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Top Unforgiving Games

Top Unforgiving Games

Banner of HardAF


Pixel GraphicsRetroUnforgivingSide ScrollerDifficultActionSingleplayerPlatformer
HardAF is a punishing, precision platformer . . . in the dark. Uncover the level with every death, earn swag and unlock new chapters. Run, Jump, Dash, Die, Repeat.The player navigates through a ser...
Banner of Jumpfox: Always Running

Jumpfox: Always Running

Pixel GraphicsUnforgivingLocal Multiplayer4 Player LocalAdventureMultiplayerSingleplayerLocal Co-Op
"Jumpfox: Always Running" is a precision platformer that pushes the boundaries of your skills and patience. In this game, control is a unique twist – you don't control the running. Your character is i...
Banner of The Fight: Aftermath

The Fight: Aftermath

Enter The Fight WorldEmbark on an immersive journey through the remnants of a world shattered by catastrophe in this gripping survival adventure.Scavenge and SurviveAs one of the few remaini...
Banner of BlazBlue Entropy Effect

My game wishlist for 2023~2024 - Steam & NSwitch

Banner of Dead Season

Dead Season

Turn-Based TacticsCinematicTacticalUnforgivingDarkSurvivalZombiesAction
网页链接The air hangs heavy with the stench of decay - a grim reminder of the world's rapid descent into chaos. Streets once bustling with life now...
Banner of Winter Survival Simulator

Winter Survival Simulator

The game offers a realistic simulation of survival scenarios, requiring players to make crucialdecisions and manage their resources wisely to endure the unforgiving winter landscape.Features:Surv...
Banner of Cairn


CinematicUnforgivingDifficultSportsActionAdventureSingleplayerThird Person
REALISTIC CLIMBING SIMULATIONCairn’s realistic simulation allows intuitive climbing: find the best holds and place your hands and feet seamlessly with simple controls. Adapt your posture, effort and b...
Banner of Temple Guy - Quest for chest

Temple Guy - Quest for chest

Pixel GraphicsUnforgivingDarkCasualAdventureSingleplayerPlatformer
"YOU WILL NEVER REACH THE TOP OF THIS TEMPLE!!!"Temple Guy's Quest for the chest" is a 2d-precision platformer.Climb the Temple of Despair and grab the chest!Can you make it to the top? - I don't t...
Banner of Grave Gunner

Grave Gunner

UnforgivingArena ShooterVampireFast-pacedDarkDifficultSurvivalFPS
Fill the boots of the Grave Gunner, an expert gunslinger, in this fast-paced arena shooter.Face off against swarms of undead creatures in a dark, gothic graveyard, employing expressive movement ...
Banner of Ingression: The Portal Trial

Ingression: The Portal Trial

Pixel GraphicsUnforgivingSide ScrollerSci-fiDifficultActionAdventureSingleplayer
Banner of Frank Fux

Frank Fux

Pixel GraphicsUnforgivingDifficultActionAdventureSingleplayerArcadePlatformer
Welcome to Frank Fux!In this daring adventure, you as Frank Fux try to using wit and jumping power to escape the depths of the dungeon and satisfy your greed.Navigate Frank from platform to platfor...
Banner of Challenge N°1

Challenge N°1

UnforgivingDifficultCasualSingleplayerThird PersonParkourPlatformer
Introducing "Challenge #1," a heart-pounding hardcore platformer that will test your skills, reflexes, and determination. Dive into a relentless world of precision and timing, where every jump and obs...
Banner of Don't Win

Don't Win

What Happens when we snooze our alarm…?Don't Win is a small, cozy puzzle mindbender that combines platform elements with a unique, hand-drawn aesthetic. Step into the whimsical world of Dreamsno...
Banner of Blood Within

Blood Within

Lore-RichPixel GraphicsUnforgivingSide ScrollerDifficultAction RPGActionSouls-like
In this chaotic realm filled with enemies, unravel the mystery of the Bloodstar and demons.Living beyond the walls of the Capital is now impossible without the power of the Star.The glorious Lysand...
Banner of Bunches For Bart!

Bunches For Bart!

Pixel GraphicsUnforgivingLocal MultiplayerPsychological HorrorDifficultActionCasualFamily Friendly
Take control of Bart's hands -- yes, both of them!Using both of your controller's joysticks, help Bart towards his fortune, one hand after the other! Just pick a spot to latch onto, and use that as a ...
Banner of Elder's Will

Elder's Will

UnforgivingSide ScrollerDifficultActionLinearRealisticSouls-likeAdventure
Elder's Will: Fight for Your Family in This Action-Packed PlatformerExperience a thrilling 2D platformer adventure: where every jump, swing, and thrilling strike fuels your fight for redemption.Mas...
Banner of Beyond Doors

Beyond Doors

RetroUnforgivingCartoonFast-pacedSide ScrollerDifficultCartoonyAdventure
Prepare to be enchanted by a precision platforming adventure, whereeach step is filled with the allure of an enthralling atmosphere.Are you ready to unravel the mysteries and conquer th...
Banner of Dive in the Past

Top Puzzle-adventure Games

Banner of Spells and Sacrifice

Spells and Sacrifice

UnforgivingDungeon CrawlerBullet HellProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRPGHorrorPvE
Spells & Sacrifice is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler. You play as a cursed human cast into the scourge pit, unable to die, but unable to escape. Can you reach the bottom of the pit and find ...
Banner of Y2K Directive

Y2K Directive

Pixel GraphicsRetroUnforgiving4XGrand StrategySandboxSci-fiSurvival
The year is 1999.As chaos looms on the horizon, reports flood in of gigantic monsters, zombie plagues, interdimensional portals, and various supernatural disasters unfolding worldwide. You, a milita.....
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