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Top Spectacle fighter Games

Top Spectacle fighter Games

Banner of 冰火启示录


DragonsAction RPGActionSpectacle fighterDemons3DRPG3D Vision
《冰火启示录》是一款西方魔幻绝美炫战网游。游戏采用虚幻级自研引擎,配合PBR真实材料系统,带来电影级画面表现。高精度人物模型,全场景动态光源,打造沉浸式战斗体验。全开放自由视角。圣洁天使、邪恶泰坦,在极致华丽的冰火大陆,感受北欧诸神之战。游戏背景 游戏以北欧神话为背景,讲述了神族、人类、巨人族之间的战争。由于始祖巨人尤弥尔的死亡,神族与巨人族陷入长期的争斗之中。诸神黄昏即将来临,为了利用...
Banner of Ascent Quest

Ascent Quest

Lore-RichSwordplayDragonsArcheryAction RPGCo-op CampaignSpectacle fighterRPG
Ascent Quest is currently in development, join us on social media and Discord to follow the latest news, devlogs and participate in the discussions !Ascent Quest brings together the best of virtual .....
Banner of War of Wheels

War of Wheels

CinematicAutomobile SimCombatIsometricVehicular CombatAction RPGActionSpectacle fighter
Feature ListFeaturesFantasy classes: 6 groups of cars ispired by classic fantasy races and classes of RPG games, every one with unique gameplay and weapons.Original enviroinments: 4 unique biomes, ...
Banner of Stumble Guys

These are the best multiplayer games like Fall Guys on mobile.

Banner of Kingdom Shell

Kingdom Shell

Pixel GraphicsRetroDarkMetroidvaniaSide Scroller2D PlatformerActionSpectacle fighter
The magical Shell that has protected the Kingdom for centuries has been shattered. Hordes of nightmarish creatures now overrun the Kingdom, terrorizing its inhabitants.The White Temple, which has st.....
Banner of Dark Age

Dark Age

3D FighterBeat 'em upCartoonSci-fiActionCartoonySpectacle fighter3D
Dark Age is a futuristic action game with beat'em up mechanics and lots of adrenaline.High quality 3D low poly design.5 different themed locations.9 levels and a Final Boss in each location.45 fr...
Banner of Gloves On!

Gloves On!

CinematicTactical3D FighterCombatLocal MultiplayerSportsActionStrategy
Gloves On! is a boxing experience with realistic controls and a unique perspective of fighting games. Step in the ring with a fighter created by you or chosen between multiple options and fight a full...
Banner of Cado: The Great Tournament

Cado: The Great Tournament

CombatFemale ProtagonistIdlerStylizedActionMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterCats
For centuries, the monasteries of the Sisterhood of the Great Protector have been doing their duty. Time after time, new generations of apprentices, selected by Oracles from all over Kadorai, have bee...
Banner of Xaphan - Battle Simulator

Xaphan - Battle Simulator

CinematicGod GameSandboxArena ShooterDarkSci-fiActionSpectacle fighter
Xaphan is a third person shooter mixed with battle-simulation sandbox game featuring zombies, huge insects, medieval knights, animals and monsters.You begin your journey in the year 2078, at the s...
Banner of MerFight


CombatFemale ProtagonistActionMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterMultiple EndingsFantasyMultiplayer
MerFight is a 2.5D fighting game involving 12 fishy fighters influenced by a variety of flashy sea life such as angler fish, sharks, and the Yellowtail Fang Blenny.With an emphasis on flexibility an.....
Banner of Carlos the Taco

Carlos the Taco

CombatComic BookMechsSide Scroller2D PlatformerFunnyCartoonySuperhero
Buenos dias dear Amigo! My name is Taco Carlos and I need your help!Some Gringo, kidnapped my bride right from the wedding! Only you can track them down and bring back my beloved!The game "Taco Carl.....
Banner of 【異常奇象】動く遺体 / Moving Corpse

【異常奇象】動く遺体 / Moving Corpse

Female ProtagonistActionSpectacle fighterFirst-PersonIndieSurvival horrorSingleplayerShooter
"Take them down, using even the damage as vengeance."This is a first-person survival horror.■Parasitic Progress SystemThe "parasitic progress " is increased by taking damage from enemies o...
Banner of RoboWarrior Arena

RoboWarrior Arena

3D FighterSci-fiSpectacle fighter3DOpen WorldSingleplayerAction-AdventureSimulation
Game Description:Welcome to MechWarrior Arena, where you'll immerse yourself in a futuristic world dominated by colossal war machines. In this thrilling single-player robot combat simulator, you...
Banner of 江湖路


Lore-RichSandboxStylizedAction RPGActionMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterAlternate History
He started out as an unknown person in the rivers and lakes, but with a humble body, he became a hero in the treacherous rivers and lakes disputes and stirred up the general trend of the world.N...
Banner of FISTAGON


CinematicTacticalFuturisticStylizedSci-fiSportsActionMartial Arts
Unleash Your VR FIsts of Fury in a futuristic sport and become the FISTAGON Champion! 🏆Choose your favourite national athlete and step into the gravity-defying arena of the FISTAGON-tournament!...
Banner of SkySouls


Choose Your Own AdventureSwordplayMinimalistDragonsDungeon CrawlerAction RPGActionHorses
SkySouls is a Third Person Action and Adventure Game in the style of D.Souls but with a story told with epic cinematicsImmerse yourself in a medieval fantasy world where kings and magical creatures .....
Banner of Ketchup and Mayonnaise

Ketchup and Mayonnaise

1980sComic BookAction RPG2D PlatformerActionSpectacle fighterJRPGRPG
Featuring a classic pair of characters, "Ketchup and Mayonnaise" is an action RPG of ever-increasing stakes. Feast your eyes on cute art, eye-catching gameplay, and battles that keep on coming at a ra...
Banner of Lost Light™-PVPVE

Top Looter Shooter Games



CinematicFemale ProtagonistHistoricalIdlerSci-fiDifficultAction RPGAction
Epic battles with hordes of lizards and other herodsAn opportunity to show everyone HEROIC STRENGTH . For the glory of ANCESTORSFully voice acted : dialogs have Similar voice for Russian and Eng...
Banner of Charge Blade Hero

Charge Blade Hero

CombatCharacter Action GameBeat 'em up2D PlatformerActionSpectacle fighterControllerSoundtrack
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1303720Charge Blade Hero tells a story of gods and heroes. Visit dangerous forests, ancient ruins, a city of mushrooms, and more. As you fight to end a war again...
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