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Banner of Epic Battle Fantasy 5: RPG

Epic Battle Fantasy 5: RPG

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is an over-the-top turn-based RPG adventure, full of video game references, juvenile dialogue, and anime fanservice (...and also strategic combat, monster catching, and tons of t...
Banner of Big Fat Battle

Big Fat Battle

Arena ShooterParodyTeam-BasedBattle RoyaleActionFunnyCartoony3D
Join Our DiscordAbout the GameHave you ever yearned to play as a baby with a rocket launcher, a monkey with a shotgun, or a nun fighting dinosaurs with a stem of broccoli? Well in Big Fat Battle, yo.....
Banner of Saints Row

Saints Row

Female ProtagonistSandboxParodyDark HumorActionFunnySuperheroMemes
Featured DLCEXPANSION EPISODESCOSMETIC PACKSFREE COSMETIC PACKSAbout the GameAs the future Boss, with Neenah, Kevin, and Eli by your side, you’ll form The Saints – and take on Los Panteros...
Banner of Do Not Buy This Game

Do Not Buy This Game

Game DevelopmentParodyFunnyDynamic NarrationChoices MatterFirst-PersonHorrorCasual
While You Wait, Check Out This Game:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1275670/Outcore_Desktop_Adventure/About the GameWh- What are you doing here? Did you not read the title?I'll put it here again...
Banner of Captain Disaster and The Two Worlds of Riskara

Captain Disaster and The Two Worlds of Riskara

RobotsFuturisticCartoonParodyConversationArtificial IntelligenceComic BookSci-fi
It all starts with Captain Disaster answering a distress call from a mysterious ship... but it ends up with a planet desperate to rekindle its geothermal energy source, and the long-lasting legacy of ...
Banner of Clunky Hero

Clunky Hero

CartoonParodyMetroidvaniaSide Scroller2D PlatformerActionFunnyController
PLEASE NOTE: It runs great on Steam Deck!Clunky Hero is a story-driven, platformer metroidvania, with a touch of RPG, Hack’n’Slash and tons of humor. If you’d love a platformer game where you have a.....
Banner of The Flat

The Flat

AbstractParodyDark HumorDarkSci-fiFPSActionChoices Matter
IMMERSE YOURSELF INTO THE WORLD OF THE FLATHow much can you take, until you snap? The Flat is a first-person action game set within the dark and grotesque walls of Corpo Corporation.You step into t...
Banner of Sees Game

Sees Game

Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsRetroFemale ProtagonistParodyActionFunnyCartoony
Eating apples makes you faster.Careful though, because you get REALLY fast.Some mazes feature a tunnel you can go through . Play SEEStrategically!
Banner of The Mystery Cleaner

The Mystery Cleaner

ParodyDark HumorHidden ObjectFunnyInteractive FictionPuzzle PlatformerFirst-Person3D
check this outhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1449550/Chinese_Empire/https://store.steampowered.com/app/2007070/Heavy_Truck_Simulator/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1813230/Wild_West_Builder/.....
Banner of I Am Short

I Am Short

ParodyShortActionStrategyFirst-Person3DPhysicsOpen World
Ever wanted to know what it's like to be short. Well wonder no more, now's your chance to step into their tiny little shoes just to see how hard life can be for someone so short. Just getting out of b...


CombatCartoonParodyDark HumorAction RPGActionFunnyCartoony
From South Park Digital Studios, the studio that brought you South Park: The Stick of Truth, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and South Park: Phone Destroyer comes the next chapter in the journey ...
Banner of Romancelvania


GothicDating SimRomanceParodyVampireMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerAction RPG
Play as a lovelorn, brooding Drac who, after a century of moping around post-heartbreak, is thrown into a monster reality-dating show, hosted by the Grim Reaper! Explore Transylvania’s perilous countr...
Banner of WoofChat


Step into the world of this meme-infused nightclub!Immerse yourself in a variety of roles and unleash your creativity using our provided tools or choose from those crafted by all players.Creating c...
Banner of Only Down!

Only Down!

AbstractParodyDark HumorPrecision PlatformerMinimalistFunnyPuzzle PlatformerController
Have game developers often forced you to climb somewhere with no purpose? This time, your goal is to hit rock bottom and nothing else. It should be simple enough, good luck to everyone.RagdollFli...
Banner of Just Crow Things

Just Crow Things

Oh Snap!About the GameHighlightsExplore 10 unique and sandbox-y levelsCustomize your crow with cute hats, scarves, and moreUse variety of tools and objects you pick upEat delicious foods and disco...
Banner of Street Stallion: The Jaywalk Simulator

Street Stallion: The Jaywalk Simulator

ParodyPrecision PlatformerActionFunnyHorsesLinearBullet TimeMemes
So what are you waiting for? Step into the shoes of Street Stallion and experience the rush of the Jaywalk Simulator!
Banner of Turbo Chicken Simulator

Turbo Chicken Simulator

DestructionCombatParodyConversationAction RPGActionFunnyController
Add it to your wishlist and join our Discord ServerAbout the GameWelcome to the world of Turbo Chicken Simulator, where you become the hero of feathers in a cluck-tastic adventure that's pure poul...
Banner of #DRIVE Rally

#DRIVE Rally

CinematicAutomobile Sim1980sRetroParodyStylizedNostalgiaSports
JOIN OUR DISCORDAbout the Game#DRIVE Rally not only nails the spirit of the 90s. It reignites it for a new generation of drivers. Whether you're a veteran of dirt roads or a rookie just looking to ge....
Banner of Cyber Space Driver

Cyber Space Driver

FuturisticParodyLinearMarsProcedural GenerationFirst-PersonDrivingSpace
Do you ever wonder those CyberPunk or Synthwave videos on YouTube, where you Drive an infinity Road in Cyber Space, could be actual games?Hi... I'm Reanu Keeves... And i wanna tell you that game is e....


CombatParodyDark HumorDarkCapitalismDifficultActionBullet Hell
It was supposed to be an uneventful arrest, but after the suspect made a blood pact with Moloch, this rookie cop is in for much more than he bargained for. Can he defeat Tyrone and return home to hi.....
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