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This game is basically Left 4 Dead series, Back 4 Blood, World War Z etc. but in mobile.
Though the gameplay is quite good, the mechanics and the controls (supports gyroscope which is really suprising considering its in alpha phase) are really easy to understand. This game is in third person perspectives like other based BR games that you know but you fight zombies and other mutations (gatling-head is my fav woops spoiler).You have an option to play campaign which are solo mission or play with other people but there's a problem. Everytime I'm matching the game always freeze or disconnect from the match. So I don't know what's the content for playing with other people so I don't have the "juices" to review that part yet. For the campaign part, it's a do-this-do-that kind of things. Very basic stuff (and hard too).
The graphics on the other hand are a total downer. Even in the lowest graphics you still manage to get heavy frame drops. I know this game is using Unreal Engine, in alpha state,requires SD835 and above but atleast make it optimized for low end players o' great devs!
But overall, I'll give it 4 stars since the graphics are the only thing that bothers me during gameplay but everything else is great. Try it for yourself.
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Sorry for bad experience,regarding the frame drop you responded, we are working hard to adapt and optimize more phones, and hopefully it will give us more time to do it well.


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❗❗❗❗❗EVERYONE LOOKOUT MY REVIEW THIS WILL BE VERY HELP FULL FOR NEW PLAYERS READ FULL❗❗❗❗❗❗I rate this game 3 star bcoz the developers are focus on money I think....players who spend lot of money is always god...free players are like just wandering around the map and gather build kill repeat....there is no other things....free players weapons deal low damage....but if you buy a new gun with epic skin it can deal a massive damage to hostiles and kill with in a sec....in missions with online players our teams or enemies will be paid players who has powerful skin, Armor,healing and much more things where free players didn't get and they will be win or mvp every match bcoz we have skill but no money 😭....can anybody suggest me a game same like this but better than this please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭.
PITCH BLACK662024-04-24
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kiss not2K2023-01-08
The game looks really good but the arm and gun textures could use a bit of work. It doesn't look like a mobile game until you get really close to the in-game assets that's when the visuals fall apart but it's still impressive. As for gameplay I can't say much about it, I was the only one on the server at the time so I can't comment on that but it felt smooth when I was running around. It's a nice game.
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