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इन्फिनिटी का क्रॉनिकल
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icon 7.1
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Initial release Jun 02, 2023
ओब्सीडियन आर्मी के चल रहे हिंसक हमले को रोकने के लिए, एस्ट्रल एलायंस एक शक्तिशाली एलायंस गार्जियन को बुला रहा था। आप, एक अभिभावक, ने कॉल का जवाब दिया, एस्ट्रापोलिस आया ... क्रांतिकारी ग्राफिक और युद्ध के अनुभव के साथ ARPG उद्योग मानक को फिर से परिभाषित करता है - विशेष प्रभाव आपकी स्क्रीन को नष्ट कर देता है - फैंसी एनिमेशन के साथ लुभावनी अंतिम कौशल - सूट अप! कवच की स्थिति में परिवर्तन! जब 150-खिलाड़ी पीवीपी गहन बैटल रॉयल से मिलता है - एपेक्स गुरिल्ला में, आप जीतते हैं या आप मरते हैं - धन, प्रसिद्धि, विशेष शीर्षक! विजेता सब ले लो! 100% रैंडम कालकोठरी में फार्म पौराणिक उपकरण - कालकोठरी की संरचना हर बार बेतरतीब ढंग से उत्पन्न होगी -रैंडम मॉन्स्टर, चेस्ट, एनपीसी, एंट्रेंस और आदि सभी रैंडम! -विशेष पुरस्कार और अच्छी तरह से डिज़ाइन किए गए जाल एक खुली दुनिया का भाग्य आपके निर्णय पर निर्भर करता है - गतिशील सैंडबॉक्स दुनिया में यादृच्छिक घटनाएं -इमर्सिव एमएमओआरपीजी अनुभव: आपकी कार्रवाई मायने रखती है! - दुनिया भर के विभिन्न कोनों में छिपे हुए कई ईस्टर अंडे पंख और पालतू जानवर आपके सबसे अच्छे अभिभावक हैं - जब आप खतरे में होते हैं तो आपके एवियन पंखों की एक जोड़ी में बदल जाएंगे - सबसे प्यारे दिखने के साथ, पालतू सबसे क्रूर क्षति का सामना करता है
What’s new

अद्यतन सामग्री: 1. नई प्रणाली-वारमाउंट नई गेमप्ले 1. सुपर ऐरे 2. रहस्योद्घाटन अनुकूलन 1. रुइन आइडलिंग प्रिविलेज के दुर्लभ सामयिक गलत कार्य को ठीक किया गया; 2. वर्कशॉप में टेक्स्ट डिस्प्ले को अनुकूलित किया; 3. कुछ वस्तुओं के स्रोत प्रदर्शन को अनुकूलित किया।

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Official Website
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From the Dev

Underworld Emissary | Pet
Underworld Emissary | Pet
Underworld Emissary from alien planet has strong super power. Body covered thoroughly in tough alien metal, its wings expanded keep the flying postures delicately. With super power, Underworld Emissary can destroy any enemy. Underworld Emissary was once a half-Mecha life on alien planet. After the Revelation Comet had come to Airth, it reached this star realm with temporal fluctuation. It had conflict with the Obsidian Army when reaching the Lava Core Domain. Empathetic for the Astral Alliance, it joint the group of light firmly.
Crimson Avian
Crimson Avian
Ephraim Volcano in Adunhade is the home of Titans, but in ancient legends, their home was once sunk in the lava of volcano. And it all started from powerful Fafnir. Zuander, Titan sage at the time eventually died with Fafnir in the deadly fight to protect the home and people. The wings cut off from Fafnir have been wrapped by inextinguishable flame since then and turned into Titan's Guardian Avian.
Winter Hunt | Outfit
Winter Hunt | Outfit
“The winter festival is the most significant festival of the year in Star Realm. At this time of the year, warriors of the three races will put on gorgeous hunting gears for beasts deep in forests. Trophies of the hunt will be offered to the gods at the festival for gratitude.”
Venom Stinger | Pet
Venom Stinger | Pet
“Venom Stinger brings the Last Judgment! ” Venom Stinger's homeworld was originally nourished by the Spring of Life, which purifies the souls of the dead, and has always been coveted by the Obsidian Allied Forces. After the Obsidian Allied Forces used the forbidden weapon, the Spring of Life withered and the entire homeworld was filled with miasma and poisonous pools, sending the clan fleeing across the universe.
Pet Ougi
Pet Ougi
>Character Lv. Requirement: Lv.37 >The entrance to Pet Ougi will be unlocked once 200 Skill Ougi points have been allocated. Additionally, the Pet Ougi skills can be activated when 250 points are allotted for Skill Ougi. There are three preferences for Pet Ougi: Wingman Preference, Combat Preference, and Burst Preference. [Wingman Preference]: Focus on offering stats bonus for the character, with the possibility of granting ATK and DEF bonuses to the character in combat when pets deal damage.
How to activate the Mythical Gear
How to activate the Mythical Gear
Mythical Gear is already available online, the entrance will be unlocked when the character reaches level 98. It is accessible via the entrance next to the "Ranking" icon. The coolest thing about this set, aside from the attribute bonus, is that it has a very unique appearance which players can check by using the "Set Preview" option (*Please keep in mind that wearing and equipping Mythical Gear conflicts with outfits, with the same priority).
New Outfit - Arctic Storm
New Outfit - Arctic Storm
Planet Airth in the other universe is covered by glaciers and ice, but is still able to develop impressive super technologies. The warriors, equipped with cutting-edge gears, come to this world via time rift to treat any intruding enemy with sheer cold.
▪ Romance Avian | Chronicle ▪
▪ Romance Avian | Chronicle ▪
A powerful avian formed from the feathers of Oscines. With the spiritual power of Anya, the Goddess of Love, the avian serves as the best companion in every battle. After the destruction of Adun’s body, the body of Anya also faded away. Her spirit became the divine bird Oscines as a messenger for couples on Airth. The legendary blacksmith Urken made the Romance Avian with the feathers of the reborn Oscines to commemorate and provide protection for warriors.
New Outfit - Luminary Disciples, is coming!
New Outfit - Luminary Disciples, is coming!
The existence of 'Luminary Disciples' can be traced back to the Origin Civilization. Usually the best of the People of Origin, they were chosen by gods to assist subordinate gods in cleansing darkness. Hundreds of millions of years later, ancient records were discovered during the excavation of ruins by the Astral Alliance. The craftsmen of the Alliance rebuilt the mighty sets created by the Origin Civilization to perfection by studying those records. And they went on to make improvements in order to adjust them for the three races of Planet Airth."
▪  Ruin Boss ▪
▪ Ruin Boss ▪
Players on servers that have been online for 16 or more days will be able to see the entrance to the new Evil God boss, Inferno Firewyrm, from the Ruin Boss interface. This boss appears every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 19:00 and stays for up to 30 minutes waiting for Oathsworns to challenge. Inferno Firewyrm receives fixed damage only, which can be increased by embedding higher quality Mount Souls: The damage bonus from different Mount Souls can stack to greatly boost the damage to the boss. The more powerful Mount Souls you have, the more damage you can deal. What’s more, reshaping increases your attack too!
▪  Redtide Avian | Chronicle ▪
▪ Redtide Avian | Chronicle ▪
A powerful avian mutated by absorbing the element of fire from the Yggdrasil. Its body was completely transformed by super particles after Airth was swept up by a superstorm. The energy core attached to metal wing bones offers Redtide Avian endless power to fly. Modified by alien technology, red feather gives off its dazzling radiance on battlefield. As a member of Astral Alliance, Redtide Avian joint the final war against Obsidian Allied Forces. However, super mods lost control in the war and gave rise to the superstorm sweeping Planet Airth. Redtide, in the middle of the storm, was completely transformed by super particles.
▪ Class in Astral Alliance | Chronicle ▪
▪ Class in Astral Alliance | Chronicle ▪
The Heir of Titan - Dragoon[Astral Alliance -  Fighter] The elite of the Dragoon Corps, as Titans descended from the ancient giants, they have unparalleled courage and strength. They are the strongest warriors of the Titans. The Deva Weapon Master Kadom has created a powerful "Dragon Slaughter Gun" tailored for the Titan's Dragoon Corps. According to the Titan's fighting style, the weapon's structure conversion function allows the Dragoon Warriors to cope with each dangerous situation. With the help of this Special Warfare, the Dragoon Corps made outstanding achievements in the "War of the Dragon Song". Most of the Dragoon Warriors are rough, overbearing and not good at making jokes like all Titans. They like to add Dragon Crystal and other dragon elements to their equipment to match their powerful titles of Dragoon Warrior. After the Astral Alliance being established, the Dragoon Corps still fight at the forefront of the battlefield against the Alliance enemies.
▪ Class in Astral Alliance | Chronicle ▪
▪ Class in Astral Alliance | Chronicle ▪
The Blade of Supreme King - Phantom[Astral Alliance -  Assassinator] The Phantom Squad was originally a special force directly under the Platinum Dynasty. The apprentices grew up with hard training from an early age. After graduation, they will enter the Phantom Squad to handle various high-class secret missions for the Supreme King.They were best known as "The Shadow of the Supreme King". As the special force, the Phantom Squad have always been equipped with top-level equipment of most advanced technology. This situation continues to this day, although the current Phantom Squad is no longer the secret power hidden in the dark, they maintain the tradition of direct management by the Deva highest ruler. Due to the long-term execution of confidential missions, the Phantoms are mostly reticent and uncommunicative. They prefer the frantic battlefield to the lively banquet.
▪ Class in Astral Alliance | Chronicle ▪
▪ Class in Astral Alliance | Chronicle ▪
The Scholar of Lost Magic -  Arcania[Astral Alliance -  Mage] The high-ranking Arcane masters of the Manya Temple belong to the Black Rose Mystic Association. It is said that Manya is the descendant of the goddess of wisdom, Niah. Most of them are women, and they have been wandering since the explosion of Arde, trying to find a way to resurrect the god Arden. The young Manya children will be tested as infants. Those with high magical talents will be accepted and trained by the Black Rose Mystic Association. Eventually she will become an Arcania or alchemist. The Arcania is more powerful and noble. With amazing talent and high intensity training, the Arcania mastered the magic of both time and space. In order to enhance the magic ability of the Arcania, the Black Rose Mystic Association designed the special magic weapon allows them to cast magic more skillfully. Although the Arcania are physically weak, their powerful magic is what the enemies are really afraid of...


What is the latest version of Chronicle of Infinity? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Chronicle of Infinity is 1.4.5, updated at 2023-07-28.

what's new in the latest version of Chronicle of Infinity?icon

Update contents:
1. New System-Warmount
New Gameplays
1. Super Array
2. Revelation
1. Fixed the rare occasional misfunctioning of Ruin Idling Privilege;
2. Optimized the text display in Workshop;
3. Optimized the source display of some items.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Chronicle of Infinity is NEOCRAFT.

Can I play Chronicle of Infinity on Android/iOS?icon

Now Chronicle of Infinity is available on Android and iOS.

What languages are supported by the game?icon

Chronicle of Infinity supports 8 languages including English,French,Russian,Spanish,German,Portuguese,Thai,Traditional Chinese etc.

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