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Merge Tactics: Kingdom Defense
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32 View2021-12-31
A great tower defense game. The gameplay is fairly simple, where waves of enemies will focus their attack on the player's castle. The player must toughen up the defenses by placing units along the path of the enemies. Once the enemy successfully infiltrated your castle, you lose the game. The units will automatically attack the enemies in range so be mindful of placing your available units.
Overall, the game is great. Classic Tower Defense game. Greatly recommended.
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A tower defense game that does not suck~
Love the game! `00% Colorful and the characters are designed beautifully. The animation and graphics are great! Areas you can distinguish which is which and the UI is not that overwhelming. The tutorial is a great detailed explanation of what you are doing. The audio is good too, boss fights are challenging in a good way. I would like to recommend the game.
Cupid Dust5652023-02-08
A cute vertical screen tower defense game. The enemy will attack the player’s castle from the screen. The player needs to place defensive soldiers on the enemy’s path, and the soldiers will automatically attack the enemies within the range. Soldiers of the same type can also be combined into more advanced units. Players also have various skills to assist in the battle. Generally speaking, it is an interesting and strategic game that is worth experiencing.
Great tower defense game! The gameplay is fairly simple, like other tower defense games, you must protect your base against waves of enemies. You must place defense towers along the way before the enemies reach your base. Currently, there are 30 defense towers to choose from and you select 8 towers on each fight, the towers are upgradable to increase your firepower. Increase your combat power as your upgrade the things in the lab.
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