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World War I

World War I

Banner of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

HistoricalHealingWorld War IEditors' choiceAdventurePuzzleAnimeStory Rich
Available exclusively for Netflix members.Become an unsung hero. Solve puzzles, fly above chaos and heal the wounded in this follow-up to the beloved adventure game inspired by World War I.As Worl...
Banner of Trench Simulator

Trench Simulator

3D FighterCombatHistoricalVehicular CombatFPSActionRealistic3D
Welcome to the front Soldier!Trench Simulator is a 50 vs 50 Online World War 1 Third Person Shooter simulator.Packed with authentic weaponry, vehicles , beautifully designed trenches and ...
Banner of Firearms Factory

Firearms Factory

World War IIEconomyTacticalIsometricGrand StrategyHistoricalStrategyCrafting
An adventure that will last from the beginning of the 1st World War to the end of the 2nd World War is waiting for you.You will start to produce weapons in a small workshop, and as the weapons ...
Banner of Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum

NoirHistoricalDarkMaturePsychological HorrorSurvivalActionFirst-Person
MORE WW1 GAMES FROM NACONDiscover War Hospital, a narrative management game set during the First World War.https://store.steampowered.com/app/1553000/War_Hospital/About the GameTrapped between the w.....
Banner of Wild Legion

Wild Legion

World War IITacticalCold WarVampireDarkStylizedArcheryTower Defense
Wield MULTIPLE weapons and magic spells at the same time. BATTLE Hordes of enemies. GATHER materials to CRAFT bombs and towers. Unlock SYNERGIES to get S-rank attacks. RESCUE animals to get special bo...
Banner of Blue Sky Aces

Blue Sky Aces

CombatRetroMinimalistStylizedAction3DWorld War IFlight
Experience the thrill of flying in the skies of World War I with our retro-inspired flight simulator. Fly famous planes like the Fokker Dr1, Airco DH2, Albatros CIII, and the Sopwith Camel. Blue Sky A...
Banner of Enemy Trench

Enemy Trench

Grid-Based MovementMinimalistRoguelikeRPGWorld War IIndieSingleplayerTraditional Roguelike
Enemy Trench is a roguelike set during the Battle of the Somme in the First World War. You play as a British soldier who has ended up in an enemy trench and must fight your through various levels deal...
Banner of Pixel Puzzles World War II Jigsaws

Pixel Puzzles World War II Jigsaws

World War IICold WarNoirEducationHistoricalSportsNaval CombatStrategy
Pixel Puzzles WW2, Bringing puzzles to the digital age.Setting the standards for online jigsaw puzzling.With many FREE puzzles included, Pixel Puzzles WWII has a large range of puzzles in various ...
Banner of Steel Aces

Steel Aces

World War IICold WarHistoricalStrategyChoices Matter3DWorld War IPhysics
Prepare to take command of your own tank and dive deep into the annals of history with Steel Aces, the highly anticipated MMO tactical tank shooter that's set to redefine the gaming landscape. Develop...
Banner of Emu War!

Emu War!

GoreSandboxDark HumorActionFunny3DAlternate HistoryWorld War I
Experience Australia’s most brutal war in this action-packed, guaranteed historically accurate depiction of the great Emu War!Either play as an Australian soldier on the front lines against the em...
Banner of Warnament


EconomyGrand StrategySandboxHistoricalReplay ValueTurn-Based StrategyStrategyTurn-based
RoadmapAbout the GameWarnament is a turn-based grand strategy designed together with the community to combine simplicity, depth, and a high level of customization. You can play as theocratic France .....
Banner of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts

World War IIEconomyGrand StrategySandboxHistoricalNaval CombatTurn-Based StrategyNaval
Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts aims to be the first game of its kind - a true naval warfare game - which offers a unique opportunity to design and build countless variations of realistic looking warsh...
Banner of Naval Hurricane

Naval Hurricane

Turn-Based TacticsHistoricalNaval CombatNavalStrategyWorld War IWarEarly Access
Key Features:Advanced damage model of ships. All ships are close to their historical prototypes.High influence of visibility and weather conditions.Damage control system. Player can manually manage...
Banner of Dogfight Elite

Dogfight Elite

3D FighterFPSActionCartoonyStrategyRealistic3DWorld War I
Embark on an exhilarating journey through history with Dogfight Elite, a thrilling combat simulator set against the monumental backdrop of World War I and II.Become the master of the skies in Do...
Banner of Love & Country

Love & Country

Choose Your Own AdventureRomanceFemale ProtagonistHistoricalInteractive FictionChoices MatterMultiple EndingsWorld War I
THE YEAR IS 1916 and the world has been swallowed by a war greater than any before it. Amidst the tumult, Lillian Sinclair trains as a spy for the Deuxième Bureau, French intelligence. Sooner than ant...
Banner of Bip!


CompetitiveLocal Multiplayer4 Player LocalActionWorld War IFlightOnline Co-Op2D
Take to the skies with up to three friends for non-stop dogfighting action. Bip! is an original work inspired by the Amiga classic Biplane Duel, designed for the big screen. Fight against each other,....
Banner of Telegraphist 1920: Beats of War

Telegraphist 1920: Beats of War

Level EditorHistoricalConversationActionLinearRhythmWorld War IWar
In Telegraphist 1920: Beats of War, you're not just a player; you're the conductor of a life-and-death symphony. This immersive narrative rhythm game invites you to embrace the past and experience his...
Banner of Steam Shot

Steam Shot

CombatBeat 'em upArena ShooterStylizedMechsActionAlternate HistoryWorld War I
You are a cog in a never ending war. A war that has torn the land asunder and tormented man's soul into a husk of empty nothingness. You're not special. You're just another soldier assigned to another...
Banner of Madman


4XDynamic NarrationInteractive FictionMystery Dungeon360 VideoWorld War ICasualTop-Down Shooter
The gameplay of this game is very unique, by placing bombs with a cross shaped explosive range to destroy enemies and brick walls, and ultimately find an exit. By using props to strengthen one's abili...
Banner of Supreme Ruler The Great War Remastered

Supreme Ruler The Great War Remastered

CombatGrand StrategyHex GridStrategy3DWorld War ITop-DownModdable
Supreme Ruler The Great War Remastered includes the previous game content in an updated game engine. Set in the First World War, the Central Powers and the Triple Entente prepare to attack, with no un...
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