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Banner of Tanthious


Lore-RichReplay ValueDungeon CrawlerDifficultAction RPGActionProcedural GenerationMartial Arts
Atheria has fallen, All its people gone. When all is lost, they called for you. Trained by a mysterious immortal. Outcast from the city your grandfather founded, You alone must face 7 Demon Lords and ...
Banner of Cursed Deal

Cursed Deal

Cursed Deal is a Co-Op horror game like nothing you've ever experienced before. The game focuses on a dark vampire cult and features a villain who becomes cursed by betraying his cult on the night o.....
Banner of In the Dead of Night

In the Dead of Night

VampireComic BookStylizedLocal MultiplayerSurvivalAction RoguelikeZombiesAction
You are a kick-ass nun, armed to the teeth with an automatic weapon and accompanied by an adorable kitty cat. The world has gone to hell and all sorts of demons and ghouls come out at night. Wolves, ....
Banner of Fate Of Aruna

Fate Of Aruna

Lore-RichRetroAction RPGSurvivalActionLoot3DRPG
Fate of Aruna is a work in progress in early development. Currently none of the planned RPG mechanics are implemented. Much of what is implemented is incomplete. The following section describes the id...
Banner of We'reWolves


VampireStylizedAction RPGAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellStrategyRPG
Slay the hordes and survive in this journey through a wild and untamed world filled with friendly characters and dangerously relentless foes. In this bullet heaven inspired by games like Vampire Survi...
Banner of Nightfall Comes

Nightfall Comes

VampireDarkPsychological HorrorAction RPGAction RoguelikeActionDemons3D
The world has come to an end.All civilizations disappeared, and the empty places seem to be occupied by the monsters.Led by their last lingering feelings of the extinct world, the few survivors ...
Banner of Super Spooky Subgame Spectacular

Super Spooky Subgame Spectacular

VampireHidden ObjectZombiesHorrorCasual2DSingleplayerPuzzle
YOU MAY ALSO LIKEhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2428470/Stars_Stripes_and_Subgames/https://store.steampowered.com/app/2463720/Paint_by_Pixel_3/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1965860/Lets_Pla.....
Banner of Elemdian


CinematicCombatFemale ProtagonistStylizedAction RPGActionController3D
Aruma possesses a unique ability bestowed upon her by her wolf heritage: the power to transform into a majestic wolf at will. This remarkable gift grants her the ability to speed through landscapes,.....
Banner of VonGarland Castle : Sacrilege of the Night

VonGarland Castle : Sacrilege of the Night

GothicVampireDragonsMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerAction RPG2D PlatformerZombies
VonGarland Castle : Sacrilege of the Nightis a love letter to 2D side scrolling action platformer classics like Castlevania I through III, Super Metroid & Mega Man X.Take control of the Family VonG...
Banner of Samhain


VampireInventory ManagementPsychological HorrorZombiesFirst-Person3DHorrorOnline Co-Op
Samhain is an investigative horror game where players must use their tools and wit to identify and dispatch various monsters that are causing carnage in the countryside. Players may find items during ...
Banner of Village


Psychological HorrorSci-fiHidden ObjectZombiesActionPsychedelicFirst-PersonRealistic
A young boy has come to a distant village to visit his grandmother. Arriving at the final station, in some wilderness, we find newspaper clippings on the platform. This is where our tangled story be.....
Banner of Trust No Bunny

Trust No Bunny

Party GamePartyFunnyCartoonyStrategyConspiracyDetectiveCasual
What makes Trust No Bunny different from other social deduction games:Players are never eliminated. Everybody plays until the end of the gameCard playing and resource management. Figuring out the...
Banner of Wolvesville


Defend your village from the forces of evil or become a werewolf and hunt your friends!Join the mystery game, fight for your team and find the liars among your ranks.Wolvesville is a multi...
Banner of Ember the Werefox

Ember the Werefox

Pixel GraphicsFemale ProtagonistSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionProcedural GenerationControllerCasual
Play the role of young Ember, as she confronts her fears in this dream forest; curiously resourceful by day and mystically fierce by night.Key Features:Explore a dream forest as young Ember by day, c....
Banner of The Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf

Choose Your Own AdventureNoirFemale ProtagonistStylizedInteractive FictionChoices MatterDetectiveMultiple Endings
Uncover the secrets of the supernatural world as Lachie, a young and determined werewolf on a quest to find her pack. In The Last Werewolf, you'll delve into a 2.5D world of mystery and intrigue, expl...
Banner of Wolf West

Wolf West

Female ProtagonistTrading2D PlatformerHorsesLinearWesternCasualFamily Friendly
Venture into the untamed Wild West in the name of justice and revenge!Enjoy this 2D platform shooter experience!Key FeaturesChallenging platforming!Story-driven adventureMultiple Levels!Boss Fi...
Banner of The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt

DarkPsychological HorrorSurvivalZombiesFPSActionFirst-PersonController
Ben Stevenson, a rookie search and rescue service worker, embarks on the most mysterious and dangerous mission of his career. What began as a simple mission to find missing tourists soon evolves into ...
Banner of Eternal Summer

Eternal Summer

Turn-Based TacticsDestructionCombatPost-apocalyptic4XVampireComic BookSurvival
The release of a new mixed reality implant device, dubbed Eternal Summer, promises its users will experience just that.When a solar storm hits earth the devices are catastrophically damaged, trappi...
Banner of Full Moon

Full Moon

Pixel GraphicsFemale ProtagonistDungeon CrawlerControllerFamily FriendlyTop-DownAdventureNonlinear
Dot Vine is a witch on a quest to kill the werewolf!But aside from that bit, it's really not a killing thing. Dot's a nice witch.You'll need to find treasures, learn secret spells, and rem...
Banner of Tmutarakan


CartoonHistoricalSci-fiSurvivalCartoonyMystery DungeonVisual NovelDiplomacy
"Тmutarakan" is a fantasy kinetic visual novel that follows the adventures of young Oleg and his friends on their journey to the town of Tmutarakan.Dive into the magical and adventure-filled atm...
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