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Border Wars: Army Simulator
Border Wars: Army Simulator - TIM's Posts - TapTap

1K View2021-11-05
Not a very impressive game, but unexpectedly quite fun.
It gets a bit boring at first because it's so easy, and the game gets harder from Mission 6~7 onwards. To be honest, although I read the hint given in the game, I still didn't get the hang of it, and the timing of sending soldiers was tricky. Don't send your soldiers one by one, that's like sending them to their death. Sending the right soldiers in batches will make a big difference. The two machine guns between the base are also kind of useful, you can let the enemy get close to your base.
It's simple, but very skillful and well done.
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Ian Dunn
Ian Dunn

so many contradictions in one paragraph... having said that it makes total sense after playing lmao


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