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Banner of Rec Room - Play with friends!

Rec Room - Play with friends!

Rec Room is the best place to build and play games together. Party up with friends from all around the world to chat, hang out, explore MILLIONS of player-created rooms, and build something new and am...
Banner of Annulus


Turn-Based TacticsCinematicFemale ProtagonistCard BattlerDarkDragonsStylizedTurn-Based Strategy
"Annulus" is a dark wind chess strategy mobile game independently developed and published by Guangzhou Indrasoft Co., Ltd. (Indrasoft). Inspired by medieval knight wars, the product incorporates eleme...
Banner of Truck World: Australia

Truck World: Australia

CinematicEconomyAutomobile SimTransportationFirst-PersonRealisticDrivingPhysics
Add to your wishlist!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1952360/Truck_World_Driving_School/About the GameGet ready for a next-generation trucking experience!Travel across Australia behind the wheel...
Banner of Granny Remake

Granny Remake

3D FighterDarkStylizedAction RoguelikeZombiesActionLootFirst-Person
Welcome to the world of darkness and horror in the game "Granny Remake"! Prepare yourself for an immersive and thrilling adventure inside an abandoned house, where you must find a way to escape from ....
Banner of No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky

Open World Survival CraftSandboxSci-fiSurvivalFPSActionProcedural GenerationFirst-Person
Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we love from classic science-fiction, No Man's Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger a...
Banner of SpaceEngine


ScienceEducationSandboxSci-fiProcedural GenerationRealisticCasualFamily Friendly
SpaceEngine is a 1:1 scale science-based Universe simulator, featuring billions upon billions of galaxies, nebulae, stars, and planets, all shown at their full real-world scale. Explore Earth and our ...
Banner of Broken Spectre

Broken Spectre

CinematicFemale ProtagonistDarkPsychological HorrorLinearInteractive FictionFirst-Person3D
25 years ago your father climbed the mountain and never came back.Now he’s calling for you.Broken Spectre is a cosmic horror narrative game developed in collaboration with one of the makers of The ...
Banner of Genting Party

Genting Party

SandboxFPSFirst-Person3DRoguelike6DOFCasualMassively Multiplayer
There's an island, surrounded by clouds with a pleasing landscape. But also it's a hub for fantastic exciting adventures.【Loads of Games - Continually Updated】Play all sorts of VR games with your pals...
Banner of The Devourer: Hunted Souls

The Devourer: Hunted Souls

DarkPsychological HorrorCo-op CampaignActionFirst-PersonRealisticHorrorOnline Co-Op
Discord ServerAbout the GameJoin our Discord! https://discord.gg/5Jp46KY9sdPhoto-realistic environments and charactersExperience a visually stunning multiplayer horror experience powered by Unreal En....
Banner of Survival Nation

Survival Nation

Post-apocalypticAction RPGSurvivalZombiesFPSActionHuntingFirst-Person
Survival Nation is an open-world online RPG VR game. The player takes on the role of one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. The main goal is to survive, but in order to do so, he has to coop.....
Banner of Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet

FPSSportsActionFirst-PersonRealisticFishingController SupportCasual
Fishing Planet® is a unique and highly realistic online first-person multiplayer fishing simulator developed by avid fishing enthusiasts for anglers to bring you the full thrill of actual angling! Cho...
Banner of Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

GoreDarkPsychological HorrorSurvivalZombiesFPSActionFirst-Person
Experience survival horror like never before in the 8th major installment in the Resident Evil franchise - Resident Evil Village. With detailed graphics, intense first-person action and masterful stor...
Banner of VRChat


Imagine a space filled with limitless possibilities.Spend your afternoon dogfighting in fighter jets, before winding down in a treehouse that exists floating in a nebula. Make a new best friend whi...
Banner of MX Bikes

MX Bikes

Automobile SimDifficultSportsFirst-PersonControllerRealistic3DPhysics
MX Bikes is a realistic motocross simulator, based on a scratch built physics engine that accurately simulates motorcycle dynamics and setup options.MX Bikes also allows to host and join online race.....


Strangers World: The Swarm is a cooperative VR shooter. There are many missions awaiting you, from exploring infected laboratories to dark caves, surviving swarms of monsters, crafting your weapons fr...
Banner of No Fair Play

No Fair Play

Destruction3D FighterCombatSportsActionFunnyMartial ArtsSpectacle fighter
An anti-game :No Fair Play is a game that allows you to beat your opponents by any means necessary. Is a member of the opposing team a good dribbler? Aim for their legs! Punch, tackle, grab... it's up...
Banner of Firmament


Cinematic3DSoundtrackEditors' choiceFamily FriendlyAdventureVRAtmospheric
ABOUT FIRMAMENTFirmament is a new puzzle-adventure game by the legendary game studio behind the best-selling games Myst and Riven. Featuring deep storytelling and world-building, discover the story o....
Banner of Jamie's Toy Box

Jamie's Toy Box

LegoAbstractSandboxUtilitiesActionInteractive FictionFirst-PersonPhysics
First Update:Seeing as many people are discovering Jamie's Toybox for the first time, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what's coming!Please meet DoT! DoT is powered by machine learning.... and .....
Banner of Presentiment of Death

Presentiment of Death

CombatRobotsPrecision PlatformerArcherySportsActionBullet Time3D
Presentiment of Death is a fast-paced story-driven adventure of intuitive and aesthetic archery with an unusual passage of time, inspired by one of the best games SuperHot.VR action where you ha...
Banner of Virtex Stadium

Virtex Stadium

FuturisticSoftware3DCasualFree to PlayVROpen WorldMultiplayer
JOIN OUR DISCORDBe a part of the growing Virtex Stadium community. Get the latest news from our team and share your questions and feedback!About the GameWelcome to Virtex Stadium!Are you ready fo...
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