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Banner of The Demonized: Idle RPG

The Demonized: Idle RPG

RPGCasualPixelatedSingle PlayerSimulation
The Ultimate Pixel Action RPG!Are you ready to beat the monsters who devoured the world and become the ruler?■ High quality pixel art and thrilling graphics!■ Rapid growth even when you are not pl...
Banner of BattleTale boss fight fangame

BattleTale boss fight fangame

OfflineActionCasualPixelatedSingle Player
Experience epic battles in a Genocide style battle app.Inspired by undertale battles with many characters, custom made ones, season themes.Contains never before seen AUs like Gemuard, Royal Guar...
Banner of Jungle Run!

Jungle Run!

OfflineActionPixelatedSingle PlayerArcadeRunnerPlatformer
You need just one finger to play this game.Hold to run, Beware of the enemies that pop out.The longer you run, the faster you go.If you stand still or collide with an enemy, the game is over!How...
Banner of Levistone Story Global

Levistone Story Global

RPGCasualAction role-playingPixelatedAdventure
【Gameplay Feature】Easy and Fun CombatUnique dual-skill combat with manual play. No matter monster armies or mythical bosses, all yield to your power.Play Your Very Own Marvellous TownThe little ...
Banner of 마법용사 키우기 - 2D MMORPG

마법용사 키우기 - 2D MMORPG

RPGPixelatedSingle Player
세계 최고의 마법 용사가 되기 위한 모험에 함께해보세요.■ 기본에 충실한 방치형 MMORPG■ 수십 종의 다양한 스킬 수집하고 나만의 꿀조합을 완성해보세요!■ PVP 경쟁을 통한 필드사냥터를 쟁취해보세요!■ 파티원들과 함께 강력한 보스를 처치하고 아이템을 파밍해보세요!■ 1:1거래, 거래소를 통해 다른 용사님들과 교류해보세요!- 공식카페: ht...
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