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Top Outbreak Sim Games

Top Outbreak Sim Games

Banner of CLUAIDO


Pixel GraphicsText-BasedLinearThrillerInteractive FictionStrategyDetectiveJRPG
Unravel a Murder Mystery Among AI CharactersAre you ready to solve a chilling murder case, detective? Mr. Hamilton has been murdered in his mansion just a few hours ago. It's up to you to sift throug....
Banner of Repterra


Grand StrategyColony SimDinosaursSurvivalStrategyPvEBase BuildingMilitary
More Games By Chute Apps https://store.steampowered.com/app/1023550/Rogue_Star_Rescue/https://store.steampowered.com/app/2341560/Infest/About the GameRepterra is a base-building survival game set in ....
Banner of Everescape


StrategyAlternate HistoryPoint & ClickPolitical SimEarly AccessSingleplayerOutbreak SimSimulation
The World Health Organization is trying to thwart the spread of a deadly virus of unknown origin. A virus for which there are no treatment protocols or vaccines. Due to the fact that the leaders of th...
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Top 10 New Best Racing Games For Android & iOS 2023 | High graphics Racing Games

Banner of 3番線 | Sanbansen

3番線 | Sanbansen

ParodyPsychological HorrorPsychologicalZombiesFPSActionStrategyFirst-Person
If an anomaly occurs, return to the opposite elevator!Find the pattern from the repeating station platform and escape!A mysterious respect-based escape game from the wondrous dark ground station...
Banner of Dyin To Live

Dyin To Live

Pixel GraphicsRetroStrategyAdventureRelaxingSingleplayerPuzzleOutbreak Sim
Welcome to "Dyin’ to Live", a wickedly fun puzzle game where your host's demise is your key to survival. Cause a pandemic among unsuspecting nurses, oblivious policemen, adorable dogs, and more as you...
Banner of Immune Simulator Type Z

Immune Simulator Type Z

Turn-Based TacticsPost-apocalypticRetroSci-fiSurvivalZombiesTable gameAdventure
Immune Simulator is a strategy-adventure game.The story describes a world in which humans are fighting against zombies and losing. The female protagonist accidentally finds an old computer with ...
Banner of Toxic place

Toxic place

SandboxAction RPGZombiesActionThrillerRealisticCraftingRPG
JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVERAbout the GameYou are a survivor of a great catastrophe. that causes the human race to extinct The world has entered an era of collapse. The weather is full of pollution....
Banner of Flight 666

Flight 666

SurvivalFPSInteractive FictionFirst-PersonPoint & ClickCasualPvERacing
Flight 666 - Unmask the Fake Passengers!Prepare for a hilarious and suspense-filled journey aboard Flight 666, the most unusual flight you'll ever take! As you step into the shoes of a keen-eyed pass....
Banner of Day of Judgment

Day of Judgment

Post-apocalypticTower DefenseStrategyRoguelikeRPGHorrorCasualPvE
Embark on a grim adventure in a realm overshadowed by malevolent forces in "Day of Judgement," a dark fantasy action roguelike, with a mix of campaign map. As the revered leader of a valiant guild com...
Banner of Poly Ego

Poly Ego

RobotsEducationalSci-fiActionCartoonyStrategyCasualFamily Friendly
So, you've got a knack for virtual reality and a touch of masochism?Fancy getting your digital head messed with in an uncanny world where logic is king and folly is your only solace?Welcome to ...
Banner of Baby Blues Nightmares - Toddler Horror Game

Baby Blues Nightmares - Toddler Horror Game

SandboxPsychological HorrorFPSActionCartoonyBullet HellFirst-PersonHorror
Baby Blues Nightmare is a survival horror stealth game where you play as a toddler and have to do what it takes in order to survive your horror-ish nightmares of what's real and not. Fix, maintain and...


StrategyTime managementTop-DownAdventureOpen WorldSingleplayerThird PersonExploration
THE STORYAs researcher Lenor Donuk, explore an entire country apartment by apartment, and find a way to save the country from the KUBIK26 virus.He steals the right clothes so as not to be recognized.....
Banner of R1sikoChess


Turn-Based TacticsCold WarTurn-Based StrategyNavalStrategySpectacle fighterDiplomacyTable game
UPDATES*** NEWS : On the date 20-11-2023, R1sikoChess upgraded from version 7.3 to 7.4, resolving a bug related to the game's audio. ***DESCRIPTIONR1sikoChess is an idea that was born in 2021 and deve...
Banner of The Colony: 2044

The Colony: 2044

Pixel GraphicsDestructionPost-apocalypticDarkSurvivalActionFarming SimCrafting
Embark on a unique adventure in the aftermath of a catastrophic bunny-zombie outbreak. In this captivating game, take on the role of a surviving colonist navigating a world where fluffy tails and tw.....
Banner of Shoot The Barrel - BING BANG BOOM

Shoot The Barrel - BING BANG BOOM

IdlerSurvivalActionBoomer ShooterFirst-PersonAction RtsHorrorCasual
Shoot the Barrel game. In this top down shooter you are the protagonist fighting against the barrels.1. Shoot the incoming barrels in this runner shooter game2. See how far you canget3. As...
Banner of Questscape


Dungeon CrawlerActionStrategyDetectivePoint & ClickCasualAdventureEarly Access
Welcome to Questscape and your first case: "Escape from Cell 13" - Your ultimate Escape Room Escape Simulator!Immerse yourself in the world of the first-person puzzle game, experienced solo or in on.....
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Banner of Paper Hero Manager

Paper Hero Manager

HistoricalTable gameCasualTop-DownMedievalEarly AccessSingleplayerOutbreak Sim
This is game for streamers with Twitch integration, its "Graphic support for a read adventure".The streamer designs his own story on paper. On his stream, people join the game as a hero characte...
Banner of The Black Siege

The Black Siege

The Black Siege is a builder-defense roguelike where you play as a King that overlooks the siege defense and troop management of your kingdom. Every night, the army of death attacks your kingdom so yo...
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