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Games Similar To Irene s Psalm The Anniversary Celebration Opens the Show of Japanese Pure Desire Girls for Android

Games Similar To Irene s Psalm The Anniversary Celebration Opens the Show of Japanese Pure Desire Girls for Android

Banner of Life is a Game

Life is a Game

This game is inspired by the saying “life is a marathon”.This is a new type of game with a combination of a running and simulation gameplay.Play and look back on your life with a special reminisce...
Banner of アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ SongforPrism

アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ SongforPrism

◆2024年4月にTVアニメ放送スタート!◆◆2/22~3/2の期間毎日無料10連ガシャを開催中!◆この歌を輝かせるのは、あなたとの軌跡。『アイドルマスター シャイニーカラーズ』最新作が「アイドル育成シミュレーション&リズムゲーム」として登場!◇イントロダクション◇芸能事務所『283(ツバサ)プロダクション』のプロデューサーとして、個性豊かな28人のアイドルたちと日々を過ごし、レッ...
Banner of 末日战姬-二次元策略卡牌游戏


Turn-Based TacticsCard BattlerTrading Card GameSci-fiTurn-Based StrategyStrategyJRPGRPG
【危机爆发,绿洲联盟成立】传说冒险城有位学者名为希贝儿,在森林神秘遗迹的祭坛旁发现了一只死去的远古寄生虫,提取出一种罕见的“深渊病毒”,不仅能使生物体基因加速进化,并且拥有极强的生命力。著名董事长卡特曾痛失女儿,为复活女儿,出资成立雪山生化科技公司,聘用希贝儿担任公司高管,开始研究 “深渊病毒”。卡特急于让女儿复活,开始秘密进行人体试验。一次试验意外,发生病毒泄漏事故,工作人员和实验生物...
Banner of Kingdom: The Blood

Kingdom: The Blood Global

ActionRPGStory Rich
◇ Kingdom: The Blood, Pre-registration▷ Period: From February 5th (Monday) to March 4th (Monday)-----------------------------------------------◇ Mobile Play Test▷ Period: From February 5th (Mond...
Banner of Last Origin

Last Origin

▣ 공식카페에서 공지사항을 확인해주세요~!▣ 게임 소개고도의 전략 RPG! 자신만의 스쿼드와 전략으로 마지막 전쟁을 승리로 이끄세요!- 적에게 기회를 박탈하라~! 개별 턴 시스템과 그리드 전장아기자기한 전략 그리드스테이지와 특별한 개별 턴 시스템이 여러분을 기다리고 있습니다.턴 전략 시스템과 전장을 활용해 아군의 피해 ...
Banner of Valiant Force 2

Valiant Force 2

Set a decade after the events of Valiant Force, we return to the realm of Arathos as it is once again thrown into chaos.The disappearance of the Crystal of Arathos and its guardian, Leon Daracan, h...
Banner of Blade & Soul: Revolution

Blade & Soul: Revolution KR

RPGAction role-playingMultiplayer
▣ Game Introduction ▣The Ultimate MMORPG, Play The Revolution!Pre-register for "Blade&Soul Revolution" now!◈ Pre-registration Event in progress!Great rewards are waiting for you if you pre-r...
Banner of SoulLand:Clash of Spirimasters

SoulLand:Clash of Spirimasters

This is a masterpiece of an RPG featuring incredible 3D graphics! Don't miss out!This mysterious world had enjoyed a thousand years of peace and tranquility, until vicious creatures emerged...They ...
Banner of Sword of Convallaria: For This World of Peace

Sword of Convallaria: For This World of Peace Global

Turn-Based TacticsLore-RichPixel GraphicsRetroTurn-Based StrategyStrategyTurn-basedRPG
Iria, a small country at the center of the storm due to its rich resource of Crystal, is now in a civil war because of a suspicious riot. All parties in the civil war use every means in their power. F...
Banner of Arknights

Arknights US

Take on the role of a key member of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company that fights both a deadly infection and the unrest it leaves in its wake. Together with your leader Amiya, you’ll recruit Op...
Banner of KING`s RAID


▶ Strategy-based real-time battle by utilizing Skill compositions!Thrilling experience from dynamic real-time battle!Use diverse hero & skill compositions to defeat the enemy!▶ Defeat the giant dr...
Banner of Honor of Kings · Cloud

Honor of Kings · Cloud

30MB AND NOTHING MORETHE GAME FOR EVERYONE* Playing in the cloud requires a good internet environment.As the world's most-played mobile MOBA, Honor of Kings offers the ultimate competitive experi...
Banner of Garena Speed Drifters

Garena Speed Drifters TW

[5th Anniversary]5th Anniversary is coming soon, login everyday for tons of free gifts to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Speed Drifters![New Track]3-star track "Swallow Town" debut! In the old t...
Banner of Phantom Blade: Executioners

Phantom Blade: Executioners

CompetitiveNoirMetroidvaniaAction RPGActionMartial ArtsRPGCasual
Phantom Blade: Executioners is a fast-paced action game set in the Phantom World, an original world conceptualized by S-GAME.It features a rich storyline of kungfu adventures, where you dive into a c....
Banner of Girls'Frontline

Girls'Frontline TW

歡迎來到2060年<br>倖存者,重建這個世界的安全秩序的責任已經落到了我們的肩上。<br>現在,是時候回到你過去的日子了。<br>選擇我們,加入我們——<br>「格里芬與克魯格」私人軍事承包商<br><br>【遊戲特色】<br>- 戰術推進、即時戰鬥 兩大模式創新融合,強化遊戲的策略性和操作性<br><br>- 百位角色,槍械擬人<br>知名畫師擔任角色設計,從二戰到現代,涵蓋各時期經典槍械武器...
Banner of Afterimage


Lore-RichMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerDifficultAction RPGActionRPGSouls-like
◆Explore mystic EngardinOne of the supreme deities created this vast world called Engardin, upon which natural wonders lie everywhere: gigantic volcanoes, steep canyons, deep seas and a tower that so....
Banner of Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile

ActionCasualOnline Co-OpTactical ShooterShooter
Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile is ushering in a new era of the Call of Duty® franchise with the most thrilling experience in FPS Battle Royale mobile gaming, featuring classic Call of Duty®: Warzone™ ...
Banner of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Keppuu Kengeki Royale

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Keppuu Kengeki Royale JP

"Kimetsu no Yaiba: Chifuu Kengeki Royale" is an asymmetric battle survival action game. Players will be divided into Demon Slayer Corps and Demon camps for asymmetric multiplayer games."Kimetsu no ...
Banner of Arknights

Arknights TW

Dear Doctor, our server is now open! Thank you so much for your patient waiting and continuous support. We wish you enjoy the brand new journey in Arknights!Take on the role of a key member of Rho...
Banner of Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars Global

Main ThemeChase the Light in this Thrilling New Adventure!A revolutionary line strategy RPG that pushes the genre to new heights!Magnificent Stories Full of Fantasy and AdventureDiscover a riveti...
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