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Its a "war game" the one where u can "invade" other ppland gather resourse(s). Im really dissappointed in the "war game" decision. I watch the video by "Gaming Mobile" on youtube and got hooked but when I play it...ITS SO BAD. Here's some of the problem:
1. P2W : its a "war game" what do you expect? either spend more money so u win or die trying as F2P (in arena too)
2. dry gameplay : you can skip most of gameplay, no stategy needed, you just need an OP character (that u gotta buy)
3. The Animation kinda rub me the wrong way? I guess? : its like they trying to make an animation for the ulti (like epic seven) but dont have a lot of budget so they just use the key animation lol idk I say just they better just use L2D lol
4. can I care for my girls? NO
I think thats all. 2* for now but I might change this if the game got better in the future
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It's really worth to play. At the day its released I was sceptical bcs why this amazing game got bad rating until I tried it myself and got amazed and speechless how epic this game. Idk the reasone why people hating or gave bad star, but from my experiences is definitely "must to try" game. - The game using 2.5D camera, which is I like it, it brings me nostalgia with oldschool games. - Open world system! Getting fighting over kill monsters for quests hahahaha.
Alright guys my first review on this game i looked at the other reviews and instantly downloaded the game and i must say i was uterly dissapointed.1. No campaign 2. Only 5 easy tutorials, 3 medium tutorials and 1 hard tutorial are the only ways to gain resources and coins which makes it super necesary to pvp which makes it the only source of income.3.I have battled many times until i got to level 3 and since i was level 1 my enemies were level 5 players and that means many, many losses (started with 1000 points, currently 700)  but thats not the problem.4. Units are unbalanced or the enemy was op there was a team of archers which uterly eradicated my entire cavalry 1vs1 and they couldn't even reach the enemy.(Many units don't act as they should for example a swordsman [sword and shield] should be able to defeat a spearman of the same level.)5.There is a wait time for recruiting units and they are costly for now at least, you can speed it up by paying with gold or watching ads (not working).6. Spending money on this game can buy everything.I hope they fix this game i suggest you guys try it, its is a unique kind of game with a great concept but it needs a bit of work 😉.
A most p2w game I have ever played. It's a good game actually, I play this game since 2019. The huge problem is start from the lag. It's like u push the PC game into mobile, so for mobile user u need a big space for this game. The game it self gives u an apocalyptics survival vibes, even u can spend ur time with ur friends because it's a multiplayer game. The graphics is a top notch, but then the problem is it become a cosmetic oriented. Even every update event they have photoshoot new outfit mission (we can't take photo from npc back then so we should buy the New outfit or find player with it). Very hard to get weapon formula from gacha and even there is exclusive weapon but only if u spend money. So it's hard for free player who want to go to pvp unless they have GBs. The most reason people quit this game is because its p2w, lagy, get borred, and too much spend time.
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