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Top Shop Keeper Games

Top Shop Keeper Games

Banner of Scroll the Pain Away

Scroll the Pain Away

Shop KeeperCozyCartoonyCasualFantasySingleplayerLife SimMagic
Step into the shoes of Indigo, the owner of a quaint spell shop in a city with no magic. Help your customers with a wide variety of problems!Craft spells as unique as your customers! Wield the powe...
Banner of Merchants of Rosewall

Merchants of Rosewall

Shop KeeperCraftingCookingFantasyMultiplayerSingleplayerResource ManagementSimulation
Stay ConnectedAbout the GameThe idealism of Rosewall has always come from its people. Can your greatness lead them to new heights or is the past too much to overcome?In Merchants of Rosewall, ...


SandboxShop KeeperFPSFirst-PersonRealisticCasualOpen WorldRelaxing
"Stay alert as well. Because you never know when the landlord will show up..."Steal and Sell. That's the whole point.You have an empty shop on the busy street of the city. It's up to you to make i...
Banner of Sky: Children of the Light

10 relaxing mobile games to play when you need a break

Banner of Emerald Caravan

Emerald Caravan

TradingShop KeeperDungeon CrawlerAction RPGAction RoguelikeActionProcedural GenerationRPG
Emerald Caravan tells the story of Emerald, who realizes her dream of becoming a caravan master. Delve into dungeons to gather loot, and then sell it in your mobile shop. Assist both your blood and ch...
Banner of Sugardew Island - Your cozy farm shop

Sugardew Island - Your cozy farm shop

AgricultureShop KeeperCozyFarming SimWholesomeCasualFamily FriendlyFantasy
Restore harmony to this enchanting world!After a surprising storm and a shipwreck, your journey begins as you awaken on a deserted island. To continue your adventure, you must collect Harmony by s...
Banner of Bots & Mods

Bots & Mods

Pixel GraphicsRobotsSandboxCapitalismShop KeeperSci-fiCraftingRPG
“Come down to Bots & Mods. The first stop for all your robotics needs.”Take over and run a workshop in the city of Danopolis. Build components to craft custom designed robots. Sell them or keep them.....
Banner of Forge & Fortune VR

Forge & Fortune VR

SandboxTradingShop KeeperStrategyFirst-PersonCraftingPvECharacter Customization
Forge & Fortune VR is a game that immerses players in a stylized medieval world filled with rich crafting and survival mechanics. The game offers a unique experience where players can assume the roles...
Banner of Fantasy Blacksmith Shop Simulator

Fantasy Blacksmith Shop Simulator

Shop KeeperCartoonyFirst-PersonCraftingRPGGun CustomizationCasualFantasy
Dive into the immersive world of 'Fantasy Blacksmith Shop Simulator' a captivating blacksmith simulator that combines the thrill of fantasy craftsmanship with the art of weapon making. Immerse yoursel...
Banner of Trash Goblin

Trash Goblin

Lore-RichSandboxShop KeeperFirst-PersonCraftingPoint & ClickWholesomeCasual
JOIN THE COMMUNITYAbout the GameTrash Goblin is a wholesome & cosy shopkeeping game where you uncover and clean trinkets for sale! Customise them by upcycling and more to meet the eccentric requests ....
Banner of Aeruta


Pixel GraphicsShop KeeperSide ScrollerAction RPGActionRPGAdventureFantasy
The aroma of bread in memories... In this moment, let's start anew!This is a world where bread is gradually being forgotten.Until one day, in the corner of the world, an accidental explosion trigg...
Banner of Roblox

Best sandbox games where there are no limits

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