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Top Mini Golf Games

Top Mini Golf Games

Banner of Disaster Golf

Disaster Golf

CartoonDinosaursSportsGolfFamily FriendlyRacingMini GolfSingleplayer
It’s a beautiful day outside. The hippos are screaming, the dinosaurs are dying, and all you want to do is play some miniature golf. You forgot your clubs, but that’s okay. Mother Nature has you cover...
Banner of Disc Dimension

Disc Dimension

SportsFirst-PersonGolfCasualAdventureVRFantasyEarly Access
Play disc golf in an immersive virtual reality world! Whether you've never played disc golf, you play every day, or you're somewhere in between, you'll find an experience for you in the Disc Dimension...
Banner of Possibly Endless Golf

Possibly Endless Golf

Pixel GraphicsRetroSportsCozyProcedural GenerationGolfCasualFamily Friendly
Play over 4 billion levels of golf! Can anybody finish this game?** On the Steamdeck choose your Proton version as you will start from a new save game from a different Proton version. Let me know if.....
Banner of Moonlight Blade

[Be the pioneer] Check out upcoming&beta games this week - Apr. 28

Banner of RPG Golf with Vampires

RPG Golf with Vampires

VampireSide ScrollerSportsCartoonyProcedural GenerationRPGGolfCasual
The time has come to bring justice upon those treacherous vampires. Embark on a golf-like journey in this short game with golf controls.Hunt some vampires by controlling your character like a go...
Banner of Friends Play Pool

Friends Play Pool

Turn-Based TacticsSportsLinearTurn-Based StrategyStrategyFirst-PersonGolfTable game
Why it's awesome:1. Multiplayer - 2 people online2. At home on your couch - connect multiple controllers and let the fun begin3. Steam Deck - on a road trip? Bring your pool table with you. Let you...
Banner of Dungeon Golf

Dungeon Golf

Party GameCartoonSportsMemesGolfCasualFamily FriendlyFantasy
Join the DiscordAbout the GameDungeon Golf is a mini golf party game broadcasted to you live from the Dungeon Sports Network, the ONLY television channel dedicated to dungeon-related sports.Compet...
Banner of Mini Sports

Mini Sports

Turn-Based TacticsTacticalCompetitiveReal Time TacticsArcheryPartySportsCartoony
Step into the world of Mini Sports, an online game that offers a variety of 1vs1 mini-games. Challenge players from around the world or invite your friends to compete with you in classic and fun games...
Banner of Golf by the way

Golf by the way

CartoonHockeyFast-pacedLocal Multiplayer4 Player LocalSportsActionCartoony
• Mini golf that you play as a GOLFER!Control your character in real-time. Feel free to go smack your friend or even their golf ball!• NO STROKE COUNT! It’s all about speed!Swing your golf club as ma....
Banner of Minigolf Galaxy

Minigolf Galaxy

SportsAliensGolfCasualMultiplayerEarly AccessMini GolfSingleplayer
Join the DiscordJoin the Mailing ListAbout the GameJoin the Early Access version of Minigolf Galaxy and help us shape the future of minigolf gaming!Minigolf Galaxy invites you to create your very ...
Banner of Golfie


Dungeon CrawlerSportsActionProcedural GenerationRoguelike DeckbuilderRoguelikeDeckbuildingCasual
OTHER GAMES BY YOGSCAST GAMEShttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2741290/Time_To_Morp_First_Contacthttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1652250/Tales__Tactics/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1599600.....
Banner of Koala Kids Golf

Koala Kids Golf

SportsCartoonyGolfCasualFamily FriendlyMultiplayerRelaxingComedy
In Koala Kids Golf you are the ball!Collect treasure before your opponents. Watch out for traps and dangers or you'll lose your gems!Compete with Friends or play Challenges to unlock Stars and Cust...
Banner of Slime Volley

Slime Volley

HockeyLocal MultiplayerSportsActionSkateboardingSplit ScreenCasualMultiplayer
Get Ready for Bouncy Arcade Fun with Slime Volley!Step into the bouncy and exciting arcade game of Slime Volley! This isn't your typical volleyball game – it's an arcade sensation that takes the cla.....
Banner of Math World VR

Math World VR

Math World VR combines fun games with simple math to exercise the brain! This STEM Accredited VR game consists of 12 fun mini-games for all ages to enjoy! Who said brain exercise can't be fun?*A...
Banner of Golf with Guns

Golf with Guns

FPSSportsStrategyFirst-PersonGolfCasualMultiplayerEarly Access
Golf with Guns is a casual version of online mini golf with one major twist... GUNS! Advance your golf ball throughout the course by shooting it with different powered guns, or screw over your opponen...
Banner of Golf Tour

Golf Tour

Local MultiplayerSportsGolfCasualMassively MultiplayerCharacter CustomizationMultiplayerRelaxing
Golf Tour - a journey for friends. Play holes in different corners of the world, decorate your ball, create unique textures for it, and show off to your fellow players. New challenges await you all .....
Banner of Mighty Mini Golf

Mighty Mini Golf

Pixel GraphicsRetroLocal MultiplayerSportsCartoonyGolfFamily FriendlyTop-Down
THE PUTTER IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD!Mighty Mini Golf is a wild mini golf experience like no other! Golf through several crazy courses where everything is on the line, including your life-- that's ri...
Banner of Oceanhorn ™

Scratch the itch of a classic Zelda

Banner of Golf Together

Golf Together

Level EditorLocal MultiplayerSportsGolfCasualOnline Co-OpFamily FriendlyCharacter Customization
What is Golf Together about?Golf Together is a multiplayer focused mini golf game. Where you can shoot at your own pace. Each level consists of 18 holes you can complete. Players have the ability to.....
Banner of Multiplayer Platform Golf

Multiplayer Platform Golf

Level EditorSportsGolfCasualOnline Co-OpCharacter CustomizationMultiplayerEarly Access
Physics Based GolfingSwitch between the driver, wood, iron, and putter, each offering a different way to tackle the courses.PlatformingGolfing is just the beginning. Leap, dash, and navigate through.....
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