Games worth discovering

My very own game list on a lot of games I've tried/seen/played.

My very own game list on a lot of games I've tried/seen/played.

Banner of Flash Party

Flash Party

StylizedActionController SupportEditors' choiceMultiplayerFighting
A thrilling and fair battle!Flash Party brings another major update: removing levels, introducing crossover Hero: ICEY, new terrains, and combat mechanics... The fun and exciting fighting party cont.....


3D FighterCombatCharacter Action GameStylizedSci-fiActionCartoony3D
Get set, SMASH! Ready to knock some out of the park?Smash Legends—3 minutes of action-packed battling fun!Meet Legends bursting with personality and smash your opponents away!■ Deceptively S...
Banner of Crystal of Atlan

Crystal of Atlan

Action3DRPGEditors' choiceAdventure
Crystal of Atlan is a Magipunk Action MMORPG, where players become members of the Adventurer's Guild and explore Atlan, in search of the secrets of the Crystal of Atlan, the source of all energy in th...
Banner of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Top turn-based games for mobile devices

Banner of Legend of Ace

Legend of Ace

Welcome to Legend of Ace, the TCG + MOBA on mobile!Features:LoA has improved a lot to the game’s strategy. It replaced the item system with a card system. Therefore, players won’t be suffering fro...
Banner of OVERDOX


StylizedActionRPGCasualAction role-playing
◈ Survive! Become the Champion! ◈- Explore various maps including the Ancient Temple, Land of Solitude, Downtown and more!- Enjoy the thrill of the fight and scavenge around the closing play zone! ...
Banner of Superpower Squad

Superpower Squad

Superpower Squad - The One is not only an epic PvP MOBA, but also a new category of mobile game that perfectly combines Shooting and Casual RPG.Diversified multiplayer competition, challenge yourself ...
Banner of Vainglory All Stars

Vainglory All Stars

*🔥 Get ready for all-out crazy smack-down action in this fast-paced multiplayer brawler!Embrace your inner coolness as a Terminator Robot 🤖(or Shark Dog 🦈🐶) and enjoy over-the-top 3v3 combat in humo.....
Banner of Duelyst

Duelyst EA Global

Duelyst GG is a unique hybrid 1v1 card game where you play your units and spells onto a board. You can pick from different generals with unique Bloodbound spells from 6 factions. All 800+ cards are un...
Banner of Tamashi : Rise of Yokai

Tamashi : Rise of Yokai

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is an anime-style 3D MMORPG game, where you can cross path and fight side-by-side with all kinds of yokai and guardian spirits called Tamashi. The game offers an immersive exper...
Banner of Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor Global

Arena of Valor, brought to you by Level Infinite and TiMi Studio Group, is the ultimate real-time 5v5 MOBA experience! Join your friends, create a guild, and master over 100 unique heroes from interna...
Banner of Eggy Party

Eggy Party CBT Global

Fast-pacedActionCasualEditors' choiceRacingMultiplayerCute
【Game introduction】Welcome to the amazing party game, Eggy Party, developed by NetEase Games where you and your Eggy Friends break through absurd obstacles and experience the journey on Eggy Island, ....
Banner of Echoes of Magic

Echoes of Magic Global

Echoes of Magic is a fantasy MMORPG where you can customize your hero however you want!Join now to set foot on an adventure, build the strongest hero to protect your homeland!Game Features:> Cust...
Banner of Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere Global

TacticalStylizedStrategyRPGCasualEditors' choiceAnimeCard
Path to Nowhere is a SRPG featured by Real-time Tower Defense gameplay.[In the year N.F.112, you are appointed to be the Chief of MBCC]Welcome to Minos Bureau of Crisis Control. As the Chief, ...
Banner of Heroes Arise

Heroes Arise

Fast-pacedActionStrategy3DEditors' choiceMultiplayerMOBA
Heroes Arise is a cutting-edge free-to-play 5v5 game that combines the best elements of MOBA and Action genres, all packed into a compact game size. Team up with friends and take on real players from ...
Banner of AfterBreach - Mystery Shooter

AfterBreach - Mystery Shooter

Lose yourself on a mysterious mission of retrieving the containment object CBRN-Q2, and solve the eldritch puzzle while experiencing immersive TPS gunfire shooting and exciting bullet hell. Expect the...
Banner of RE: AETATIS


"The Reconfiguration Ceremony is one of the most exciting and sought-after events on the continent of AETATIS. In the Reconfiguration Ceremony, members of both sides control the "Simple Harmonic Intel...
Banner of Undawn

Top post-apocalyptic games to thrive in the wastelands

Banner of Shooter Legends

Shooter Legends

Action3DEditors' choiceMultiplayerThird PersonShooter
Do you like shooter games with many guns, epic shooting battles, and courageous heroes?Shooter Legends is a third-person action shooting game with fun shooting battles, unique heroes, different aren.....
Banner of Monster Masters

Monster Masters

Are you ready to become the best master? Monster Masters is a multiplayer game in real time where you can collect, train and evolve dozens of monsters. Create your strategy and get ready for battle!.....
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