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Top Zombies Games

Top Zombies Games

Banner of Deadly Nightmare Unwanted Heritage

Deadly Nightmare Unwanted Heritage

DarkPsychological HorrorSurvivalZombiesFPSActionFirst-PersonRealistic
Deadly Nightmare Unwanted Heritage brings you back to the nightmare world, where your mission it so try and break the curse before 6 AM. In the first Deadly Nightmare game, you played the role of Joh....
Banner of ZomWick


ScienceParodyLevel EditorDogSci-fiTower DefenseZombiesCartoony
A Note From DevelopersWe will update and maintain this game as long as we can without any paid DLC content or in game purchases.Join Our DiscordAbout the GameWelcome to Zomwick, an innovative tower .....
Banner of Console Simulator

Console Simulator

This is the perfect representation of a console gaming experience. Just sit on a couch, play an interactive movie in cinematic 30 fps 720p and press X to Win over your enemies.Don't have money to bu.....
Banner of The Immortal Mayor

Top Base Building Games

Banner of Pharmageddon


NoirDarkCapitalismPsychologicalZombiesStrategyTime managementDystopian
Embark on a thought-provoking journey into an otherworldly dimension where opioid zombies, creatures driven by an insatiable craving, strive for a transcendent escape from the tribulations of existe.....
Banner of Healed To Death

Healed To Death

Action RPGAction RoguelikeZombiesActionProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRPGCharacter Customization
Healed To Death is a Rogue-Like RPG where you play as the healer of a party of adventurers.Gather a band of adventurers and have them slay everything in their path while you keep them alive. Use heal....
Banner of Midnight Survivors: Prologue

Midnight Survivors: Prologue

Action RoguelikeZombiesActionCatsDemonsRoguelikeTop-DownSingleplayer
https://store.steampowered.com/app/2195510/Midnight_Survivors/?beta=0It's Time to Spit Out All Bullets!Take control of the bullet-spitting cat and take down waves of enemies.Upgrade your cat a...
Banner of BattlePlatform


Pixel GraphicsTacticalTower DefenseSurvivalZombiesCartoonyBullet HellStrategy
A 2D meat-pigeon game with novel gameplay, featuring an expandable and movable platform as the protagonist rather than a single character; enhance its attributes by purchasing props from merchants and...
Banner of DuDu Kingdom

DuDu Kingdom

Pixel GraphicsRetroZombiesActionFirst-PersonRPGAdventureViolent
The lovely dudu lives alone in the deep forest, needs to collect fruit and honey to go home every day, can you help him?You can pick the food when you touch it.Obstacle can jump or squat to pass. Yo.....
Banner of Raining Blood: Hellfire

Raining Blood: Hellfire

Pixel GraphicsGorePost-apocalypticSurvivalZombiesActionBullet HellDemons
WISHLIST THE GAMEJOIN OUR DISCORDhttps://discord.com/invite/agvgFvx8yjAbout the GameWELCOME DEMON HUNTER!Raining Blood is a Call of Duty Zombies inspired top-down shooter featuring tons of unique we.....
Banner of Deal of the Dead Final Cut

Deal of the Dead Final Cut

GoreSolitaireCard BattlerDungeon CrawlerZombiesStrategyHorrorCasual
Deal of the Dead: Final Cut is a Solitaire-style, survival horror, card game.Fight your way through a zombie-infested city in search of rescue. Wield a variety of single-use melee weapons and reload.....
Banner of Bit Tower

Bit Tower

Pixel GraphicsTacticalRetroTower DefenseSurvivalZombiesLinearStrategy
Bit Tower is an exciting Tower Defense game that will immerse you in an epic battle between adventurers and monsters! Hire adventurers, place them in the arena, face countless waves, and secure your s...
Banner of Goat Scourge

Goat Scourge

CartoonZombiesActionCartoonyCasualFamily FriendlyTop-DownAdventure
Quiet village life is disturbed by the attack of the Ogre Sorcerer, who needs goat bones for his magical experiments. The beloved pet goat of a village boy is stolen - and he risks it all to save the ...
Banner of The Enemy Below

The Enemy Below

DestructionRobotsRetroArena ShooterFast-pacedSci-fiZombiesFPS
Escape from the depths of a top-secret research facility as you slash through creatures like giant mutant aliens, robot demons, and countless other experiments gone wrong while exploring underground c...
Banner of Urban Massacre

Urban Massacre

Arena ShooterSurvivalZombiesFPSActionFirst-PersonCasualPvE
You are the last survivor in this night city. It was completely occupied by the walking dead. Your goal is to collect all the necessary supplies to leave this damned place. Armed with one pistol, you ...
Banner of Project Redsun

Project Redsun

Project Redsun is an intense first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of relentless zombies. As a survivor, you must navigate through the desolate landscape, utilizing an...
Banner of The Anacrusis

The Anacrusis

Team-BasedSci-fiCo-op CampaignZombiesFPSActionFirst-PersonAliens
Check the Workshop!There are a ton of great mods in the Steam Workshop, including new campaigns, holdout maps, player skins, player hats, and emotes!About the GameBattle for survival against endless ....

Top Deckbuilding Games

Banner of 失忆者的终章(The Amnesiac:Final Chapter)

失忆者的终章(The Amnesiac:Final Chapter)

Pixel GraphicsVampireZombiesInteractive FictionDetectiveRPGVisual NovelMedieval
"The Amnesiac: Final Chapter" is a narrative text game. The story takes place in a low-magic world reminiscent of the Middle Ages. In the silent darkness of a decaying baron's castle, lights flicker a...
Banner of The Outbreak: Wilderness

The Outbreak: Wilderness

TacticalPost-apocalypticTeam-BasedSurvivalZombiesActionRealisticOnline Co-Op
The Outbreak is a third person, coop, realistic survival shooter in a massive open-world, created with Unreal Engine and Quixel.Survive at all cost, alone or with up to four players.Experience ...
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