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Banner of Raft® Survival: Desert Nomad

Raft® Survival: Desert Nomad

OfflineSurvivalActionCasualSingle PlayerSimulation
Start your journey in Raft Survival: Desert Nomad!Beautiful and incredible world of sand waiting for you to join exciting adventures and battles with monsters!You have to overcome hunger, thirst in...
Banner of Paths: Beatrice's Adventure

Paths: Beatrice's Adventure

OfflineInteractive storyCasualSingle PlayerAdventure
Paths: Beatrice’s Adventure is a choice and consequences game in which the player will get the chance to live and shape Beatrice’s life.2022 Google Play Indie Games Festival Finalist*Language Supp...
Banner of Jobmania - Eternal Dungeon

Jobmania - Eternal Dungeon

OfflineRPGCasualSingle Player
Pick a Hero and a job then embark on an eternal journey of dungeon descending.Acquire random abilities and jobs through the journey and build your own unique play style.How far can you go?FEATURES...
Banner of MetroLand - Endless Runner

MetroLand - Endless Runner

OfflineActionSingle PlayerArcadeRunnerPlatformer
MetroLand is a top next-gen endless runner:★ RUN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Enjoy the fun no matter where you are, and level up even if you are offline or into no wifi games. The action never stops!★ EXPL...
Banner of Zombie Hunter - Catch Zombies

Zombie Hunter - Catch Zombies

OfflineActionCasualSingle Player
🔥🔥 Emergency, Earth has been invaded by Zombies and people are becoming more and more deprived of food, right now, we desperately need your help. Zombie hunter is your journey to become a hunter of Zo...
Banner of Luna Ravel - Interactive Story

Luna Ravel - Interactive Story

OfflineInteractive storyCasualSingle PlayerAdventureSimulation
Investigate, solve crimes, and meet husbandoes during your adventures! This is an interactive story-driven game, full of suspense and romance.You are Luna Luna Ravel, one of the world's best detecti.....
Banner of Astonishing Baseball Manager

Astonishing Baseball Manager

OfflineCompetitive MultiplayerSportsRealisticCasualSingle PlayerMultiplayer
AB24 is now available!Astonishing Baseball (AB) is your free daily dose of baseball manager simulator, with no ads. Become the baseball manager/coach of a sports team full of stars, and as the GM, l.....
Banner of Hungry for Home: A Cat's Tail

Hungry for Home: A Cat's Tail

OfflineCasualSingle PlayerSimulation
Suspenders is off on a grand journey to get home!With a food truck and his little brother Chibisuke in tow, come follow the Nyansukes as they travel the world!Trapped in a box, and left across t...
Banner of Idle Safari

Idle Safari

OfflineCasualSingle PlayerManagementSimulation
Welcome to Idle Safari, the ultimate wildlife simulation clicker. Build a zoo full of endangered animals that’s brimming with life and reel in the money like a real tycoon along the way!- Start smal.....
Banner of Alien Invaders

Alien Invaders

OfflineActionCasualSingle PlayerBulletstormShooter
The alien monsters have invaded your city and taken control of the streets. As the hero, it's up to you to fight back and save your city from destruction. Alien Invaders is an action-packed game that ...
Banner of 8 Ball Billiard Offline

8 Ball Billiard Offline

OfflineSportsRealisticCasualSingle Player
8 Ball Billiard Offline is the best billiard game with modern style pool game in offline games category. In offline free games, players do not need to wait other opponents and buy coins. You even play...
Banner of Gunship Battle Modern Warfare

Gunship Battle Modern Warfare

OfflineActionCasualSingle PlayerAdventureShooter
Gunship battle modern warfare brings offline gunship strike games 3d with realistic modern gunship battle heli war games offline . This air strike heli games offers you modern strike helicopter games....
Banner of Master Defense

Master Defense

OfflineTower DefenseStrategyCasualSingle Player
Get ready for tower defense offline battles! Defend your lands against evil invaders!Your team will consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things.A deep conflict h...
Banner of Idle Hiking Manager

Idle Hiking Manager

OfflineCasualSingle PlayerManagementSimulation
Idle Hiking ManagerEARLY ACCESSWill you be able to manage various hiking trails and become a successful hiking manager?Take control of numerous hiking trails around beloved camping regions and b...
Banner of Playtime Scary Evil Teacher

Playtime Scary Evil Teacher

OfflineActionCasualSingle PlayerAdventureSurvival horror
Let’s start playing the thrilling and Adventurous game of Playtime Scary Evil Teacher!You have to trap Scary Evil Teacher. Help your friends make an escape plan from Evil Teacher House.Scary Teac...
Banner of Chubby Garden

Chubby Garden

OfflineCartoonCasualSingle PlayerPuzzleMatch 3
🤩 Wow! So glad you discovered our latest game-Chubby Garden! There are various cute animals in the yard, match them and have fun! The gameplay is very easy to understand and very relaxing. It will be ...
Banner of Magnetic Theory

Magnetic Theory

OfflineActionCasualSingle PlayerBulletstormShooter
In this world, everything is against you, can you fight back?Magnetic Theory is an epic action game in a semi-noir style, where you have to face difficult challenges in order to survive in this so s.....
Banner of Animal Ranger

Animal Ranger

OfflineActionCasualSingle PlayerAdventureShooter
Wildlife SafariExplore the wilderness on 5 different maps - Desert, Forest, City, Arctic, Mountains Save the animals on each of those terrains and be the ultimate animal rangerWild AnimalsRescue y...
Banner of Sector: Galaxy Shooter

Sector: Galaxy Shooter

OfflineActionCasualSingle PlayerBulletstormShooter
It’s time for action! The galaxy is in danger! There’s only one person who can save it from alien invaders - and it’s YOU!Load up your spacecraft and go crash enemy ships and drones.Be careful: th...
Banner of Angry Soldier

Angry Soldier

OfflineActionCasualSingle PlayerShooter
In this game you have to kill all the angry zombies that are on your way for completing the level!Game feature includes:Awesome game playAwesome sound and music effectAwesome levels and mechanics...
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