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Top Psychological Games

Top Psychological Games

Banner of The OG Cake Factory

The OG Cake Factory

DarkPsychological HorrorReplay ValuePsychologicalHidden ObjectLinearFirst-Person3D
Play my other game here!https://store.steampowered.com/app/2217560/Sudden_Market/About the GameCreate the cakes shown on the screen to complete the orders.Make them using the various machines; ch...
Banner of 廃村散策会活動記録


GoreChoose Your Own AdventureDarkPsychological HorrorPsychological2D PlatformerMultiple EndingsHorror
"There I saw ----something that shouldn't be there, or I saw something I've always wanted."Takanori Nagami is a university student who goes to an abandoned village that has recently become th...
Banner of Twilight Array

Twilight Array

Choose Your Own AdventureFuturisticDarkConversationCapitalismStylizedSci-fiPsychological
Twilight Array is an explorative horror game set in the far future. The player follows space scavengers Je and Ju as they enter an abandoned cruise ship orbiting a destroyed planet. As they delve furt...
Banner of Rec Room - Play with friends!

Top Funny Games

Banner of The Dark Whispers

The Dark Whispers

DarkPsychological HorrorPsychologicalActionLinearInteractive FictionFirst-Person3D
Step into the shoes of a tormented detective in a chilling single-player, story-driven horror game that will test your wits, courage, and sanity. The nightmare begins when a desperate plea for help le...
Banner of Five Day Detective

Five Day Detective

NoirDark HumorPsychologicalFunnyCartoonyDetectivePoint & ClickCasual
He hates crime. All Inspector Dermot Dervish likes less are early mornings, his boss, and any technology from the last thirty years. But he won’t need any of these. Armed with his trusty notebook, raz...
Banner of Meurtre Au Florian

Meurtre Au Florian

CinematicChoose Your Own AdventureRomanceGame DevelopmentPsychologicalHidden ObjectThrillerPuzzle Platformer
Dive into the captivating world of Murder at The Florian!This game has been created with real actors who bring captivating characters to life. This innovative experience transports you into the myst.....
Banner of FairiTeller


Lore-RichPixel GraphicsCombatPsychologicalFunnyInteractive FictionControllerJRPG
A story-based retro RPG: built upon impactful decisions, intense battles and challenging puzzles.Every life form that dwells within this world is comprised of two halves:Yang - One's physical body,...
Banner of One Night in Kawami

One Night in Kawami

SciencePsychologicalCartoonyConspiracyChoices MatterMultiple EndingsVisual NovelAdventure
Welcome to the City of Rivers!In One Night in Kawami, you play Max, who is about to meet an online acquaintance for the first time: Tanya. She will be your friendly guide in this metropolis where tra....
Banner of The Elision Effect

The Elision Effect

Pixel GraphicsAbstractRetroMinimalistDarkShortStylizedPsychological
The last person finds themselves in an empty office. Not knowing what made everyone abandon these liminal spaces, they look for an exit.The Elision Effect is a short surreal puzzle game.You migh...
Banner of Glimpse


AbstractDarkShortPsychological HorrorPsychologicalLinearFirst-Person3D
"Glimpse" takes you on a journey through the mind of a man haunted by the relentless erosion of his mind. As you traverse a labyrinth of distorted reality, you'll bear witness to the internal fears an...
Banner of Canis Major

Canis Major

World War IIFaithDogStylizedSide ScrollerPsychological2D PlatformerAction
A heartwarming supernatural tale told in the Welsh language.Synopsis"Dreams," we are told, "are the crossroad between body and spirit"... and what takes place in our dreams can change the very outcome...
Banner of Night Grove

Night Grove

CinematicDarkPsychological HorrorPsychologicalHidden ObjectThrillerStrategyConspiracy
It is a first-person indie horror game in the walking simulator genre.Night GroveA building standing in the deep woods has had a bad reputation for years.According to the residents of nearby towns, .....
Banner of On a Summer Night

On a Summer Night

Dark HumorPsychologicalFunnyLinearDetectivePoint & ClickEmotionalVisual Novel
"Today, I would like to tell you about one night.One night that changed my life."Tokyo suburbs. Japan, early 2000's.You're an overworked employee going home on a wet and hot summer night.At the s...
Banner of Paranoia Zanatorium

Paranoia Zanatorium

GoreDating SimChoose Your Own AdventureRomanceText-BasedDarkPsychological HorrorPsychological
Synopsis.In a world where "Spiria", a virus that causes delusions and hallucinations, is prevalent.The main character, Rui Genzaki, is also unluckily infected with Spilia and begins to have hallucina....
Banner of Acceptance


AbstractRomanceCartoonMinimalistPsychological HorrorPsychologicalActionPsychedelic
WISHLIST NOWAbout the GameA story-driven psychological thriller about the horrific consequences of a loved one's suicide.After the tragedy of his wife's suicide, an office worker must process the ...
Banner of Fate Chapter 2 : The Beginning

Fate Chapter 2 : The Beginning

DarkArtificial IntelligencePsychological HorrorPsychologicalActionStrategyFirst-PersonRealistic
You are a male person named Mike Gillbour and you have recently set up your own business as an investigative journalist and have been given an assignment to look around the small town of Darkwood. You...
Banner of Fortnite

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Banner of Gulf Echoes: Memories of the past

Gulf Echoes: Memories of the past

CinematicPsychologicalHidden ObjectThrillerChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic3D
Note: Gulf Echoes is a Co-op only game, two players require their own copy of the game. The game also relies on communicating with each other.Delve into the tale set in the Arabian gulf region. A co.....
Banner of Hands of Timber

Hands of Timber

Lore-RichCinematicFemale ProtagonistStylizedPsychologicalStrategyPuzzle Platformer3D
Upon waking up alive in a familiar but different world, Timber wanders around the places where her father took her for walks. Recognizing that her creator is missing, the little doll searches for him ...
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