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Top Management Games



GoreTacticalReal Time TacticsInventory ManagementTower DefenseStrategy3DNonlinear
In a world where darkness looms and the unthinkable has become reality, you step into the shoes of the last O5, the final bastion against chaos. SCP: CENTURA TYCOON immerses you in the mysterious worl...
Banner of Operation Food to Gold

Operation Food to Gold

EconomyFemale ProtagonistConversationCapitalismIdlerCartoonyStrategyAliens
"The world government has chosen you to work on -Operation Food to Gold-. An extraterrestrial creature has landed on earth and it is obsessed with our food. The digestive system of this creature turns...
Banner of Brewmastery: Tavern Simulator

Brewmastery: Tavern Simulator

SandboxConversationChoices MatterFirst-Person3DCraftingTime managementAdventure
Build your own medieval brewery with a full set of realistic equipment and get the most out of all the intricacies of making drinks. From harvesting to malting, from brewing to aging, fermentation, fi...
Banner of Pokémon Café ReMix

Top Pair matching Games

Banner of Cat's Vote

Cat's Vote

RetroCartoonDark HumorMinimalistCartoonyStrategyChoices MatterPoint & Click
In "Cat's Vote," embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of feline democracy, where you hold the power to shape the destiny of a charming cat family. These cats have it all - a life filled w...
Banner of Ronia's Guardians

Ronia's Guardians

TacticalReal Time TacticsTower DefenseStrategyChoices Matter3DRoguelikePvE
Join the world of "Ronia's Guardians" and experience a unique strategic adventure! Strategically place your towers, empower the Head Wizard, battle against dark forces striving to destroy Ronia.R...
Banner of Dungeonpreneur


Pixel GraphicsDating SimSandboxInventory ManagementCraftingRPGAdventure2D
Dungeonpreneur is a sandbox RPG where you set out to run a tavern and an item shop using resources you gather from dungeons and expeditions!*Note: This game is in very early development. But there w.....


Choose Your Own AdventurePsychological HorrorHidden ObjectLootChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic3D
Overview:Dive into a dimension beyond our world where the U.S., in 1987, found an unprecedented opportunity. "The Foundation" became an infinite storage expanse, seemingly the ultimate solution to s.....
Banner of Mandela Syndrome

Mandela Syndrome

1980sRetroMinimalistPsychological HorrorPsychologicalHidden ObjectUtilitiesLinear
A mysterious organization, an unexpected job offering, strange entities and a world seemingly erasing itself from existence. Do what you can to help save the world from deterioration, and keep tomorro...
Banner of Manufactur’ inc.

Manufactur’ inc.

EconomyColony SimText-BasedAgricultureMinimalistCapitalismAutomationIdler
Welcome to Manufactur'inc, a game where you'll guide your new company towards becoming a major player (pun intended) in the industry!In this game, you'll have the opportunity to design and organize...
Banner of One Life Clicker

One Life Clicker

Turn-Based TacticsPixel GraphicsSandboxMinimalistIdlerSurvivalChoices MatterRoguelike
One Life Clicker is a unique combination of idle, clicker and RPG games. Take a hero under your control and fight through the hordes of enemies! Your only goals are to survive and defeat the evil. Buy...
Banner of Swappy World

Swappy World

Turn-Based TacticsOpen World Survival CraftSandboxSurvivalCraftingRPGAdventureTabletop
https://store.steampowered.com/app/2692740/Swappy_World/TWO MAIN ACTIONSSwipe to move and click to interact in an open-world survival crafting experience made through cards. Handle your energy tactica...
Banner of Debtors' Club

Debtors' Club

CartoonReplay ValueCartoonyStrategyChoices MatterMultiple EndingsPoint & ClickCasual
Welcome to the Debtors' Club. It's up to you - and your team of debt collectors - to make the businesses of the city pay what they owe to the public treasury. Governance doesn't come cheap, you ...
Banner of Merchant Master

Merchant Master

Text-BasedCapitalismAutomationIdlerTradingStylizedDynamic NarrationInteractive Fiction
There was a young man who dreamed of becoming a wealthy and powerful merchant, with the hope of becoming the richest man in the world. Recruit talents, obtain pets, and meet your beloved beauties. Fro...
Banner of Super Mayor

Super Mayor

Pixel GraphicsEducationMetroidvania2D PlatformerFunnyCartoonyInteractive FictionRPG
Customise your councillor!Meet the localsNavigate perilous pathsSpend council fundsDeal with pests with your special councillor shoes...Track quests and other progress with your s...
Banner of Rogue Station

Rogue Station

Pixel GraphicsTacticalReal Time TacticsSci-fiSurvivalAction RoguelikeStrategyRoguelike
FeaturesBuild a formidable station - Expand your little outpost and build up weapons and defenses.Defend your station - Encounter countless enemies and threats.Unique paths - Collect perks as y...
Banner of Quest Giver

Quest Giver

Pixel GraphicsConversationFunnyChoices MatterControllerMultiple EndingsVisual NovelCasual
Welcome to your new job, NPC: Giving out quests to local adventurers!Choose quests which are appropriate to their level to help them become mighty, and perhaps some day one of your clients will beco.....
Banner of Roblox

Sandbox games where there are no limits.

Banner of Resilience


SandboxColony SimTeam-BasedStylizedSci-fiSurvivalActionLoot
Resilience is an adventure game about survival on a planet with extreme temperature conditions. The main task is to build a spaceship and leave the planet. The player will have to survive, extract res...
Banner of Dr. Bowow's Eco-Extraction

Dr. Bowow's Eco-Extraction

EconomyIsometricScienceCapitalismMiningDogTurn-Based StrategyCartoony
Puzzle with the master mogul in Dr. Bowow’s Eco-Extraction! Build Factories, Laboratories, and Mines to gather resources – nevermind the environmental hazards. Keep it clean, keep it orderly, and abov...
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