAKERS: Unlock the World, a new “animation RPG” for PC, iOS, and Android. It will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2023...
Banner of Naruto:SlugfestX

Naruto:SlugfestX Test Global

Ninja Battles on your Fingertip!Naruto:Slugfest-X is the latest 3D Naruto Action RPG authorized by officials. Decide your Shinobi in 4 unique classes: Earth Keeper, Blazing Lotus, Thunder Assassin, .....
Banner of Rizline (Global)

Rizline (Global)

RhythmEditors' choiceSingleplayerAnimeMusic
Rhythm connects!Presenting Pigeon Games' second enchanting music rhythm game, following the success of "Phigros"!Dive into a mesmerizing journey where points and lines dance in harmony, weaving an e.....
Banner of Angel Squad

Angel Squad SEA

Memasuki abad ke-21, peradaban alien yang sangat maju "Far Star" tiba di Bumi! Mereka hanya memiliki satu tujuan yaitu menguasai Bumi sepenuhnya.Project Angel segera diaktifkan untuk menyelamatkan...
Banner of Soulworker Urban Strategy

Soulworker Urban Strategy

Fight with soul workers against endless lootings and destructions for survival in ruined cities.- Squad system where you choose your fighters among various champions- Heroes and champions growing w...
Banner of Zoldout Global

Zoldout Global

Zold:out is a semi-turn-based tactical RPG fused with deck building. You will use multiple weapons in one turn to challenge powerful enemies in a non-grid battlefield. Recruit clerks, forge weapons, a...
Banner of Kemono Friends: Kingdom

Kemono Friends: Kingdom Global

StrategyRPGEditors' choiceSingleplayerAnimeCute
Welcome to "Kingdom", an abandoned large-scale theme park where you will meet a diverse cast of animal friends and embark on a miraculous adventure with them. But beware of the azure monsters scattere...
Banner of Seven Deadly Sins Origin

Seven Deadly Sins Origin

'The Seven Deadly Sins Origins' is a game that appeared as a sequel to 'The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross'. Netmarble, which felt limited in expressing IP in its predecessor, a turn-based mobile genre...
Banner of VGAME


"If our cognition is subverted, the existing laws are forcibly distorted or erased. What will our world be like?"Do you believe that our world is not a single existence?When the “real city” is...
Banner of Shield Hero: RISE

Shield Hero: RISE

Details of Pre-registration Milestone Rewards are as follows:50,000 Registrations: Gold * 200, Premium Recruitment Order * 3, Silver * 1,000100,000 Registrations: Gold * 300, Premium Recruitment Or...
Banner of Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains

Strategy3DRPGReal-TimeEditors' choice
【Ghoul World】“Ghouls” lurk around Tokyo, hunting humans and devouring their flesh. Ken Kaneki, a bookworm who frequented the café “Anteiku”, met a woman there. Both were at a similar age, in a simila....
Banner of  Misty City: Tower Defense

Misty City: Tower Defense

An evil ritual at the construction site of Big Ben, strange black patterns on the walls of an ancient manor merge into a hideous creature, a terrifying shadow sitting in the belly of a temple. In all ...
Banner of Girls' Frontline II: Exile

Girls' Frontline II: Exile CN

The story takes place in Eastern Europe in 2070. The security contractor Griffin was dismembered by the government because he was too strong. The commander left Griffin and led a group of humanoids ac...
Banner of Dawnlands

Dawnlands Test Global

ActionRPGEditors' choiceAdventureOpen World
In Dawnlands, players battle to awaken an ancient land. Explore a gigantic world, gather materials, craft weapons, and build a world only you could dream up, but be wary of the threats in the dark! Be...
Banner of BLUE WARS


StylizedActionRPGAction role-playingAnimeCard
"BLUE WARS" is a 3D ship girls real-time sea battle mobile game, with the top illustrators, Japanese top voice actors, well-known plotters, and many composers to create together. Players will interact...
Banner of SILENT HILL: Ascension

SILENT HILL: Ascension

AN AUDIENCE-DRIVEN HORROR TV SHOWSILENT HILL: Ascension is a thrilling new, Genvid Interactive Streaming Series where YOU, along with the rest of the audience can impact the canon of SILENT HILL.M...
Banner of Miraculous Land

Miraculous Land

1. GameplayStarting the game, you will choose a character and choose the type of martial spirit that represents your character. Each character has a different Soul Master such as: Mace, Stupa, Plant.....
Banner of Project CPW

Project CPW

So the World is Breaking.Since God Betrayed All——Border Splashing Like Burning PagesLike a Fractal Ocean Between Waves and WavesEvery Floating Bubble is a Lonely PrisonWhat is The Truth?Warriors ...
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