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Games Similar To My Legend of Immortal Cultivation for Android

Games Similar To My Legend of Immortal Cultivation for Android

Banner of Moonlight Blade

Moonlight Blade Global

Moonlight Blade Mobile is a fascinating open world MMORPG in the traditional Chinese style. The game presents a magnificent world of martial arts, containing a different combination of techniques and ...
Banner of Immortal Survivors

Immortal Survivors

The demon invasion, ravaging the land.Heros, it's time for you to step up!Assemble! Choose a variety of skills!Select skills from different schools based on the unique characteristics of cultivat...
Banner of Daily cultivation

Daily cultivation

A fun cultivation game where players can start from mortals and continuously cultivate and break through to become the Immortal King and Immortal Lord. Of course, the spirit of cultivation is very imp...
Banner of Cultivation Simulator: Idle Qi

Cultivation Simulator: Idle Qi

Idle Cultivation game you can become an immortal with patience and faith.-defeats monsters and collects Spirit Stones that will help you in your journey to become an immortal-be the king of ritche...
Banner of The Immortal Mayor

The Immortal Mayor

Town ConstructionAs the local land god, your primary task is to watch over and guide your people as you build the town from scratch. Collect natural resources, build production and living facilitie...
Banner of Infinite Cultivation

Infinite Cultivation

The Cultivator look up at the starry sky, mysterious Qi appeared in his spiritual sense...That enlightened him on the next day, he was surprised to find that his abode has a special place, and his ho....
Banner of 咻咻修仙-Siu Siu Cultivation

咻咻修仙-Siu Siu Cultivation

遊戲特色:1. 夢幻畫面:遊戲採用精美的畫面設計和流暢的動畫效果,帶給玩家身臨其境的遊戲體驗,讓玩家沉浸在酷炫的戰鬥世界中。2. 酷炫神技:遊戲中擁有各種令人驚嘆的酷炫技能,玩家可以釋放華麗的連招、強力的技能攻擊以及震撼的特效,展現自己的絕技。3. 多元戰鬥:遊戲提供多種戰鬥模式,包括無盡挑戰、BOSS戰、競技場對戰等。 玩家可以根據自己的喜好選擇不同的戰鬥方式,體驗不同的刺激。4...
Banner of Cultivation Master-Be Immortal

Cultivation Master-Be Immortal

All things have animism, and humans are the spiritual beings of all things.It is recorded that "Anyone with five senses and seven orifices can practice." Everyone can practice, and animals with fiv...
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