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Xbox, PlayStation, Console, PC Games Coming this Month

Xbox, PlayStation, Console, PC Games Coming this Month

Banner of Nightingale


SurvivalCraftingOpen World
Join the Community About the Game Nightingale is a first-person, PVE, open-world survival crafting game played solo or cooperatively with friends. Build, craft, fight and explore as you venture throug...
Banner of Kerbal Space Program 2

Kerbal Space Program 2

Early AccessKerbal Space Program 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed space-flight simulation game Kerbal Space Program. Enter the next generation of space adventure with exciting new parts, stunning ...
Banner of Mario vs. Donkey Kong™

Mario vs. Donkey Kong™

Run, jump, and backflip your way to rescuing the stolen Mini-Mario toys in this puzzling twist on Mario action. Obstacles like spikes, moving platforms, and falling bricks stand in your way—put your b...
Banner of EA SPORTS FC™ Tactical

[Be the pioneer] Check out new release & beta games this week- Oct. 09

Banner of HELLDIVERS™ 2


ActionOnline Co-OpSpaceMultiplayerThird PersonShooterCo-opThird-Person Shooter
Digital Deluxe EditionEdition includes:‘DP-53 Savior of the Free’ Armor Set.‘Will of the People’ Cape.‘MP-98 Knight’ Weapon.Super Citizen Status.Stratagem Hero Ship Game.‘Steeled Veterans’ Pre...
Banner of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

GoreActionSuperheroOnline Co-OpPvEAdventureViolentOpen World
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - Digital Deluxe EditionJumping into the Digital Deluxe Edition unleashes even more mayhem with the Justice League Outfits for the Squad, 3 Notorious Weapons, .....
Banner of Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

DarkAction RPGActionRPGFamily FriendlyCharacter CustomizationAdventureOpen World
Hogwarts Legacy: Digital Deluxe EditionThe Hogwarts Legacy Digital Deluxe Edition Includes:-Thestral Mount-Dark Arts Battle Arena-Dark Arts Cosmetic Set-Dark Arts Garrison HatAbout the GameHogwa...

Mobile Games I spend way too much time playing

Banner of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

CinematicVampireAction RPGActionHuntingDemonsRPGHorror
SCORESJoin our DiscordAbout the GameIn New Eden, 1695, communities of settlers are plagued by a dreadful curse. As Banishers, step into their lives, investigate the source of evil, unravel chil...
Banner of Scars Above

Scars Above

Scars Above is a challenging sci-fi third-person action adventure shooter combining the rewarding feel of overcoming difficulty with a compelling and intricate story, set in a mysterious alien world t...
Banner of Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload

Digital Deluxe EditionDigital Premium EditionAbout the GameStep into the shoes of a transfer student thrust into an unexpected fate when entering the hour "hidden" between one day and the next. Awak.....
Banner of Company of Heroes 3 (PC)

Company of Heroes 3 (PC)

Turn-Based TacticsCinematicWorld War IITacticalReal Time TacticsHistoricalActionTurn-Based Strategy
Bigger and better than ever, Company of Heroes 3 combines heart-pounding combat with deeper strategic choices in a stunning Mediterranean theatre of war. In Company of Heroes 3, every battle tells a s...
Banner of Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart

GoreRobotsSci-fiAction RPGFPSActionFirst-PersonAlternate History
Special EditionJoin our DiscordAbout the GameWelcome to a utopian world of wonders and perfection, in which humans live in harmony with their loyal and fervent robots.Well, that's how it used to...
Banner of Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones

Enter the perilous paradise of Skull and Bones, as you overcome the odds and rise from an outcast to become an infamous pirate. Assemble your very own formidable fleet and use it to build your empire ...
Banner of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

ActionAdventureFantasySingleplayerStory Rich
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second part of the three-part "Final Fantasy VII remake project", whose goal is to remake the 1997 RPG Final Fantasy VII. The game follows Final Fantasy VII Remake and...
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