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Top Healing Games

Top Healing Games

Banner of Tori Note

Tori Note

Let's make some great music together with our musician birds!You are a traveling musician sparrow.Put some food and goodies in the square and call in the unique musicians' sparrows!▼Let's meet al...
Banner of Fall of Porcupine

Fall of Porcupine

HealingAdventureStory Rich
WISHLIST NOWhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2144640/Endzone_2/https://store.steampowered.com/app/2484990/Asgards_Fall_Origins/About the Gamehttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1921980/Between_Horiz....
Banner of 24 Solar Terms

24 Solar Terms

★ Best Mobile Games IndiePlay 2020 (Nominee)★ Social Value Award at GWB Indie Game Awards 2022 (Nominee)★ Best Innovative Social Value Award at the 3rd CGIC 2023 (Nominee)★ Best Chinese Traditional...
Banner of Neon Abyss: Infinite

u ate out of time

Banner of Peridot


Peridot fulfills your fantasy of bonding with a magical, brag-worthy creature that can fly through the air, always wants to be by your side, and might have a secret love for turkey sandwiches. With th...
Banner of Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light Global

From the creators of Journey.“…Everything about this exploration-focused game, from the evocative visual style and soaring musical score, to the intimate moments of subtle interaction with other na...
Banner of Plant with Care

Plant with Care

You love cooking delicious meals, but they require ingredients! The garden provides very productive soil that can be used for growing various crops. The space is limited and each vegetable has its own...
Banner of Ogu and the Secret Forest

Ogu and the Secret Forest

Explore the wonderful world with baby Ogu!'Ogu and the Secret Forest' is a 2D adventure game with hand-drawn characters and various types of puzzles. Befriend bouncy characters and defeat strange cre....
Banner of Losing Cats Way

Losing Cats Way

A Healing cat sims integrates stray cat topics. Learning animal protection cogitation while playing with your cats! Spend the quality time with them. As long as you take good care of them, they’ll lea...
Banner of Blue Archive (15)

Blue Archive (15)

A Story Kept Within the HeartYouth x Academy x Military RPG = Blue ArchiveYou have been appointed as an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club, Schale, located in Kivotos. It's a huge academy ci...
Banner of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

HistoricalHealingWorld War IAdventurePuzzleAnimeStory Rich
Available exclusively for Netflix members.Become an unsung hero. Solve puzzles, fly above chaos and heal the wounded in this follow-up to the beloved adventure game inspired by World War I.As Worl...
Banner of Fortnite

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