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Top On-Rails Shooter Games

Top On-Rails Shooter Games

Banner of Crab Attack

Crab Attack

Pixel GraphicsSci-fiActionBullet HellCraftingSouls-likeAdventureFantasy
Grab and Run Get as many resources as you can by chaining enemy kills, smashing rocks, and discovering secrets. Once you've got as much as you dare, escape with your loot- just don't die before the ....
Banner of Be Not Afraid, But Run

Be Not Afraid, But Run

AbstractRetroActionBullet HellProcedural GenerationSingleplayerArcadeThird Person
Banner of Word Warrior: Zombie Typocalypse

Word Warrior: Zombie Typocalypse

Prepare for a hilariously unique gaming experience in "Word Warrior: Zombie Typocalypse," the ultimate typing-based rail shooter extravaganza!Unleash Your Imagination:In a post-apocalyptic world overr...
Banner of Battlegrounds Mobile India

Games worth playing, good games with good graphics 🔥 and very interesting story mmorpg anime games

Banner of Skyfighter Arcade

Skyfighter Arcade

Pixel GraphicsArena ShooterSide ScrollerActionBullet HellRoguelikeRPGCasual
Skyfighter ArcadeShoot. Dodge. Upgrade. Repeat - classic skyfighter shoot-em-up with a twist!Skyfighter Arcade is the classic top-down shoot-em-up vertical scroller, with a twist. Outmaneuver increa.....


AbstractRetroDungeon CrawlerFPSActionLinearFirst-PersonHorror
WITH EACH PASSING MOMENT, THEIR DIMENSION GROWS...FREAKHUNTER is a dungeon-crawler-rail-shooter-action-hybrid for sickos, developed on vibes, and created as an exercise in actually finishing a ...
Banner of Zzoom


Pixel GraphicsRetroSci-fiFPSActionFirst-PersonFlightPvE
Originally released in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum, this first-person rail shooter from British developer Imagine saw players take on the role of the pilot of a high tech Ground Skimmer, fighting to prot...
Banner of Amp


RetroActionLinearBullet HellRhythmCasualSpaceThird Person
Join our Discord here for updates to this game: 网页链接Dive into the synesthetic world of Amp, the neon rail shooter set in a polygonal rhythmic universe.A NEON WORLD LIKE NO...
Banner of Escape From Inferno

Escape From Inferno

SurvivalActionLinearCartoonyDemonsTop-Down ShooterTop-DownAdventure
A angel named Lordrid is flying through her cloudy paradise, until she is kidnapped by a bunch of demons and sent to the bottom of Hell. Hoping to fight against the nefarious creatures, she finds a lo...
Banner of Until The Last Bullet

Until The Last Bullet

Until The Last Bullet is a unique combination of an FMV and rail-shooter game in which you navigate the winding halls of an abandoned factory, eliminating waves of bloodthirsty mutants using various.....
Banner of Last Mech Standing

Last Mech Standing

Post-apocalypticMechsSci-fiAction RoguelikeActionAliensGun CustomizationPvE
Behemoths have invaded and flattened cities all over the world. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. You are the pilot of Crimson Slayer, the world’s largest and most powerful mech, and the last me...
Banner of Void Wars

Void Wars

Sci-fiActionBullet HellProcedural GenerationFlightSpaceSingleplayerArcade
With the discovery of the voids, the galaxy is pulled into war.Dodge, shoot and free the galaxy of the evil space mega corp. Use a variety of different weapons and spaceships, each with different pl.....
Banner of Astral Vangard

Astral Vangard

RobotsRetroCartoonMechsSide ScrollerSci-fiActionBullet Hell
Take command, pilot your VangardBattling against various enemies and bosses,navigate through levels with procedurally generated enemies.Astral Vangard is a casual game with rogue-like elemen...
Banner of Booty Barrage

Booty Barrage

First-PersonCasualPvEMultiplayerSingleplayerArcadeShooterOn-Rails Shooter
Ahoy, Captain! Embark on a daring high-seas adventure in "Booty Barrage," where you command the defense of a pirate haven against relentless waves of enemy ships. As the guardian of your treasure-lade...
Banner of Soar Up The Charts

Soar Up The Charts

Vehicular CombatActionLinearStrategySkateboardingRhythmFlightSingleplayer
Get ready for your song to take off!In Soar Up The Charts, you take control of a band on the rise - gaining new weapons each time you add a new instrument (guitars, bass, vocals, etc) to the so...
Banner of Hive Dive

Hive Dive

Vehicular CombatAction RoguelikeActionFlightAdventureRogueliteSingleplayerShooter
The GameHive dive is the next generation on rail roguelike space shooter! Test your piloting skills in procedurally generated levels, upgrade your drones run after run and kill every alien that dares ...
Banner of No Bugs On My Windshield

No Bugs On My Windshield

Pixel GraphicsSide ScrollerActionPvEArcadeShooterOn-Rails Shooter
No Bugs On My Windshield is an arcade style game with no end, just you, your truck, and a bunch of bugs you need to blast with your turret, trying to achieve the highest score possible.Your scor...
Banner of T3 Arena

[Weekly HITs] Arena Breakout, Reverse: 1999, and more! (October 27)

Banner of StarsAway


RetroSci-fiVehicular CombatActionPvESingleplayerArcadeThird Person
Classic rail shooter action. Find secrets and tactics to clear levels effectively across three difficulty settings.Features an original atmospheric synthesiser soundtrack with a total of 11 tracks....
Banner of Grand Shooter

Grand Shooter

FPSActionFirst-PersonRealisticGun CustomizationEarly AccessMilitarySingleplayer
Share your feedbackAbout the GameYou take control of Joan, an ex-military who is dragged to a much more personal war when Elliot, Joan’s girlfriend, is kidnapped by a mysterious enemy force. She mu...
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