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Top Resource Management Games

Top Resource Management Games

Banner of Pixel Petals

Pixel Petals

Pixel GraphicsFarming SimCasual2DCollectathonIndieRelaxingSingleplayer
Title: Pixel PetalsGenre: Casual 2D Pixel Art Flower Breeding GameOverview:Welcome to the enchanting world of "Pixel Petals," a tranquil oasis for those seeking relaxation and the joy of nurturi...
Banner of United Penguin Kingdom: Huddle up

United Penguin Kingdom: Huddle up

EconomyColony SimSurvivalFunnyStrategyCasualFamily FriendlyBase Building
Wishlist The Full Versionhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2635350/United_Penguin_Kingdom/About the GameBuild your settlement and satisfy the needs of your penguins with better food, elegant decorat....
Banner of Tribes & Monsters

Tribes & Monsters

Pixel GraphicsCombatSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionChoices MatterRoguelikeRPG
Tribes and Monsters is a survivor-like game where you can choose a tribe and become the leader of your own army.Try to collect Soulstones and other items in foreign worlds inhabited by vicious mo...
Banner of Honkai: Star Rail

Top Narrative Games

Banner of Franchise Hockey Manager 10

Franchise Hockey Manager 10

Turn-Based TacticsEconomySandboxText-BasedHockeyHistoricalLocal MultiplayerSports
Celebrating ten years with our fans, The Franchise Hockey Manager series returns for the 2023-24 season with plenty of new additions to the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy gaming experience yo...
Banner of Lodestar


Sci-fiStrategy3DCraftingRPGSoundtrackOnline Co-OpAdventure
Lodestar is a puzzle adventure crafting game that you can play alone but is better with up to 8 friends.Solve puzzles as you explore each new area, and use all tools available to get past sever...
Banner of Siege Island

Siege Island

CombatAction3DOld SchoolEarly AccessIndieSingleplayerPuzzle
The Strapmar Archipelago. A place of great beauty and infinite riches. The kingdoms of humans, dwarves, and elves formed an alliance in order to extract gold and precious crystals in this remote place...
Banner of NADYR


GoreInventory ManagementDarkStylizedController3DJRPGRPG
NADYR is a fixed camera, survival horror, party-based RPG with 4 playable characters.Divide the party to solve puzzles, search for items, and explore creepy and unsettling environments!Fight enemie...
Banner of Injection π23 'Ars Regia'

Injection π23 'Ars Regia'

CombatAbstractPsychological HorrorPsychologicalActionPsychedelic3DMultiple Endings
Classic survival horror focused on puzzle solving, exploration and strategy.Part II of 'Injection π23' trilogy.Take control of a lonely and isolated person who is looking for his lost dog and fin...
Banner of Humbugs


IsometricStylizedStrategy3DFamily FriendlyAdventureIndieColorful
Go on a whimsical adventure with unique gameplay that incorporates strategy and puzzles.Use pheromone trails to command followers to gather resources and overcome obstacles.Explore a miniature 3D wo.....
Banner of 精灵幻境  Elven dreams

精灵幻境 Elven dreams

CombatSurvivalActionFunnyCartoonyControllerCreature CollectorRoguelike
In this game, you will enter a world full of magic and fantasy. As an elf manipulator, your goal is to explore mysterious locations, collect and capture more powerful elf companions, and hone your fav...
Banner of Mini Mart

Mini Mart

Pixel GraphicsIsometricLinearFarming SimRPGCasualFamily FriendlyTime management
Welcome to Mini Mart! A mini sized shop and town sim.Beginning with a rundown store and no money in the bank, a new burst of motivation stirs you to make something of yourself and your business....
Banner of Son of the Dragon King

Son of the Dragon King

Cinematic3D FighterCombatBeat 'em upInventory ManagementLocal MultiplayerSide ScrollerAction RPG
Step into the dark and captivating world of fantastical feudal Japan in the game Son of the Dragon King! Immerse yourself in a bloody conflict where players take on the role of the brave son of the D....
Banner of 5050


TacticalAbstractEducationCartoonMinimalistCartoonyLootPoint & Click
Recommended for youhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2250060/I_commissioned_some_bees_0/?utm_source=MoreForYou&utm_medium=5050About the Game5050 is a simple game of chance. Are you feeling lucky? ...
Banner of Toy Trains

Toy Trains

God GameChoose Your Own AdventureSandboxColony SimMinimalistCartoonyCasualFamily Friendly
Join our communityAbout the GameOpen a long forgotten, dusty suitcase in your grandpa’s attic, rediscover your old toys and even older memories. As soon as you start playing, it’s both rails and me...
Banner of Against The Tide

Against The Tide

Colony SimUnderwaterStylizedSci-fiStrategyChoices Matter3DCreature Collector
2048 - temperatures are rising and ocean currents are stagnating. Coral reefs everywhere are barren and lifeless. Your conservation team have a unique opportunity to protect what remains of the reef. ...
Banner of Giant Hornet

Giant Hornet

TacticalSurvivalHuntingPuzzle PlatformerRealistic3DPhysicsWar
The life of a newborn queen hornet is a simulator. The difficulties it goes through to grow up and become a giant hornet are presented in the game. To do this, it must first stay away from the enemy h...

Top 5 mobile fps games

Banner of Roboplant


EconomySandboxAgricultureAutomationSci-fiFunnyFarming SimStrategy
In a future not too far away, humans have finally conquered other galaxies. They are now searching for lands where to place their highly efficient hydroponic farms and grow food.Embark on a new jour.....
Banner of Red Impact

Red Impact

DestructionCombatFuturisticTower DefenseSurvivalActionLinearStrategy
Red Impact is a planetary defense game with a hint of resource management.As humanity expands out amongst the stars, a mysterious force threatens destruction. There is no fleet, only you, to save t...
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