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Top Hunting Games

Top Hunting Games

Banner of Archaic


DINOSAURS? Yes, of course! Hunt down (or be hunted down by) over 50 different creatures on the island! From Tyrannosaurus Rex to Mosasaurus, (yes the waters are alive as well!) flee from, kill or ta.....
Banner of Off Grids

Off Grids

Action RPGSurvivalFPSActionHuntingFirst-PersonRPGCasual
The ultimate open-world survival game that redefines the genre. Welcome to a world with little danger and huge experience with hunting, gathering, crafting, building, looting, exploring and even trave...
Banner of Lost In Failures

Lost In Failures

Lost In Failures is an action, survival and adventure game set in a living, rich and challenging open world. In the work you control David, a character who had a normal life, but suddenly woke up on a...
Banner of Sky: Children of the Light

The best heart touching stories you don’t want to miss

Banner of Giant Hornet

Giant Hornet

TacticalSurvivalHuntingRealisticWarOpen WorldRelaxingLife Sim
The life of a newborn queen hornet is a simulator. The difficulties it goes through to grow up and become a giant hornet are presented in the game. To do this, it must first stay away from the enemy ....
Banner of The Carrier and Crows

The Carrier and Crows

Explore Hermit’s Thumb Peninsula:-A remote peninsula in northern British Columbia just below the snowline.-One large map made up of 6 biomes.-From dense, crawling wetlands to snowy peaks.-Conquer ...
Banner of IceFishingVR


SportsHuntingFirst-PersonRealisticFishingVRSingleplayerLife Sim
Ice Fishing VR is a simulation game content where you can actually ice fish in 360-degree panoramic images taken at ice fishing sites in Hongcheon, Hwacheon, and Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, Korea.W...
Banner of Phantom Patrol

Phantom Patrol

DarkPsychological HorrorHuntingThrillerFirst-PersonHorrorCasualOnline Co-Op
Welcome to Phantom Patrol - The Ultimate Paranormal Investigation Experience!Are you ready to step into the world of the supernatural? Brace yourself for the spine-tingling, heart-pounding adventure t...
Banner of Rivals' Duel

Rivals' Duel

DestructionGrand StrategyPsychological HorrorActionHuntingThrillerStrategyFirst-Person
Run Gor is an experience of your adventure where you will be in your most unprecedented and personified dreams which you will have to face. Solve the mystery and escape*First Person Game*E...
Banner of Moorhuhn Invasion - Crazy Chicken Invasion

Moorhuhn Invasion - Crazy Chicken Invasion

Pixel GraphicsRetroCartoonSide ScrollerSportsActionHuntingAliens
Help! The invasion of alien Moorhuhn chickens has begun!Chicken aliens have been watching us from the depths of space. Now they have come to establish their base and take everything that is not naile....
Banner of Element Fighters

Element Fighters

NoirArena ShooterDragonsBattle RoyaleActionHuntingCasualMassively Multiplayer
Dive into the world of 'Element Fighters,' the only multiplayer-arena fighting game, where you get to choose your destiny from four powerful nations - Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.You fight against pl....
Banner of Iskelonia


Dating SimRomanceText-BasedAgricultureHuntingFarming SimInteractive FictionCrafting
This game is a partially text game where you can wander freely in nature and in the village of Iskelonia.- 30 villagers are present in the game with a schedule (for the moment no interaction is pos...
Banner of IOO


Pixel GraphicsSolitaireSandboxCapitalismHuntingCasualAdventureFantasy
A minimalist pixel-art single-player game focused on the exploration of a procedurally generated world.Try to finish the goal of surviving 100 days in this unknown world while you gather rare re...
Banner of Alone


AbstractSurvivalAction RoguelikeFPSActionHuntingStrategyFirst-Person
Alone Is a First Person Time Based Survival Game. Lost in the woods of Orah, something is hunting you.Gameplay:You must keep your Lamp lit by destroying enemies and Casting your magic to keep them at ...
Banner of Master Wulder

Master Wulder

ArcheryAction RPGFPSActionHuntingBullet TimeFirst-PersonRealistic
Master Vulder is an archery shooter with unique mechanics.You have to play for the god of archery. In the early stages of his rise. While in the native lands of Idalir, you are free to do with your...
Banner of Light Crawler

Light Crawler

DragonsArcheryDungeon CrawlerActionHuntingCartoonyProcedural GenerationFirst-Person
A first-person dungeon crawler with a procedurally generated open world.As you explore the outside world you will come across different area types, forest, desert, tundra, etc.Each area will fea...
Banner of 獣人ちゃんは今日も命を狙われる | Jujinchan

獣人ちゃんは今日も命を狙われる | Jujinchan

RomanceText-BasedPsychological HorrorHuntingVisual NovelCasualOtomeAdventure
新体験!異変探し×ノベルゲーム!!街に潜む悪魔から毎日命を狙われる"獣人ちゃん"!人間に変装する悪魔から逃げて1月1日まで生き残れ!悪魔は獣人ちゃんの血を飲んで不老不死になろうとしています!異変探しゲーム『2番線 | Nibansen』を開発した"MFC STUDIO"が新作異変探し系ノベルゲームを作りました!YouTuberの"しにせ"がデザインし...
Banner of Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Enter the city of sin!

Banner of Chef Chen

Chef Chen

Team-BasedDogLocal Multiplayer4 Player LocalActionHuntingStrategyCats
Special OfferThe Early Access is about to end, so get the discount! This is your last chance to save!About the Gamehttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1335360"Chef Chen" is a multiplayer cooperativ...
Banner of Hoofobia


Join our Discord!https://discord.gg/hoofobiaAbout the GameHoofobia is the multiplayer deer VS hunter PVP, it’s hilarious to play with friends or strangers. When playing as deer, use stealth & strateg....
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