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Top Narrative Games

Banner of unHappy Hour

unHappy Hour

Pixel GraphicsRetroCapitalismLocal MultiplayerActionCasualLGBTQ+Time management
unHappy Hour! is a sometimes too-accurate life sim about youth and precariousness. You are 21 years old and struggling to pay your bills, your mom’s treatment, and finish your studies. Thus, you apply...
Banner of Ahro


Lore-RichSide ScrollerCasualAdventureRelaxingSingleplayerExplorationMystery
Ahro is a transcendent adventure game that takes place in an intriguing world of deep lore. As you explore via walking or flying, you’ll uncover themes that are ancient yet surprisingly modern and rel...
Banner of Whispering Paws

Whispering Paws

CinematicAbstractLinearCasualAdventureOpen WorldSingleplayerThird Person
Whispering PawsEmbark on a heartwarming 3D adventure in Whispering Paws, a captivating walking simulator that follows the journey of a determined fox on a quest to reunite with its lost family. Immers...
Banner of ZOZ: Final Hour

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Banner of Esoteric Ebb

Esoteric Ebb

Interactive FictionRPGPoint & ClickCRPGVisual NovelTable gameCharacter CustomizationAdventure
JOIN OUR DISCORDAbout the GameThe City of Norvik is holding its first ever election and somebody just blew up a tea shop. Great. Since no one else wants to touch it with a ten-foot pole, it's up to...
Banner of 小西游记:石猴问世


CinematicFirst-PersonRPGVisual NovelAdventureSingleplayerWalking SimulatorNarrative
Banner of Moving On

Moving On

Pixel GraphicsActionLinearInteractive FictionCasualSingleplayerStory RichNarrative
DISCLAIMER: This game deals with sensitive topics such as grief, depression, and death.Moving On follows Addison, a high school graduate, as they help their recently-deceased mother move on to the S.....
Banner of Solis


CinematicDarkSide ScrollerPsychologicalLinearThrillerAdventureSingleplayer
Elio is a boy who deals with reality through imagination.Step into his imaginary world, embodying a light creature trapped within a dark dungeon that mirrors his thoughts.This wordless puzzle p...
Banner of House of Everlast

House of Everlast

Pixel GraphicsDarkSide ScrollerActionLinearFamily FriendlySingleplayerLocal Co-Op
House of Everlast is a mystical puzzle game that tells a story about the meaning of life and family relationship. The story will be told by a girl named Nala who wants to end her life and a ghost name...
Banner of M City

M City

RetroIdlerActionPoint & ClickAdventureSingleplayerPuzzleHand-drawn
GAMEPLAYpoint & click game.PLOTManny came to the M City for his beloved, Mary. It may seem like a simple love story, but things aren't as simple as they appear. The catch is that Mary, Manny's...
Banner of The End of You

The End of You

CinematicDating SimRomanceDarkPsychologicalFirst-PersonRealisticRPG
The End of You is a short, emotional narrative game about love lost, the ghosts of the past, and the ungraceful clambering, oftentimes painful crawl towards closure. Interact with domestic objects, se...
Banner of Amadeus: A Riddle for Thee ~ Episode 1 ~ Waltz

Amadeus: A Riddle for Thee ~ Episode 1 ~ Waltz

Text-BasedLinearPoint & ClickVisual NovelAdventureFantasySingleplayerHand-drawn
StoryPlay as Amadeus, a young werewolf struggling to understand his condition, as he navigates a tale woven by Witches. He is equal parts desperate and determined—how can one reclaim agency over them....
Banner of Adventures in Anglonia

Adventures in Anglonia

Turn-Based TacticsEducationalJRPGRPGFantasySingleplayerStory RichNarrative
Created for a master's thesis on learning games, engagement, and language instruction, Adventures in Anglonia is a text-based RPG created in RPGMakerMZ meant to be played in local groups of four stude...
Banner of Dark Lessons

Dark Lessons

DarkPsychological HorrorLinearFirst-PersonHorrorAdventureViolentSurvival horror
Early Beta AccessIf you sign up for the monthly Dark Lessons newsletter by clicking the banner link above, you will not only stay up to date on the game's development — your teacher might even spare.....
Banner of Tea for Sana

Tea for Sana

Lore-RichPixel GraphicsInteractive FictionVisual NovelCasualAdventureCookingFantasy
You play Vesna, a healer responsible for helping the residents coexist with the supernatural beings that live on the mountain. Some call you a “cooking witch” while others, like Sana, call you a frien...
Banner of They Can Hear Us

They Can Hear Us

Pixel GraphicsPsychological HorrorLinearFirst-PersonHorrorCasualAdventureViolent
"They Can Hear Us," the first episode, narrates horror stories that interact with you through the microphone, playing on the fear of whoever is listening.This is the initial chapter.You are a magi...
Banner of Closer the Distance

Closer the Distance

Point & ClickCasualRelaxingSingleplayerLife SimSimulationStory RichNarrative
Closer the Distance is a deeply moving, slice-of-life sim that tells a story about the connections between family and friends in the face of tragedy. Following a fatal car accident, players take on .....
Banner of Snowbreak: Containment Zone

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Banner of Shadows of the Afterland

Shadows of the Afterland

Pixel GraphicsInteractive FictionDetectivePoint & ClickCasualAdventureComedyThird Person
Embark on a supernatural point-and-click adventure in which you are confronted with the most difficult decision of your life ... and death...Madrid, 1960. A chilling incident unfolds at the city's ol....
Banner of Guardians Of The AfterLife

Guardians Of The AfterLife

First-PersonRPGVisual NovelCasualAdventureSingleplayerPuzzleNarrative
Dive into "Guardians of the Afterlife," an epic journey where the afterlife is just the beginning. As a soul cast from the physical realm, players must navigate the mysteries of the beyond, guided by ...
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