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Top Quick-Time Events Games

Top Quick-Time Events Games

Banner of DriveSafely


Pixel GraphicsCartoonActionRhythmCasualAdventureRelaxingSingleplayer
DriveSafely is a mini-game where you can get unlimited points to control the aircraft, and the controls are very simple.You'll need to keep your attention, dodge all moving objects and successfu...
Banner of Super Symbol Boys

Super Symbol Boys

Grand StrategySide ScrollerSci-fiLinearCasualAdventureEarly AccessComedy
Someone stole people's faces! Will any hero be able to collect the 100 Chistorbes to recover the face of the whole world? Game mechanics of gravity, run jump and dodge with a distinctive touch: Can yo...
Banner of HELL HUNTER - Damned Soul

HELL HUNTER - Damned Soul

Text-BasedVampireDarkMetroidvaniaPsychological HorrorAction RPGRPGHorror
Hell Hunter: Damned Soul is the frightful story of Elyon, a dhampir, the son of a vampire and a human.In this sequel, The Damned Soul, the story of Eylon continues a few months after the previous c...
Banner of eFootball™ 2024

Top eSports Games

Banner of Write Warz

Write Warz

Discord CommunityAbout the GameEmbark on a thrilling journey of imagination, strategy, and creativity with Write Warz, the first live online creative writing party game. Crafted for storytellers an...
Banner of 不靠谱心动:序章


CinematicDating SimInteractive FictionStrategyRPGPoint & ClickVisual NovelAdventure
The difference between the prologue and the official versionCharacters: Only 3 characters other than the protagonist will appear, and all will appear in the official version.Duration: The prologue ...
Banner of FlameProtector-SlidingKill


Pixel GraphicsAbstractCartoonSurvivalPoint & ClickCasualFantasyRoguelite
Keeping the flame burning is your only purpose.Flame Protector is a casual survival game where you protect the flames from an ever-increasing number of enemies until they reach the end of the flame...
Banner of Human Souvenir

Human Souvenir

You just visited the earth and got a famous 'Human Souvenir'. Would you be able to keep your human alive enough time to see them through their whole life cycle?Human Souvenir is an arcade toy-li...
Banner of Up Hike

Up Hike

RetroPsychological HorrorActionLinearAdventureRelaxingSingleplayerQuick-Time Events
Embark on an exhilarating ascent in Up Hike, the platformer game that challenges your skills and precision! In this thrilling 2D adventure, your goal is simple yet daunting: reach the summit. Brace y....
Banner of Reach The Beat

Reach The Beat

AbstractElectronic MusicFPSBullet HellRhythmFirst-PersonCasualFamily Friendly
Reach The Beat is an exhilarating VR experience that masterfully weaves action, melodies, and an abstract atmosphere into one dynamic game. Your responsiveness and sense of rhythm become the keys to s...
Banner of 棋魂 Chess Soul

棋魂 Chess Soul

Pixel GraphicsCartoonyStrategyRPGFlightDeckbuildingCasualTop-Down
What kind of work is this? [/b] [/h2]A game where players operate airplanes to pass levels, gradually improving their abilities and challenging themselves with higher levels of transformation. What...
Banner of ReHarmony


LinearCasualAdventureSingleplayerPuzzleRunnerQuick-Time EventsParkour
ReHarmony is a speedrun game featuring 30 different buttons. You can maneuver the character using the W, A, S, D keys and activate your Sprint ability using the Shift key.Enhance your enjoyment ...
Banner of Alien Paradise

Alien Paradise

ActionCartoonyRhythmCasualFamily FriendlyFantasyRelaxingSingleplayer
In this rhythm game, an extra-terrrestrial being decided to take their next vacation on our very planet Earth, and because their species is synasthesic, everything around them behaves in the rhythm......
Banner of Tap Drift Car

Tap Drift Car

SportsRealisticCasualTop-DownRacingSingleplayerQuick-Time Events
This is a mini racing game, driving fun is no less than the big racing game, the operation is simple but endless changes, you just try it will be surprised.This is a game to control the car drif...
Banner of BabushCats


Pixel GraphicsRetroFarming SimCatsCreature CollectorRPGCasualTime management
Greetings from BabushCats!Take on the role of the shelter keeper as a wholesome grandma, look after strays and customize your home as number of your lovely pets grows.Features:Unique types of ca...
Banner of Dynamic Shooting VR

Dynamic Shooting VR

TacticalSportsActionBullet TimeVRRacingMilitarySingleplayer
Dynamic Shooting VR is the ultimate practical shooting simulator! Compete across different ranges with captivating themes and challenging parkours. Experience intense gameplay with fine tuned weapon m...
Banner of Chickado


Arena ShooterAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellStrategyCasualTop-Down ShooterTop-Down
Check Out Our New Game!网页链接About the GameChickado is a unique game that focuses on the unforgettable and brav...
Banner of JUMP: Assemble


Banner of Mutants Of Mist

Mutants Of Mist

Team-BasedDarkPsychological HorrorActionThrillerFirst-PersonHorrorOnline Co-Op
Mutants Of Mist is a 4-player, online co-op, survival horror game. You and a group of 3 others have entered a forest that's becoming shrouded in a deadly and mysterious mist. You are in search of info...
Banner of Yumpgril


Pixel GraphicsPsychological HorrorDifficultActionFantasySingleplayerMysteryQuick-Time Events
Yumpgril is a challenging precision platformer also known as a rage game. Inspired by various rage games that came before Yumpgril is designed to be brutally difficult and punishing.*Brutally di...
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