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Top Robots Games

Banner of Tendrils And Plates

Tendrils And Plates

Pixel GraphicsCombatRobotsFuturisticSandboxMechsSide ScrollerSci-fi
Tendrils and Plates is an Open World Sci-Fi Space Survival Shooter RPG under development by a solo indie developer. You begin in a scout starship and learn to survive in a hostile solar system full of...
Banner of Latmos Explorer

Latmos Explorer

TacticalRobotsIsometricScienceEducationLevel EditorHistoricalStrategy
Discover the mystery of Latmos with block coding. Learn about the cultural heritage and history of humanity while preparing for the future.Latmos Explorer is a block coding game that conne...
Banner of No Pressure: Hive War

No Pressure: Hive War

DestructionTacticalRobotsFuturisticArena ShooterSci-fiSurvivalAction
No Pressure: Hive WarThis title is designed to reintroduce the element of fun in gaming, transporting players to an alternate reality where the world is on the brink of collapse.Pickups provide ass...
Banner of Need for Speed Mobile

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Banner of CyberPigeon


CombatRobotsFuturisticRetroArena ShooterSci-fiSurvival2D Platformer
Prepare for an electrifying experience in CyberPigeon, a dual-stick shooter set within a dynamic battle arena. Take control of CyberPigeon, the ultimate cybernetic avian warrior, as you engage in int....
Banner of Anisto


Post-apocalypticRobotsFuturisticArtificial IntelligenceMiningSide ScrollerSci-fiAction Roguelike
When the Earth became uninhabitable, an unmanned aerial vessel called the ARC was sent to space bearing human DNA. The ARC's robot steward Buz-B — who has become stir crazy in the eons since leaving E...
Banner of City of Murals

City of Murals

City of Murals is a cute and gross, action-platformer, rogue-lite.Premise:The world is competing to see who can live the longest. Discoveries of alien technology have increased lifespans into the ...
Banner of Echo of Extinction

Echo of Extinction

Pixel GraphicsCombatPost-apocalypticRobotsFemale ProtagonistDarkSci-fiCartoony
Embrace the untamed remnants of a shattered world, scavenge, craft, and conquer to rise as the beacon of hope in the desolate Echo of ExtinctionIn the desolate remnants of a world once thriving, you.....
Banner of LABWATCH


RobotsDarkPsychological HorrorPsychologicalHidden ObjectPsychedelicFirst-PersonRealistic
LABWATCH is an atmospheric horror strategy game where you must make sure every machine is working while avoiding dangerous enemies.Observe!Look through cameras to find out which machines needs repairi...
Banner of Digitanks!


Turn-Based TacticsCombatRobotsGrand StrategyActionTurn-Based StrategyStrategy3D
We know you stay up at night wishing you could build electronic tank fleets and lob digital artillery shells at your hapless victims. We know you trod through the day dreaming of crushing your enemy u...
Banner of Botanical Chronicle

Botanical Chronicle

Botanical Chronicle is the story of a lost robot looking for the last elements of life in nature that's given up to technology.take control of this robot in a third-person adventure over various g...
Banner of LastRo


CombatRobotsAction RoguelikeActionPvETop-DownSpaceIndie
LastRo is a top-down shooter roguelike where you play robot, which mission is to clear up a lot of floors against different types of enemies and Bosses.Your enemies are "evolving", which means the...
Banner of Terra Avoider

Terra Avoider

CombatRobotsFuturisticActionBullet HellBullet TimeControllerTop-Down Shooter
Terra Avoider is a 2.5D shooter in which the player must survive through difficult, arena based boss encounters.The player has a number of tools at their disposal to inflict destruction on the invad.....
Banner of Executive Assault 2

Executive Assault 2

RobotsReal Time TacticsSci-fiFPSActionStrategyFirst-PersonReal-Time
Join our Discord communityAbout the GamePrepare to embark on an epic journey into the depths of space with "Executive Assault 2," a fusion of real-time strategy (RTS) and first-person shooter (FPS) g....
Banner of Chaos Pattern

Chaos Pattern

Pixel GraphicsTactical1980sRobotsReal Time TacticsTeam-BasedSci-fiAction
Chaos Pattern is an online multiplayer cooperative action/strategy hybrid game where each player assumes the role of a Guardian who is schooled in the rescue, training, and care of a wide variety of c...
Banner of Subject F-011

Subject F-011

Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsRobotsFuturisticRetroLevel EditorMinimalistSci-fi
The GameTrapped in Area 51 on planet Earth, you must solve calculated puzzles to escape this strange planet. Puzzles consist of using enemies' mechanics to your advantage, moving objects to block en.....
Banner of ForkJump


RobotsPrecision PlatformerSci-fiHidden ObjectAliensPhysicsCasualTranshumanism
Delve into "ForkJump", a third-person exploration game that fuses 3D platforming with a captivating adventure in an open-world sci-fi cyberenvironment. Amidst this atmospheric playground powered by ph...
Banner of Battlegrounds Mobile India


Banner of Monolith


RobotsFuturisticFemale ProtagonistSci-fiInteractive FictionPoint & ClickEmotionalAdventure
A failed mission?Crashed on a barren planet. Hardly any memory of the missions goal. Equipped only with her own apprehension.Tessa, a space explorer at the service of the Intergalactic Mining Corpor.....
Banner of Fly Wheel

Fly Wheel

CombatRobotsCompetitiveBeat 'em upVehicular Combat4 Player LocalSportsAction
WELCOME TO FLY WHEELWelcome to the adrenaline-pumping world of Fly Wheel, where sparks fly in a spectacular display of robotics mayhem! Fly Wheel is a thrilling combat sports game that pits competito....
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