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Top Mining Games

Top Mining Games

Banner of Dark Dive: The Last Tropic

Dark Dive: The Last Tropic

Card BattlerMiningTurn-Based StrategyStrategyCreature CollectorRPGDeckbuildingTop-Down
There's an ominous hole in the center of this Caribbean town. Play as a researcher that uncovers the mysteries of the mine and recent disappearances. Along this journey, you can fight monsters on your...
Banner of Unknown Planet

Unknown Planet

Open World Survival CraftMiningSci-fiSurvivalProcedural GenerationAliensCraftingTop-Down
Unknown Planet is an open world adventure survival game, set on an alien planet with randomly generated worlds.ExploreAfter your spacecraft has crash landed, you wake up on a mysterious planet equip.....
Banner of Nomadica


MiningDungeon CrawlerSurvivalFarming SimFishingCraftingRPGAdventure
This game is a mix of casual life simulator and dungeon exploration with the elements of hack and slash. you can do farming, gardening, builging your home, crafting furniture, tools and even weapons a...
Banner of Metal Revolution

📢 New Game Fighting Android 2023

Banner of Cubebam


MiningSide ScrollerCasualEarly AccessSingleplayerArcadePuzzleHand-drawn
An exciting 2D physics game where the player has to help his grandfather break the cubes in a barrel and get to the coin.The gameplay takes place on a screen where various obstacles such as walls a...
Banner of WAIDH


What Am I Doing Here?One day you wake up all alone in a small camp in the middle of a jungle.You are suffering from amnesia, can't remember who you are and what are you doing there.You have no ch...
Banner of MERIDIAN


SandboxColony SimCapitalismMiningSci-fiSurvivalCraftingTop-Down
Join our Discord CommunityDiscuss the game, provide feedback, get behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and maybe gain playtest access!About the GameDescend into the depths of an alien planet - Meridian ...
Banner of Survivaluck


Open World Survival CraftMiningSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionFirst-PersonCraftingRPG
CHECK OUT OUR OTHER GAMEShttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2294280/Backrooms_Cycle/https://store.steampowered.com/app/2558110/Skibidi_Toilet_Skibidi_Boom/About the GameSurvivaluck is a survival for.....
Banner of DURT


Pixel GraphicsCartoonLevel EditorMiningSide ScrollerCasualFamily FriendlySingleplayer
DURT is a block-based puzzle game where the deep underground mines have collapsed in on the unfortunate workers and there is only one mole brave enough to dare rescue them from this hazardous environm...
Banner of Mercury Fallen

Mercury Fallen

RobotsScienceColony SimAgricultureMiningSci-fiSurvivalStrategy
Howdy Folks!My name is Tim and I'm the solo developer of Mercury Fallen.After being sent to a distant planet, a group of colonists awake to find that their stasis capsules have malfunctioned caus...
Banner of AQUABYSS


Lore-RichPixel GraphicsRetroUnderwaterTradingMiningNaval CombatNaval
In AQUABYSS, you can follow the protagonist's adventures from the graphic novel or choose your path as a free citizen.In both modes, you navigate through vast depths, explore, discover underwater ci.....
Banner of Slime Wars

Slime Wars

Pixel GraphicsReal Time TacticsSandboxHistoricalMiningTower DefenseActionStrategy
Slime wars is a 2D RTS game that has base building. Get resources, build an army and attack and defeat the enemy base.
Banner of KeeperRL


SandboxColony SimMiningDungeon CrawlerSurvivalStrategyProcedural GenerationRoguelike
KeeperRL is an ambitious dungeon simulator with roguelike and RPG elements. Take the role of an evil wizard and study the methods of black magic. Equip your minions and explore the world, murder inn.....
Banner of Goob


MiningSide ScrollerActionAdventureOpen WorldFantasySingleplayerExploration
Embark on an epic journey into the depths of a mysterious and treacherous underground world. This adventure lets you explore vast caves, battle ferocious monsters, mine for precious minerals, and upgr...
Banner of Rockhopper


Pixel GraphicsDarkMiningSci-fiAction RPGActionProcedural GenerationRPG
Rockhopper is a single player asteroid mining rouge-lite featuring procedurally generated asteroids, robust upgrade paths and dark exploration with ancient secrets to uncover.Strap on your booste...
Banner of Gwarf


Team-BasedMiningSurvivalStrategyProcedural GenerationCasualOnline Co-OpCharacter Customization
Gnome or Dwarf ? Either way you're a GWARF ! Collaborate and betray your friends in this social deduction game. Mine, collect ores and vote the traitors out. Also watch out for the saboteur ...
Banner of OMAPELI


SandboxMiningArcheryAction RPGActionProcedural GenerationCraftingRPG
OMAPELI is an action RPG setting in a medieval fantasy world.FeaturesExplore the vast worldThe over-world is made of multiple different biomes that each host their respective wild-life, structures a.....
Banner of The Wolf Among Us

Top Detective Games

Banner of Miner Escape: Puzzle Adventure

Miner Escape: Puzzle Adventure

CartoonMiningSurvivalCasualAdventureSingleplayerThird PersonPuzzle
Embark on a thrilling survival underground adventure! Explore the world of free break out games and start winning door challenges in "Miner: Escape Puzzle Adventure" – an ingeniously designed mine esc...
Banner of FoxFire Mine

FoxFire Mine

TacticalMiningActionProcedural GenerationRoguelikeAdventureSingleplayerPerma Death
Uncover the Mysteries of 'Foxfire Mine' in This Enthralling 2D Roguelike AdventureIn 'Foxfire Mine,' delve into a richly crafted world of strategic excavation and survival. As a cunning adventurer wit...
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