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Top Nonlinear Games

Top Nonlinear Games

Banner of The Fall Of Elements

The Fall Of Elements

The Fall Of Elements draws you into the middle of a secret and ancestral struggle. A struggle for the ultimate power. A very old enemy of the Elements has resurfaced and you have been assigned to find...
Banner of Slipstream: Rogue Space

Slipstream: Rogue Space

Pixel GraphicsTacticalSci-fiStrategyCatsRoguelikeAliensMassively Multiplayer
In Slipstream: Rogue Space, Streamers captain a massive starship and viewers are the crew. Together they explore the galaxy, fight aliens, and operate the ship in real-time. Battle through challengin....
Banner of Alone in Space (by RetroVem)

Alone in Space (by RetroVem)

Pixel GraphicsSci-fiRPGCRPGAdventureNonlinearSpaceSingleplayer
INTROExplore this short sci-fi adventure game with lots of interactivity, interesting plot, a score system and (at least) two endings ;)STORYYou are Alexander, the captain of the ship Santa Mari...
Banner of Beecarbonize

10 awesome roguelike deck-builders you should check out

Banner of Lady of bones, a mother's legacy

Lady of bones, a mother's legacy

Text-BasedDarkPsychological HorrorPsychologicalInteractive FictionRealisticVisual NovelAdventure
Lady of Bones is a visual novel that explores the darkest corners of existence, in a world where the living and the dead are forced to coexist. It rains, always. It's called The Haze. It's the physica...
Banner of Golf & Domino

Golf & Domino

CartoonSportsBullet HellBoardSplit ScreenCasualAdventureNonlinear
Introducing the ultimate remedy for boredom: the Golf & Domino game, a captivating hybrid simulator that combines the finesse of golf with the strategic thrill of dominoes. Say goodbye to monotony as ...
Banner of Sailaway III

Sailaway III

Level EditorSportsSailingRealisticCraftingMassively MultiplayerNonlinearModdable
Learn to sail, explore the oceans or compete in races in the most realistic sailing simulator available. You sail in the real world and in real weather. Sailing from the US to Europe will take several...
Banner of NightFall Shade

NightFall Shade

GoreSide ScrollerAction RPGSurvivalActionRealisticCraftingRPG
Versatile and flexible combat systemStrikes and defenses go through three zones, each with its own characteristics and effects when taking damage. Any blow can be deflected with a perfect block and...
Banner of Bladeborne


Action RPGActionRPGCRPGCasualPvECharacter CustomizationAdventure
Embark on an extraordinary journey through the enchanting realm of Bladeborne, a sprawling open-world CO-OP RPG set in a lush medieval fantasy landscape. Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure, fi....
Banner of Mansion At Midnight

Mansion At Midnight

TacticalTeam-BasedFPSActionThrillerInteractive FictionStrategyProcedural Generation
Mansion at Midnight is a survival horror game where your friends may not be who they seem. The front doors to the mansion are locked, and you will need to look for weapons and magical items to defend ...
Banner of A Death in the Red Light

A Death in the Red Light

NoirInteractive FictionConspiracyDetectiveRPGPoint & ClickAdventureNonlinear
It’s 1988 and things couldn’t be worse. Amsterdam is a city awash in illicit drugs, sex trade, and organized crime. Someone turns up dead every day, usually in the infamous Red Light District, where e...
Banner of Boki: The Summit

Boki: The Summit

Lore-RichPixel GraphicsMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerAction RPGActionCasualAdventure
Play as a young mountain goat on his journey of revenge against an oppressive dictator in this enjoyable yet challenging pixel platformer.Fast and Fluid PlatformingJump, Climb and Swing past challengi...
Banner of Solar Systems For Kids

Solar Systems For Kids

ScienceEducationalMarsRealisticCasualFamily FriendlyNonlinearSpace
OverviewA family friendly casual game that teaches children about the Solar System. Your child, or yourself as an adult if you like the Sun and our planets, can load up the Solar System diagram which....
Banner of Behind The Kingdom

Behind The Kingdom

Pixel GraphicsMetroidvaniaActionCraftingCharacter CustomizationAdventureNonlinearOpen World
OVERVIEWExplore the vast outskirts of a strange and fantastical domain in Behind the Kingdom! As you navigate and discover hidden, winding paths in its huge interconnected map, you will gain abilitie....
Banner of Colorful Katana

Colorful Katana

CinematicGoreAction RPGActionNinjaSouls-likeBloodTop-Down
Ren, in the face of an impossible order, cuts down his Shogun in cold blood. Alongside the baby he refused to kill, the duo makes their escape and settle into a normal life. As time passes, Ren waits ...
Banner of I Bring The Chaos

I Bring The Chaos

Pixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticRetroSci-fiAction RoguelikeActionProcedural GenerationAlternate History
ROADMAPAbout the Game"I Bring The Chaos" - Dive into an unlimited progressive bullet heaven experience. As enemies fall beneath your might, level up and when the challenge seems too easy, crank up...
Banner of Plus Ultra: Legado

Plus Ultra: Legado

Lore-RichHistoricalMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerActionAdventureNonlinearSingleplayer
About the storyEmbark on an extraordinary journey through the heart of 16th century Mesoamerica in this captivating metroidvania video game. The vibrant visual landscape is crafted in the ligne-claire...

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Banner of Moth Cry

Moth Cry

RomancePsychologicalInteractive FictionVisual NovelCasualAdventureNonlinearAnime
Moth Cry is a non-linear visual novel, a socio-psychological drama, about life and its consequences. Experience life alongside the main character. His fate is in your hands.Where will your story lead....
Banner of Passing By - A Tailwind Journey

Passing By - A Tailwind Journey

Side ScrollerSurvivalCozyLootWholesomeAdventureNonlinearRelaxing
Set in a beautiful and whimsical world of floating isles and a never-ceasing west wind, Passing By - A Tailwind Journey allows you to embark on a memorable voyage as Curly, a young balloonist, who is ...
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