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My Game Collection - Part 1

My Game Collection - Part 1

Banner of Desta: The Memories Between

Desta: The Memories Between

Turn-Based TacticsTeam-BasedAction RoguelikeSportsActionTurn-Based StrategyStrategyRoguelike
Find the right words to say and overcome conflicts in Desta: The Memories Between, a cosy team-based tactics adventure.Every night, Desta falls into the mysterious world, filled with shattered re...
Banner of Creaks


The ground starts shaking, light bulbs are breaking - and something rather unusual is happening right behind the walls of your very room. Equipped with nothing but wit and courage, you slowly descend ...
Banner of Botanicula

Botanicula TW

Five friends, little tree creatures, set out on a journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites.- Relaxed game perfect for hard core gamers, their partners, .....
Banner of Dive in the Past

Top Puzzle-adventure Games

Banner of SPHAZE: Sci-fi puzzle game

SPHAZE: Sci-fi puzzle game

Find the path through labyrinths! SPHAZE is a sci-fi puzzle game with beautiful, vivid art created by an indie team from Poland! Looking for your new favorite puzzle game? You found it!In SPHAZE, yo.....
Banner of Morikomori Life

Morikomori Life

升級回歸,重啟新森活。《新 小森生活》是一款充滿生活氣息的日系田園生活養成遊戲。玩家扮演的主角回到兒時生活過的家鄉小森村,在這裏種田煮飯、打獵釣魚,修建家園、自由裝扮,與好友們互助同樂,體驗美好愜意的田園生活。客服郵箱[email protected]
Banner of CHUCHEL


CHUCHEL is a comedy adventure game. Join the hairy hero Chuchel and his rival Kekel in their quest to retrieve the precious cherry and face numerous puzzles and challenges!The reward? Cheerful situa.....
Banner of Samorost 1

Samorost 1

Explore the beginnings of the Samorost series in the space gnome’s original bite-sized adventure, formerly released in 2003. Now with remastered sounds, enhanced graphics and new music by Floex.
Banner of Evergarden


Lose yourself in an endlessly satisfying puzzle game set in the midst of a mysterious forest world. Transform your garden by combining plants into strange new forms, and unearth deeply hidden secrets ...
Banner of LINE 旅遊大亨

LINE 旅遊大亨

這是一款老少咸宜的遊戲,擲出骰子,就可以開始一場驚奇旅程!你有多久沒跟家人或朋友一起玩遊戲了?還記得小時候大家聚在一起享受紙上遊戲的歡樂嗎?藉著每次骰子的飛舞,從中得到無比的刺激與樂趣。如果想成為世界上最有錢的人,就努力打敗對手吧!- 新地圖 [糖果派對]多策略新地圖與新玩法,每一回合都是新的遊戲,快點來取得勝利吧!- 遊戲內UI/UX全面翻新- 幸...
Banner of Samorost 2

Samorost 2

Jump back in time and experience the gnome's second cosmic adventure for the first time on mobile in this new enhanced version!Samorost 2 tells a surreal story of a space gnome whose dog just got ki.....
Banner of Meta World: My City

Meta World: My City

Meta World: My City is the latest evolution of a board game enjoyed by millions worldwide!The infinite possibilities start here.Play thrilling board games!Grab land and construct landmarks that no ...
Banner of LINE Cookie Run

LINE Cookie Run

Over 40 million downloads! The whole world's running now!<br>The new update brings the "New World", introducing all kinds of brand new additions to the game! <br><br>Cookie Run, presented by the free ...
Banner of Deus Ex GO

Deus Ex GO US

Challenge all-new turn-based logic puzzles and solve a futuristic mystery in Deus Ex GO, the next tactical board game from the makers of the award-winning HITMAN GO and LARA CROFT GO.Puzzles in Deus.....
Banner of Gorogoa

Gorogoa Global

Gorogoa is an elegant evolution of the puzzle genre, told through a beautifully hand-drawn story designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts.UNIQUELY IMAGINATIVE PUZZLESThe gameplay of Gorogoa is wh...
Banner of Samorost 3

Samorost 3

Samorost 3 follows a curious space gnome who uses the powers of a magic flute to travel across the cosmos in search of its mysterious origins. Visit nine unique and alien worlds teeming with colorful ...
Banner of Desta: The Memories Between

Desta: The Memories Between

Relive memories, rediscover friends and repair relationships in this unique turn-based strategy exploration through dreams and regrets from the creators of Monument Valley
Banner of Human Fall Flat

Best games where physics is the game

Banner of Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO

Best Mobile/Handheld Game - The Game Awards 2015Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-kept secrets.....
Banner of Two Dots: Fun Dot & Line Games

Two Dots: Fun Dot & Line Games

Connect lines of Dots, relax with fun puzzles, collect cool treasures, and adventure through the universe with Two Dots: a puzzle game about making connections!Join two brave Dots on their interdime.....
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