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Top Programming Games

Top Programming Games

Banner of Omnibullet


Tower DefenseDifficultStrategyProgrammingTop-DownBase BuildingTime ManipulationSingleplayer
ATTENTION ALL FUTURE EMPLOYEES! Omnibullet Inc. is now hiring!Does your current desk job bore you? Are you ready to charge up your career? Have you always wanted to build sophisticated tower systems t...
Banner of NebuLeet


Pixel GraphicsAsynchronous MultiplayerTactical4XSci-fiStrategyAliensProgramming
In NebuLeet, you lead a paramilitary group dedicated to stopping an alien invasion. You will colonize planets, harvest resources, design and program combat vessels, research new technologies, and defe...
Banner of Finite State Automaton Challenges 2

Finite State Automaton Challenges 2

Welcome to Finite State Automaton Challenges 2. It is the second episode of Finite State Automation Challenges. In this game, you will play with the simplest automaton model, Finite State Automaton, a...
Banner of Metal Revolution

HnS, Fighting & Martial Arts (Part 1)

Banner of As Planned

As Planned

Pixel GraphicsRetroCasualProgrammingTop-DownSingleplayerPuzzle
"As Planned" is a new type of Sokoban in which the player solves puzzles by giving instructions to the slime, which repeats the same movements, in the appropriate turns.Slime can only make simple m...
Banner of KILL AI


Pixel GraphicsPsychological HorrorPvEProgrammingAdventureViolentSingleplayerPuzzle
ATTENTION! BRIGHT LIGHTS!All dialogues are written by AIA large mysterious company has created a virtual world where AIs of different specialties live in it and remember all their interactions so th....
Banner of Xenos Hunters

Xenos Hunters

Real Time TacticsDungeon CrawlerBoardStrategyProcedural GenerationRoguelikeAliensProgramming
Xenos Hunters is an auto-battler kind of game with a twist. Players can edit the group of their xenos-hunting marines in several ways, the most important being their AI customization. Explore randomly...
Banner of Cartridge the Tiger

Cartridge the Tiger

Pixel GraphicsLevel EditorActionFamily FriendlyProgrammingAdventureModdableBuilding
Cartridge the Tiger is a Super Nintendo inspired platformer with an in-game level editor, easy-to-use mod support using C#, and Steam Workshop integration. Help Cartridge rescue someone unexpected. A ...
Banner of Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions

Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions

Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions is a cozy puzzle game about helping pirate ships do pirate things.Solve the ScenariosEach puzzle is a hand-crafted scenario designed to highlight interesting emergent mec...
Banner of Memorion


AbstractCasualFamily FriendlyProgrammingRelaxingSingleplayerPuzzleStory Rich
Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the corridors of your own consciousness in "Memorion", a captivating puzzle game where you're tasked with recovering fractured memories and reconnecting with yo...
Banner of Pocket Robots

Pocket Robots

RobotsReal Time TacticsEducationalLocal Multiplayer4 Player LocalCartoonyStrategyPvE
Program your own Pocket RobotIn Pocket Robots you don't use a controller to fight. You program your robot through an intuitive visual interface.Triggers and actionsUse trigger cards such as Enemy o...
Banner of ChatBBT


ParodyCapitalismCartoonyConspiracyDemonsMemesPoint & ClickVisual Novel
((Warning: This game contains quick flashing light))Artificial intelligence is all the rage nowadays! You can't walk down the block without someone saying "AI this!" or "AI that!". What does it all...
Banner of Fibonacci's Final Sequence

Fibonacci's Final Sequence

Prove your intelligence as a AI experiment by solving an increasingly complex sequence of puzzles. Construct and program marvelous logistical contraptions to solve numeric puzzles. Can you be the firs...
Banner of ABI-DOS


ABI-DOS is an open-ended puzzle game centered on using a fictional assembly-like programming language to construct intricate programs and tackle open-ended challenges.By strategically placing wires...
Banner of Mod Mage Mike

Mod Mage Mike

Pixel GraphicsTacticalReal Time TacticsSandboxLevel EditorSci-fiActionStrategy
Mod Mage Mike is a game where you harness the power of a node editor to solve logic puzzles, craft futuristic spells, and create your own thrilling adventures.By chaining nodes together with differe.....
Banner of Virtual Circuit Board

Virtual Circuit Board

Pixel GraphicsScienceSandboxEducationalSci-fiProgrammingEarly AccessSingleplayer
JOIN OUR DISCORDAbout the GameVirtual Circuit Board, or VCB, is a sandbox-only drawing-based logic simulator featuring an assembler and a powerful simulation engine. All of it designed to give you ...
Banner of I made this Game in 3 Days

I made this Game in 3 Days

Pixel GraphicsSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionRoguelikeCasualProgrammingTop-Down
Step into the unpredictable shoes of our axe-wielding hero in "I made this Game in 3 Days"! Yep, you read that right – three days of caffeine-fueled coding produced this comedic masterpiece. Get ready...
Banner of Hello Neighbor

Top Survival horror Games

Banner of GizmoLab VR

GizmoLab VR

GizmoLab - Your One-Stop Shop for Designing and Building Sci-Fi Devices/MachineryGizmoLab VR is a VR sci-fi sandbox game where you can put your skills to the test to build crazy inventions, gizmos, d....
Banner of Prometheus OS

Prometheus OS

Play as a hacker detective trying to uncover the truth behind a mysterious crime that took place years ago using the specialized operating system, Prometheus OS.Prometheus OS is a puzzle detective ...
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