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Top Stealth Games

Top Stealth Games

Banner of Mr. Jones: Retribution

Mr. Jones: Retribution

ActionRealisticAdventureSingleplayerThird PersonAssassinStealthMystery
The moment of decision has arrived. Welcome to a world where justice isn’t pursued but revenge finds its own paths. “MR. Jones: Retribution” immerses you in a narrative where Paul Jones becomes the ha...
Banner of Infected: Outpost

Infected: Outpost

Party GamePsychological HorrorSurvivalPsychologicalActionThrillerHorrorCasual
SUMMARYINFECTED: OUTPOST is a 2-12 player social deduction horror game inspired by The Thing, which will test your wits and teamwork. You and your friends are stranded and must work together to escap....
Banner of The Camp

The Camp

AliensCasualAdventureOpen WorldSurvival horrorSingleplayerExplorationStealth
You have been sent to The Camp to collect the tents to win. If you manage to do that, your wish for freedom will be fulfilled. You have to also watch out for monsters that are there to kill you.The...
Banner of CarX Street

Top 5 My Favorite Car Games 🏎️

Banner of Neuralgia


In this horrifying game, you assume the role of Blake Jensen, the CEO of Creative Edge, a renowned company known for its groundbreaking innovations.You unknowingly stumble upon a sinister plot of ...
Banner of Hack Deep

Hack Deep

Dungeon CrawlerAction RPGActionProcedural GenerationRPGHorrorOnline Co-OpFantasy
The game is a cyber-space infiltration game that supports up to 4-player cooperation. In this game, players step into a futuristic cyberspace filled with technological wonders and dangers. Their missi...
Banner of Ethos: Divinity's Curse

Ethos: Divinity's Curse

Lore-RichDarkDifficultAction RPGActionRPGSouls-likeCharacter Customization
In the Souls-Like world of Ethos: Divinity's Curse, journey through the kingdom of Lyrak and its neighboring lands where you'll have to defeat great foes to earn a second chance at life through a my.....
Banner of ShadowKitty: Thief by Night

ShadowKitty: Thief by Night

Lore-RichSide ScrollerActionCartoonyProcedural GenerationAdventureSingleplayerHand-drawn
HIGH SCHOOLER BY DAY, THIEF BY NIGHT!ShadowKitty: Thief by Night is the adventure of a teenager catgirl stealing back stolen arts from criminals and bringing it all back to the museum.The game i...
Banner of ARKWHALE


Cold WarScienceReal Time TacticsUnderwaterHistoricalMechsActionNaval
"Mankind built a new Ark to protect civilization. But unlike in the first time, they faced a paradox that was itself a disaster."ARKWHALE is a new submarine casual simulator. As the captain of a su...
Banner of Steal It

Steal It

Turn-Based StrategyStrategyDetectiveTable gameCasualOnline Co-OpTime managementCharacter Customization
Steal ItSteal It is an online multiplayer game in which there are owners and thieves. Owners and thieves try to collect as many coins as possible in a certain amount of time. The team with the most .....
Banner of Reality patrol

Reality patrol

Sci-fiActionAlternate HistoryCasualPvESingleplayerThird PersonAssassin
Reality patrol is third person stealth-action game. Travel through time to different eras to protect history from absurd villains.Use your sci-fi gadgets and skills to complete your assignment wi...
Banner of The Adventures of Sir Kicksalot

The Adventures of Sir Kicksalot

GoreDungeon CrawlerAction RPGFPSActionFirst-PersonRPGViolent
A first-person action game that provides various ways for defeating your foes, whether through weaponry, magic, stealth, or clever tactics like kicking into deadly spikes.⚔️ Fight In Brutal Combats 🏹.....
Banner of Haunt or Heist

Haunt or Heist

GorePsychological HorrorActionRealisticHorrorOnline Co-OpPvEViolent
The goal of the operation is simple. Grab the money and escape with your full limbs.Through a special route, in exchange for an advance charge, you have granted access to a specific strange phenomeno....
Banner of Ghost in the brain/孵る明晰夢

Ghost in the brain/孵る明晰夢

Psychological HorrorPsychologicalFPSActionThrillerFirst-PersonRealisticHorror
Let's go back to that day──.■StoryThe main character, Yoshihide Mizuno, a painter, had gained fame for his beautiful paintings of his sister Misao, who drowned at a young age.One day, however, ...
Banner of The Nom

The Nom

Check out another upcoming action gem from us!网页链接About the GameExplore a world filled with danger and mystery as you fight your way through each...
Banner of Xeno


Xeno is a 2D platform game - we move left and right and jump in the game, we can shoot and, in some cases, sneak to eliminate enemies from hiding. The game will also feature the use of the environme.....
Banner of 鬼打墙(剧情版)


ActionLinearThrillerFirst-PersonRPGHorrorAdventureSurvival horror
There is a Chinese folklore known as "Ghost's Blockade," which depicts a phenomenon where people often lose their sense of direction and become trapped in self-perceived confusion when walking at nigh...
Banner of Rocket League® Sideswipe

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Banner of Exodition


NoirActionLinearAdventureEarly AccessSingleplayerThird PersonDystopian
This deadly 3D platformer adventure pulls you into a strange and hostile alienworld.You are Kilok, a young Krah, living with the rest of his dying species down at the very bottom of a giant megacit...
Banner of Manor of Mysteries

Manor of Mysteries

NoirDarkSurvivalProcedural GenerationFirst-PersonDetectiveHorrorCasual
You find yourself in an investigation mission where you have to explore a manor in which people went missing. Enter the manor with 2 of your friend and solve this mystery!100 RoomsThe manor has 100 ro...
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