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Top Hacking Games

Top Hacking Games

Banner of Knight Runner: Blade and Bolt

Knight Runner: Blade and Bolt

Pixel GraphicsActionLinearBullet HellProcedural GenerationDemonsTop-DownFantasy
Knight Runner: Blade and Bolt is a top-down endless runner where you must fight your way through a monster-infested forest, dodging traps, collecting powerups, and timing your strikes to compete for a...
Banner of PromptCrafter


Text-BasedStrategyProcedural GenerationCraftingCasualProgrammingTime managementSingleplayer
OverviewThe game is a command-line-based crafting game with procedurally generated crafting trees. The crafting can be automated using programming-like automation.ProgressionThe crafting recipes in ....
Banner of LYMBUS


AbstractReal Time TacticsDungeon CrawlerPsychologicalAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellStrategy
Descend into a digital labyrinth of our own makingThe year is 19XX. Great strides in neuromechanical research have allowed the most common human actions to be transcribed onto memory cards. Great ...
Banner of Shining Nikki

Top Customization Games

Banner of Nethack


Grand StrategyInteractive FictionStrategyRealisticTable gameSingleplayerCrimeTyping
Dive into a mesmerizing digital realm where each keystroke holds the key to unlocking profound secrets.Start your journey from the safety of your clandestine apartment, armed with a suite of realis...
Banner of Core Breach

Core Breach

Pixel GraphicsRobotsArena ShooterSci-fiAction RoguelikeActionCasualTop-Down Shooter
GameplayTake control of a trojan worm virus to outmanuever and destroy the anti-virus threat that is trying to stop you from breaching the core. You have an arsenal of skills and attacks used to up...
Banner of Ainsley


DarkPsychological HorrorFirst-PersonRealisticCraftingPoint & ClickHorrorCasual
What a lovely surprise!A mysterious package arrives at your door, but don't worry, it's your new best friend Ainsley!Build them, calibrate them, talk to them, teach them to be just like you and one .....
Banner of Endless Maze

Endless Maze

Pixel GraphicsRetroPsychological HorrorDungeon CrawlerSurvivalStrategyDemonsHorror
A short simple game about exploring a seemly endless mazeThis game includes:-Keys-Coins-Traps-Challenge-Horror-Demons-Adventure-Walls-Secret Walls-Ultra Secret Walls...
Banner of Project RyME

Project RyME

Six months had passed since Mira's father disappeared and was presumed dead. The other day an old computer of his showed up mysteriously. It's unlike any computer she had seen before and convinced h.....
Banner of Grandma Don't Click That!

Grandma Don't Click That!

Pixel GraphicsRetroActionProgrammingCharacter CustomizationRelaxingComedySingleplayer
Grandma Don't Click That features unique physics based platforming gameplay. Play as a computer virus shifting between solid and liquid states to navigate your way through challenging levels. Momentum...
Banner of Ama's Lullaby

Ama's Lullaby

CinematicNoirRetroDarkSci-fiRealisticPoint & ClickAdventure
Ama's Lullaby is a point-and-click (& type) adventure game inspired by Westwood Studios' Blade Runner PC game (1997), featuring a command-line based hacking system. It has been successfully funded on ...
Banner of Code.Breaker()


Pixel GraphicsRobotsText-BasedSci-fiInteractive FictionPoint & ClickVisual NovelLGBTQ+
Code.Breaker() is a cyberpunk visual novel about technology, crime, and trying to survive in a world ruled by corporations.Setting2083, Free City-State of Seattle. Augmentations are commonplace, m...
Banner of Mod Mage Mike

Mod Mage Mike

Pixel GraphicsTacticalReal Time TacticsSandboxLevel EditorSci-fiActionStrategy
Mod Mage Mike is a game where you harness the power of a node editor to solve logic puzzles, craft futuristic spells, and create your own thrilling adventures.By chaining nodes together with differe.....
Banner of OveRRooT


Fast-pacedSide ScrollerSci-fiDifficultActionLinearSingleplayerHack And Slash
A sophisticated malware created with a sole objective: bypass the defenses of malfunctioning computer systems by erasing their cyberspace, in order to reset them to their default state and bring...
Banner of Casino Heist: Escape Room

Casino Heist: Escape Room

ThrillerInteractive FictionFirst-PersonPoint & ClickCasualFamily FriendlyAdventureSingleplayer
"You have gathered your team to rob the man who betrayed your mentor. Will you be able to teach him a lesson?"Casino Heist is an escape room that will test your skills as a thief. Solve puzzles and .....
Banner of Quasis: The Last Eclipse

Quasis: The Last Eclipse

Lore-RichPixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticRetroSci-fiActionRPGPvE
Enter QuasisBy the year 2070 the advancements in AI and space travel have ushered a new golden age, But it wasn't meant to last. It was common to say that the planet was alive, but no one took it lite...


BLOCK CONNECTOR is a casual game with a very simple rule: connect blocks of the same colour, so even people who are not good at puzzle games can easily start playing.We didn't use a game engine,...

Top Auto Battler Games

Banner of Virus 3D

Virus 3D

RobotsScienceSci-fiVoxelActionBullet HellPvETop-Down Shooter
OVERVIEWPlay as David, an android living in the year 9001, determined to save the life of his android baby sister, Daisy, who has been infected by an unstoppable computer virus plaguing the world....
Banner of Command Center Earth

Command Center Earth

In Command Center Earth, your job as pilot is to guide a missile through a series of increasingly difficult asteroid fields to intercept and destroy incoming meteors.Test your skills guiding the I...
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