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Top Relaxing Games

Top Relaxing Games

Banner of Jumping Flash 4: Return of Robbit | Playable Concept Pitch

Jumping Flash 4: Return of Robbit | Playable Concept Pitch

CombatRetroStylizedFPSActionFirst-Person3DFamily Friendly
After almost 30 years, the pioneer of 3D platforming has returned!!Hello, my name is Ishaq Mohamed, better known as the man behind the alias Chem The Chameleon and the owner of the (Twitter/ X) ha...
Banner of Glukhovo


ConversationPsychological HorrorActionLinearPsychedelicChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic
Glukhovo is a first person psychological horror game, featuring disturbing gameplay and an unsettling and compelling narrative.Visiting your grandfather in the remote village where you spent your ch.....
Banner of Burger Restaurant Simulator

Burger Restaurant Simulator

Fast-pacedDifficultCraftingRPGCasualFamily FriendlyTime management2D
Burger Restaurant Simulator is an exciting 2D burger making simulator game, perfect for cooking enthusiasts and hamburger fans. Players will have the opportunity to manage a delicious hamburger restau...
Banner of Guardian Tales

The best pixel game i have ever played

Banner of Windy Meadow - A Roadwarden Tale

Windy Meadow - A Roadwarden Tale

Pixel GraphicsRetroFemale ProtagonistText-BasedLinearInteractive FictionMultiple EndingsEmotional
WISHLIST NOWhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1921980/Between_Horizons/?utm_source=Windy&utm_campaign=linkhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2144640/Endzone_2/?utm_source=Windy&utm_campaign=linkAbou....
Banner of Tasking


Pixel GraphicsTacticalCombatReal Time TacticsTower Defense2D PlatformerStrategyCasual
Welcome to the magical world of adventures! Brave adventurer, you have stepped into a land full of unknowns and mysteries. In this vast land, you will encounter all kinds of creatures, explore ancient...
Banner of Sticker Kittens

Sticker Kittens

MORE DEVCATS GAMESAbout the GameSticker Kittens is a sudoku-like puzzle where you need to match kittens. You can also learn about how to raise and play with kittens!3 worlds60+ puzzleskitten p...
Banner of Light of Hope: The Redeemer

Light of Hope: The Redeemer

FuturisticSci-fiLinearPuzzle PlatformerFirst-PersonControllerSplit ScreenCasual
Light of Hope: The RedeemerIn Light of Hope, you will play as 'Spei' the captain, and sole human crew member aboard the spaceship 'The Redeemer'. You will be joined on the ship by various playable ro....
Banner of Mojito the Cat

Mojito the Cat

EducationDifficultHidden ObjectFunnyPuzzle PlatformerCats3D3D Vision
Add Mojito to your Wishlist!MOJITO THE CAT Push your space vision to the limit, use the logic to find the shortest path to the exit.Rotate the pieces to reach all coins, get the fish scrape and go ...
Banner of Slime Warrior Sokoban

Slime Warrior Sokoban

Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsTacticalCartoonStylizedFunnyCartoonyStrategy
FOR DOG LOVERShttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1627310/Ralph_and_the_Blue_Ball/RECOMMENDED FOR YOUhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2161120/Slime_Ranger/About the GameThe GameplayLet's get some ...
Banner of Christmas Runner

Christmas Runner

Side ScrollerBattle RoyaleSportsActionSuperheroSkateboarding3DAtmospheric
"Christmas Runner - Rocket Boot Adventure" is an exciting Christmas-themed parkour game where players become a rocket boot runner, navigating diverse terrains, overcoming various obstacles, and pushin...
Banner of Jasper's Island

Jasper's Island

Short2D PlatformerLinearPuzzle PlatformerCatsControllerEmotionalCasual
Jasper's Island is a 2D-platformer where you play as a cat and lighthouse keeper. Both have different abilities to negotiate obstacles encountered when exploring the island's caves, forests and shipwr...
Banner of Bounties of Babylon

Bounties of Babylon

Turn-Based TacticsEconomyTacticalTradingStylizedLocal MultiplayerHex GridTurn-Based Strategy
Bounties of Babylon provides that sit-down tabletop experience in a shorter-timed digital format. Whilst on the surface it's easy to pick up and play, you'll soon see that there are more tricks to ...
Banner of Dream of the Starkeeper

Dream of the Starkeeper

Precision PlatformerMinimalistStylizedActionPuzzle PlatformerFirst-Person3DCasual
Embark on a tranquil and enchanting odyssey with Dream of the Starkeeper, a wondrous first-person platforming adventure that unfolds across ethereal islands suspended in the sky. In this captivating d...
Banner of Leafy Trails: Lost Soul

Leafy Trails: Lost Soul

CozyLinearCats3DEmotionalWholesomeCasualFamily Friendly
CHECK OUT GRAND FORESThttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2591940/Grand_Forest/About the GameEmbark on a captivating journey of Leafy Trails: Lost Soul. 🌟Explore a lush and mystical overgrown realm, .....
Banner of Ninja Origin

Ninja Origin

CombatSwordplayTeam-BasedTradingSurvival2D PlatformerActionFunny
Ninja Origin – Ninja OriginThe quintessence of the MMORPG role-playing game series“Legendary Ninja – Ninja Origin” is an extremely attractive MMORPG role-playing game with deep gameplay. When...
Banner of Steampunk Runner

Steampunk Runner

SportsRhythmRPGFlightCharacter CustomizationAdventureAtmospheric2D
A 2D runner in which you have to control a flying hero with a mouse. The player moves constantly up, the van needs to avoid various obstacles by flying around them. There are two shops in the game: th...
Banner of 20 Minutes Till Dawn

🧛Mobile games to slay vampires/monsters

Banner of Divemensions


Pixel GraphicsRetroLevel EditorMinimalist2D PlatformerActionLinearPuzzle Platformer
What happens when you are a 2D creature that has been given the ability to move between the layers that make up your universe? Well... you start solving puzzles of course!Get ready to think in 3D to.....
Banner of Hex Cats

Hex Cats

CartoonHex GridCartoonyCatsCasualFamily FriendlyTabletopColorful
ALSO RECOMMENDED FOR YOUhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1867610/SokoWinter/About the Game😸 A portion of the profit from this game will be allocated to street cat rescue and support initiatives...
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