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SAO Integral Factor - MMORPG
Sword Art Online: Integral Factor - BEST OPEN WORLD MMORPG

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor - BEST OPEN WORLD MMORPG

3K View2022-02-18
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🎮 Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Review by NimbleThor:
This full-blown open-world 3D MMORPG based on the Sword Art Online anime (which I've not seen) took me by surprise! It has everything you'd expect from an MMO (watch my video on it for more in-depth info - it's a huge game!), and it's really well-made! And yes, there ARE a lot of conversations (which can be skipped), but it's all very well written.
I especially liked the ease of teaming up with friends for parties, the dungeon raids, and the awesome combat animations (and no auto system!).
The monetization has no VIP systems or anything of the like, but there's a random (gacha) system through which we acquire new skills. Luckily, we get plenty of premium currency through quests, and some of these quests can be repeated forever if you need a bit extra.
Overall, my personal favorite MMO of the year.
Total game size: 717 MB
Hope you enjoyed this Sword Art Online: Integral Factor gameplay video, which is the newest episode in my Mobile Gaming Quest (MGQ) of finding the very best mobile games every single day!
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Sword Art Online Integral Factor
It's awesome game. But there are too many restrictions on map like where you can go. But overall it is superb game.
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