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Top Jump Scare Games

Top Jump Scare Games

Banner of William's dad's secret

William's dad's secret

RetroHorrorSurvival horrorSingleplayerJump ScareSimulation
You can't sleep at night. There's something trying to get into your room and you don't know what it is. You must do whatever is possible to stop it.You're in your room and must survive the night whi.....
Banner of In Misery - Episode 1: The Farm

In Misery - Episode 1: The Farm

DarkShortActionThrillerHorrorViolentSurvival horrorSingleplayer
Welcome to MiseryThe Daylight TownWas that the right turn? You could have sworn this was the short cut you've taken a dozen times, but nothing looks familiar. To make matters worse, your car just st.....
Banner of Cursed Canvas

Cursed Canvas

DarkPsychological HorrorFirst-PersonHorrorAdventureSingleplayerJump ScareExploration
People overwhelmed with fear in a cursed place ask you, a psychic, for exorcism.A cursed space. And from there, the cursed canvas coming towards you...This canvas captures the fear that lies deep wi.....
Banner of Moonlighter

Offline Games to Play This February

Banner of Forlorn: The mysteries of Highshadowland

Forlorn: The mysteries of Highshadowland

DarkPsychological HorrorActionLinearFirst-PersonDetectiveCraftingHorror
Edward Forlorn is a detective investigating supernatural cases. One day he receives a letter from Charles Richardson who is asking for help in finding his first cousin once removed George Richardson t...
Banner of The First Present

The First Present

DarkShortPsychological HorrorDifficultSurvivalActionStrategyFirst-Person
For this christmas you want to please your mother with the greatest gift. A piece of meat is a highly sought-after present in this medieval era.Explore the forest, find what you are looking for and g....
Banner of Mutants Of Mist

Mutants Of Mist

Team-BasedDarkPsychological HorrorActionThrillerFirst-PersonHorrorOnline Co-Op
Mutants Of Mist is a 4-player, online co-op, survival horror game. You and a group of 3 others have entered a forest that's becoming shrouded in a deadly and mysterious mist. You are in search of info...
Banner of NineHells


DarkPsychological HorrorLinearInteractive FictionFirst-PersonHorrorCasualAdventure
NINE HELLS is phycholgical horror game that will have your mind wandering for answers, as you walk through a series of events telling a linear mystery story.the game has a atmospheric tension with ...
Banner of Sinister Mansion

Sinister Mansion

Post-apocalypticDarkPsychological HorrorPsychologicalActionThrillerRealisticHorror
Sinister MansionPrepare to face your deepest fears in Sinister Mansion, a bone-chilling horror experience that will haunt your every step. Kidnapped and left to awaken in the heart of a desolate woods...
Banner of Vacant's Mine

Vacant's Mine

Lore-RichDarkPsychological HorrorDifficultThrillerFirst-PersonHorrorCasual
So you’ve been arrested? In Vacant’s Mine you can regain your freedom in just 7 Days!NAVIGATE THROUGH THE MINEYou’ve been arrested. But In this prison camp, you can regain freedom in just 7 days! Na.....
Banner of Pomberito


Lore-RichDarkPsychological HorrorSurvivalActionFarming SimThrillerFirst-Person
"Pomberito" is a first-person horror adventure game set in the folklore-rich landscapes of South America. The game unfolds over five micro-episodes, each representing a night from Monday to Friday. Ta...
Banner of Spider-Guy: Trapped in the Cheese Place

Spider-Guy: Trapped in the Cheese Place

Spider-guy has been imprisoned by the dastardly Cheddar-Head within the cheese place. You take control of our protagonist spider-guy as he fights through hordes of the viscous cheese amalgamations tha...
Banner of Veranoia: Nightmare of Case 37

Veranoia: Nightmare of Case 37

First-PersonRealisticHorrorCasualAdventureSingleplayerJump ScareExploration
Created by: Unreal engine 5.2Step into the chilling world of 'Veranoia: Nightmare of Case 37' and play as Vera Herdman, a gifted detective thrown into the darkest corners of the human psyche to unr...
Banner of Frostbiter


DarkActionFirst-PersonHorrorSurvival horrorSingleplayerJump ScarePuzzle
Frostbiter is a short survival horror where you have to find the exit out of the maze as the sun is setting and nightfall is approaching, while also trying to avoid Frostbiter. You can defend yourself...
Banner of Befriended Curse

Befriended Curse

DarkPsychological HorrorSurvivalThrillerFirst-PersonRealisticHorrorAdventure
Step into the shoes of Jonathan, a final year psychology student, who accepts what seems to be an enticing job offer for the summer break. However, things take a turn for the worse. Upon arrival, hi.....
Banner of Vended


ThrillerFirst-PersonDemonsHorrorSurvival horrorSingleplayerJump Scare
This shift is a one off. You don't usually work weekends but the pay is good, and before you know it the front door is locked behind you and dim buzzing halls stretch before you. so you walk forward.....
Banner of Loop Theory

Loop Theory

DarkPsychological HorrorActionFirst-PersonHorrorAdventureSingleplayerJump Scare
Immerse yourself in the game created on the Unreal Engine 5. Solve puzzles, make your way through various rooms, use objects and find out more about the fate of the main character.Average time to c...

Top Experimental Games

Banner of Scare Girl 2

Scare Girl 2

Psychological HorrorActionFirst-PersonHorrorAdventureSingleplayerJump ScareWalking Simulator
Scare Girl 2 takes place at a haunted house you are trying to collect 10 radio to open a door to escape the house from the killer. The killer will try to catch you so you run and try to collect the 10...
Banner of Damned House

Damned House

DarkAction RPGActionLinearThrillerFirst-PersonHorrorAdventure
Damned House: The First-Person Psychological Horror Game That Challenges Your SanityDamned House is a horror game set in a spooky house. Explore the house, while trying to escape from a very hostile.....
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