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What I have been looking for. The developers paid attention. The UX is clean. The in-game resources are not excessive. The world feels open and the cameras work well. I like the characters, even without customization. I like this "gacha as a class" thing. The females are not out of control. The armor looks good. The story and tutorials are non-invasive. The game looks expandable. You can take damage (too many rpgs that have no risk). Super nice. Turn auto off, fools. If you want more, use a PC. This is not hardcore, but relaxing. I think some people miss the vibe. I hope it does well.
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Carl Ynghrafnsson
Carl Ynghrafnsson Author

I see the bots as like a thing to simulate more realism or test bot ai. I come from the Skyrim crowd, so I could care less about bots or player interaction. I just found the game refreshing compared to Black Desert Mobile which has excessive GUI, excessive vegetation object culling, a story I don't care about, and a stupid black cloud thingy bugging the hell out of me. It's a total contrast.


Sovan Roy
Sovan Roy

I know right...no one in their right mind will give this shit show a 5 star review... pretty no brainer...


momu dan
momu dan

Fake review



How is the REAL GAME! can you say some stuffs about?


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I've been playing for a few days now. So far it's been pretty good. The combat system is really dynamic. You can combo the skill to fight more effectively, giving a strategic gameplay even in 1v1 PvP, making it not too much stat based when you are fighting. The server is also verg stable (Despite being in Asia, playing a US region game). I really like the career system too. Not just that, you can also just explore the world and find some collections to get rewards, so despite just looking around you can make some progress. The storyline is also interesting.
First this game feels very optimized and smooth at least from my experience. It has so much for you to do like open world, clan, dark zone and boss missions. You can complete different milestones in-game like daily login or finishing story quests in order to earn special rewards. The gun customization is another thing thats pretty kewl cause you can just use weapons you get from completing missions/quests or you create your own if you want a weapon you don't have yet. This game is very unique in its own way and think alot people will enjoy it very much.
Excellent sound design. Sfx and voice over are pretty good Gameplay is okay, few new creative bits wrapped in a decent campaign storyline. The characters are 50/50. Some look nice but maybe a bit too abstract, others have some nice bodyshape with big chest and look absolutely fantastic. The chibis in battles aren't the best but they're okay. The gacha option looks boring, giving characters from the archive. I'd wish to see NEW units every now and then to be added into the game so it's fun to stick along with it.
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