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Top Thriller Games

Top Thriller Games

Banner of Dollmare


DarkPsychological HorrorLinearThrillerFirst-PersonRealisticHorrorAdventure
You were desperate for money to pay the rent, so you've accepted a job offer at a doll factory. What seemed like a way to make an easy buck, turned out to be something much more sinister.Why are yo...
Banner of Kidnapped


CinematicPsychological HorrorActionThrillerFirst-PersonRealisticHorrorAdventure
-It's dangerous to leave your child home alone at night,and if that dangerous thing happened to your child, would you be able to handle it?And what if the kidnapper is a demonic clown?They need ...
Banner of EvilTrap


DarkPsychological HorrorThrillerFirst-PersonHorrorOpen WorldSurvival horrorSingleplayer
More From Jeff Winner网页链接网页链接About the GameSpend time of Peace in Your new Cabin In Th...
Banner of Lost Light

3PS, FPS & OTS games (Part 4)

Banner of When Silence Fell

When Silence Fell

Text-BasedHistoricalEducationalThrillerInteractive FictionAlternate HistoryWarAdventure
• Delve into a dark interactive story set in the 17th century!• Follow Sophia into the times of the Thirty Years' War.• Her diary becomes your link to her - and your choices will determine her fate......
Banner of Unwelcome


Lore-RichDarkFPSThrillerFirst-PersonRealisticCasualSurvival horror
Unwelcome is an 80s-themed survival horror game where you take the role of a night guard at Silver Valley Nature Park, but what starts off as a peaceful job spirals into a dreadful night of hiding fro...
Banner of DEEP STATE


The deeper you go the darker it gets in DEEP STATE. Immerse yourself in an alternate mid 2000's world where truth is stranger than fiction. Inspired by classic games such as Goldeneye, Deus Ex, and .....
Banner of Mansion At Midnight

Mansion At Midnight

TacticalTeam-BasedFPSActionThrillerInteractive FictionStrategyProcedural Generation
Mansion at Midnight is a survival horror game where your friends may not be who they seem. The front doors to the mansion are locked, and you will need to look for weapons and magical items to defend ...
Banner of Sinister Hospital

Sinister Hospital

Sinister Hospital : Judge Harlan StoryIn the dark forests of Duskwood town, an abandoned hospital rises like a ghost. Although "Sinister Hospital" had been closed for years, it still harbors dreadfu.....
Banner of John's Hell

John's Hell

Pixel GraphicsPsychological HorrorThrillerFirst-PersonHorrorSingleplayer
DescriptionSimple and short first person horror. Your task is to find out about your brother's death, but also to survive. Most of the time you have to walk and explore the warehouse but be careful be...
Banner of FoMO


Pixel GraphicsRetroDarkPsychological HorrorLinearThrillerInteractive FictionFirst-Person
Feeling like missing something?Trapped in your boring routine, live your days between your tiny apartment, the work you hate, an underground bar and then home again. And repeat it every day. A cycle ....
Banner of HIDEAWAY


SurvivalActionThrillerHorrorOnline Co-OpViolentMultiplayerEarly Access
A warm, cozy night in a winter Cabin, sound of wood logs crackling in the furnace,Perfect night to talk about scary winter stories with your friends.Close the doors and shutdown the windows There...
Banner of Kary


Lore-RichCinematicDarkPsychological HorrorThrillerHorrorAdventureCrime
This game is still in development by only one person.Kary, an intriguing suspense game where you take on the role of a brave girl who finds herself alone and her house is being haunted by ghost...
Banner of Sorrow Asylum 2

Sorrow Asylum 2

AbstractPsychological HorrorActionLinearThrillerFirst-PersonDemonsRealistic
Sadness and darkness spreads like an illness.It plagues the innocent, damages the weak.Creates unsafe places in your mind.Do not explore them for too long.Sorrow Asylum 2 is a looping h...
Banner of SoulShake


Dungeon CrawlerThrillerFirst-PersonHorrorAdventureSurvival horrorSingleplayerStealth
Purchase NoticeThis is a horror game with no saved single player experience. You will walk through a terrifying abandoned hospital from a first person perspective, exploring its past and why you appea...
Banner of Unresolved : The slayer's quest

Unresolved : The slayer's quest

TacticalAction RPGActionThrillerRPGCRPGAdventureSingleplayer
A fierce dual blade and a strong will. How far will Ziel go in his search for the 'lifeStone' or will it remain unresolved.Unresolved : The Vanquisher's way is a Hack-n-Slash Action-Adventure game. .....
Banner of Necrophoresis


Necrophoresis is a co-op horror game for 1-4 players.You and your team will explore a haunted morgue to find its dark secrets.Use what you can find to make your way through the morgue and find your .....
Banner of Little Nightmares

Best adventure games with a dark story

Banner of The Shadows Lengthen

The Shadows Lengthen

`The Shadows Lengthen is a procedural, open-world, horror game running on the Blender Game engine.What would it really be like to encounter a monster in the woods?The only objective is to survive th.....
Banner of GreenColdBody


Dating SimFaithAbstractPsychological HorrorPsychologicalSportsThrillerFirst-Person
used G**g** translateWhat kind of game is this:"Green Cold Body" is a horror and thriller game with a fictional story. You'll likely see scary scenes close to the screen, dark scenes, and flashing lig...
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